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How to make PDF invoices for Business

Everyone knows what a PDF is; it is an application on which you can write your documents and share it with people. Just like all other documents, invoices are also documents that can easily be created on PDF without the hassle of paper, and without a person having to safe keep them because you can just save them and then they are no more your headache.

PDF Invoice:

A PDF invoice is an easy and free way to create invoices. There are many templates which you can use just by filling the fields. The fields should include the company’s name, client’s name, email, phone number, your name, address, invoice number, date, description of the purchase, payable amount, and anything else to make the invoice personalized.

Why is it a good idea to use a PDF invoice?

There are many reasons to use PDF while making your invoices. Some of them are:

  1. Files are easily convertible: You can create your invoices in a word document or anywhere else and then convert them to PDF in seconds. This way, you can ensure that no one will edit those files to their benefit. This feature also saves your time.
  2. You can get a decreased file size: A PDF can make your file size small, which means that the documents will open faster. These files are also easier to attach to the email. Small-sized files are not only useful for attaching emails. Instead, they can also be transferred from one place to another if their size is small.
  3. You can search a PDF: Just like in a real paper document, you can search for the relevant things; in a PDF, you can also use the search bar to find what you are looking for, especially if your invoice is a big one with lots of entries.
  4. You can password protect them: This point is especially useful for those documents or invoices which need to be confidential. PDF has an option that allows the administration to password protect the documents. No one can access the documents until they know the password. PDF makes sure that none of your valuable and secret information is seen or stolen by others if a password protects it.
  5. You can add comments: Like in a word document, any user who has access to the file can make comments to it. You can also highlight certain things in it. The comments and highlights don’t affect the original invoice. It just helps you in highlighting something in the invoice which needs attention.
  6.   It saves money: The best thing about having invoices in PDF is that you don’t have to spend money on paper invoices (so, you are indirectly saving trees from being cut down). It also helps businesses in saving money which would be spent in buying invoices preparing applications and programs. The basic features of PDF are available for download for free, and you can easily make an amazing invoice with those features.
  7.   You can create professional invoices: In PDF, you can use the templates which are available on the internet and also on Word and PDF. Then you can download those invoices and use it for your business by personalizing them. This is up to you how you want to design those templates.
  8. Data save automatically: Mishaps happen to everyone. Sometimes you forget to save your sheet, or sometimes your laptop shuts down because of the battery, and you lose all your data. But, not with PDF. PDF saves the data as you type it so, even if any mishap happens, you can be worry-free as it will be saved when you reopen PDF. It will be saved in the autosave area of your PDF app.

How to make a PDF invoice:

The quickest way to create an invoice on PDF is to use templates that are available online. You can personalize those templates according to your company. You can also use software that will create your invoices in the way you want with unique invoice numbers, your business’s logo, and everything else you want. A final option is to design your invoice on a word or excel document, and after completing it, convert them into PDFs.