How to Outsource Product Data Entry?

Product data entry is such a crucial part of any eCommerce site and how efficient and optimal we handle the product data entry can be extremely vital to the eCommerce store’s growth.

For example, when your product descriptions aren’t accurate, you’re not only risking losing your potential buyers’ interests, but you might also be sued for false advertising, risking your business in the long run.

On the other hand, we all know how product data entry is often a time-consuming and boring repetitive task for your staff, and if they failed to stay on top of it, even a simple mistake can lead to various severe consequences for your business.

This is where outsourcing your product data entry can provide various benefits for your business.

The Importance of Product Data Entry in eCommerce Stores

An optimal and accurate product data entry is very important in any eCommerce store to ensure that when a potential buyer opens up a product page, they can get a detailed and attractive description of a product so they can be convinced to purchase this product.

To achieve this, the product descriptions need to be accurate, attractive, complete, and informative, and the eCommerce store can’t afford even a single mistake in the information displayed in the product description.

It’s also important to consider that in an active eCommerce store, product data entry is an ongoing process. We’ll need to update entries of new products and batches to the eCommerce store’s CMS regularly, which will involve new copywriting, new product photos, and so on.

And thus, when considering product data entry in an eCommerce store, we have to consider two different aspects: 

  1. Attractiveness: the product entry must be attractive and engaging so it can lure customers. This will include the creation of catchy taglines and descriptions, attractive photos, maintaining an intuitive user interface, and so on.
  2. Accuracy: the information presented on the product description page needs to be reliable, complete, and accurate. The product listing cannot be misleading and/or incomplete at all costs if you really want to win your customer’s trust and avoid a plethora of future issues.

As we know, maintaining these two qualities continuously can be difficult, especially when we are required to input hundreds if not thousands of new product entries every month. This is where outsourcing your product data entry comes in, with its various benefits that we’ll discuss below.

Benefits In Outsourcing Your Product Data Entry

1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Outsourcing your product data entry allows you and your team to focus on other core aspects of the business to ensure customer satisfaction and also to grow your eCommerce store, increasing revenue and profits in the process. By freeing your team from the time-consuming product data entry process, you can focus on providing a better customer experience.

2. Improving Employee Satisfaction

Your In-house team can now focus on their core competencies rather than splitting their focus to handle product entry. This can also make them feel more appreciated and impactful, allowing them to improve their productivity and contribute more.

3. Better Accuracy

If you are outsourcing your product data entry to the right service provider, you’ll get help from actual experts that can manage your data with higher accuracy. These expert workers are not experienced not only in transcribing and developing accurate and attractive product data entry but can also help in storing and organizing your data more accurately.

Data entry outsourcing company Oworkers has handled data entry services since 2013 and can manage data outsourcing operations in more than 20 languages with previous clients including Xerox, Walmart, and PWC, among others with high reliability and accuracy.

4. Cost-Efficiency

Outsourcing your data entry is more cost-effective than hiring a specialist and/or building your own data entry team. Service providers like Oworkers offer the help of expert workers from countries with lower labor costs, allowing a more cost-efficient data entry process without sacrificing quality. With the extra money saved from data entry, you can invest more in growing your eCommerce store.

5. Scalability

Working with the right data entry service provider would allow your eCommerce store to scale up quickly without needing to recruit more data entry staff or expand your infrastructure. This is why it’s also important to choose an outsourcing company that has the bandwidth and infrastructure to scale up.

6. Data Security

eCommerce businesses typically deal with a huge amount of sensitive and regulated data, both your own and your customers’ (i.e. payment information). A proper data entry service provider is typically better-equipped than your business in terms of data security, and they are committed to ensuring the security and integrity of your data.

They will go a great deal of length to ensure your data is not leaked or compromised, and you should consider a data entry service provider that mandates their staff to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to further protect your data integrity.

7. Saving More Time

Outsourcing your product data entry to an experienced provider would translate into a faster turnaround time, and so you can always get an up-to-date product listing anytime. The expert data entry staff know virtually all issues related to product data entry and know the most efficient solution to these issues, allowing them to become more efficient when executing these tasks.

8. Mitigating Risks

Outsourcing your product data entry would also help reduce the risk of inaccurate data, as well as other issues. You will essentially transfer these risks to the service providers, and you can enjoy the benefit of expertise and infrastructure. As discussed, even a simple error can be very costly in product data entry, and avoiding this is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your product data entry.


When choosing between a product data entry service provider, it’s very important to check the service’s experience and ensure the data entry service has handled comparable projects to your own in the past.

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