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How to Run Digital Marketing Campaign Successfully in 2020?

Digital Marketing Campaign Successfully

Let’s begin the preparation for a rocking 2020 before we hit January 2020! A quick look on how you can increase the online sales 2020 through restructured promotional ideas for small business to large enterprises:

Conquer the market with these marketing and promotional ideas for small businesses: 

Once you have decided to float your business and make some investments in digital marketing, make sure it is successful.

Obviously you would ask, how can anyone guarantee success?

There are multiple ways to promote any business, get hold of creative marketing and advertising ideas that are capable to attract the target customers to your website.

With so many marketing ideas floating around us, it can be real difficult task to pick the right ones. First of all, you need to set the budget limit for marketing. Thereafter you need to couple it with creative marketing ideas, access to a wide range of customer base to boost your sales. To get all these things work for you, the sureshot way is ‘Digital Marketing’.

Various studies conducted all over the world suggests, retail eCommerce sales is going to boom in the coming year. Digital marketing is going to play the main role here to increase sales. It gives you high productivity on low budget.

But Why Digital Marketing to increase the online sales 2020?

While juggling through multiple business marketing ideas, you should think about massive potential of digital marketing for sales and branding. In several instances it has been noticed that, digital marketing benefits have surpassed that of traditional marketing techniques.

Ideal digital marketing slowly and steadily expands your customer base. For any business to grow, customer acquisition is important. In today’s digital age, a brand’s online presence is valued.

Different techniques like SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, etc. are part of digital marketing services. Prime goal here is to gain attention and grab attention of the target audiences.

The biggest benefit of digital marketing techniques are- they are a real-time resources and time savior. It’s much easier to establish one-to-one or personalize connection with the customers than print or TV.

In digital Marketing every company whether start-up, small business or large enterprise all stand the equal chance to build a stronger brand for their own companies.

The overall services under digital marketing has the potential to get the target audiences and widen the reach of your business. Prime goal here is to attract and convert the target audiences into real-time customers.

Best techniques to do Digital Marketing in 2020?

You may think having a good-looking and well-developed website has always been a pre-requisite for effective digital marketing, then what’s new here?

Even if there is no concrete digital marketing plan on-hand, if your website is designed properly then it serves as a strong digital marketing tool. Try to maintain a website that’s authentic and competitive with all required components & features.

Ok, home page and about us pages are important, but every other web page holds equal significance and should be designed with care. Every page individually should have a separate ‘Call-to-action’ or ‘CTA’ encouraging customers to interact or take action like enquire, download, register or avail the offer.

The visitors should also visit page like product/services page, contact us, FAQs, etc. They should drop in a message, fill in enquiry form, register or so on. Add these customers to your customer database.

Keep in-mind that your website is not just an online place to visit!

Next point to take note is, keep your website SEO-optimized so that you get noticed in organic search results. Both designing and SEO are essential parts of a great website. Just be creative and work smart Create a good looking and user-friendly website.

One of the creative ways to market your business is by starting a blog. It is quite simple to start a blog, and there are so many blogging strategies you can apply. A blog is the necessary foundation of various digital marketing strategies and ideas, and everyone likes to read blogs. So one of the leading marketing strategies to increase sales is blogging. If you haven’t started a proper blog, make it a point to include a section on your website that is entirely for the blog. Properly drafted blog is like an asset to any business and an effective digital marketing tool.

Maintain a schedule for blog posting. The blogs should be SEO optimized so that it ranks in search engines. Employ good content strategy and marketing ideas for blog promotion. Thus each and every blog you post is well-planned and as per marketing strategy. You can use a reliable CMS like ‘WordPress’ for blogs.

Email marketing never fails as a digital marketing tool to increase sales! After you are done with a good looking website and a blog that adds value to your online presence, it’s time to market the content!

So you have a rich database of customers, now the next step is to segregate and channelize your emails. Categorize them, and start emailing customized content to the target customers. Be careful that you do not mail irrelevant content to the wrong set of audiences.

Start by mailing regular newsletters, and after some mails attach a product in the blog section and attach with the newsletter. In case the customer has never made a purchase with you, consider sending them discounts for first-time users. Email marketing can serve as the backbone in terms to attracting more traffic to your website. Micro-manage list of subscribers and likewise design the email marketing campaign. Keep the designs, subject line at its creative best.

All those who are eyeing to capture target market with creative digital marketing ideas, should practice one thing for sure; put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think why you would buy your product and what would drive you to the buying decision. That’s the best way to figure out practical and working ways for creative marketing.

The thing which is not being advertised stands meagre chance of being sold, it applies to both products and services. Ensure your team has a solid marketing campaign planned prior starting to the sell the products/services in the niche market. Creative marketing ideas motivates the end customers to go ahead with the buying decision.

Try to establish customers’ trust in your brand and products. Include CTA messages wherever possible. It may include discounts, offers, etc. You can also mix other marketing ideas for better results.

Trying Different Marketing Methods

Sometimes you need to switch between the digital marketing methods to achieve the desired output.

Marketing on social media platforms is known as Social Media Marketing (SMM). Some well-known social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok have played a significant role when it comes to increased and better customer engagement and conversion. Select the platform as per your business and target customers.

Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and more can be used for paid advertising wherein you pay a certain amount of money for extended reach to the target audiences with specific interest, preferences, geographical location, age, sex and other criteria. Thus the advertising is much more focused and has higher chances of being successful.

Videos for Digital Marketing 

We agree with the digital marketing experts that ‘Videos are here to stay’. According to a survey, in 2019 almost 80% of the traffic came through videos! Make use of videos like on landing pages, email newsletters, social media posts and others for increased engagement and more traffic. Companies have start benefitting by videos posting and results are showing up.

Assimilation of all the Marketing Channels

Channelize all your marketing efforts in single direction. There has to be unison in your digital marketing efforts. People like to associate with brands that are reliable and offer value for money. Unite all your marketing channels if you have promotional plans for your business. For content promotion, the social media team and email marketing team should work in unison. This makes your marketing efforts systematic, which sends a very positive message to the customers.


In addition to Digital Marketing, you can also consider running a remarketing campaign to increase the sales. Social media handles are the best platforms for this purpose. At the end customers want value for money and have ‘feel good’ factor after making any purchase. Provide them such experiences. So what are the digital marketing techniques you swear by for results? Leave your answer in the comment section.