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How to Streamline the Employee Productivity Process with Project Time Management

In the modern business industry, there is little time to lag about. With deadlines looming and projects continually flowing in, your employees and their productivity are more important than ever. It can be a little tricky to keep track of every step of the projects you are working on and ensure everyone is on task.

Fortunately, there is a solution! Project time management tools are an amazing asset to have on hand to help make sure your projects are getting done on time and getting done right. Let’s take a look at why you could benefit from having a tool on hand to help with employee productivity tracking!

Increased Productivity

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a project time management system is the increased productivity you will see. While most employees are honest and get their work done on time, there are sometimes issues that arise that can be negated by having employee monitoring. It helps to keep your employees on track and gives them a motivating push to get things done when they should be and not waste time on unnecessary tasks.

In turn, there will likely be a steep increase in productivity across the board, which can be viewed within the monitoring interface in most places. Within’s interface, you can easily see exactly what is getting done through activity screenshots, mouse and keyboard tracking, and more, all of which come together to create a better picture of what exactly is happening during work hours.

Better Progress Communication

Ideally, you should be able to pop in anytime to discuss exactly how far along in a project your employees are. That being said, it can be hard for employees to articulate exactly how far they are into a given project since there are typically a lot of moving parts. This is especially true when working with teams and groups, where one employee may finish before the rest but still rely on their work to be fully complete.

With, you can check-in and see exactly how much of a project is complete, giving you a full progress report anytime, anywhere. You have the power to see everything happening with a given project at your fingertips, giving you control and peace of mind over even the biggest projects, which is invaluable. Being able to see the progress your team is making can allow you to anticipate deadline delivery and adjust things as needed, creating a better experience for all involved. The interface clearly shows the time spent and helps you to assist your employees in better managing their time while working on projects, as well, creating a healthier workplace with optimized productivity!

Payroll Integration

With, you do not have to worry about nickel and diming your payroll to ensure every minute is paid for. The system, through its project time tracking, actually logs the exact amount of time spent by each employee on a given project. This data is then automatically used to calculate the exact amount that should be paid, delivering fast, accurate payment to every employee involved. This makes payroll monitoring and maintenance easier for you, allowing you to focus on the larger aspects of maintaining your business and projects.

If you are looking to decrease your manual administrative work, this is the way to go. It will prove to be a huge asset in regulating payment and properly paying each person involved in a project without having to handle all of the time consuming paperwork and data input on the administrative end of things. This frees up your hands to better manage the other aspects of your business and ensures everyone stays on pace with the work to be done since their payment data is tracked fully and integrated directly to correlate how much work they put in from a time standpoint to how much they are paid upon completion. This makes a much more accurate and fair wage system without requiring any additional work on the physical administrative end, making for an entirely more pleasant and stable payroll experience.

Real Time Monitoring

Perhaps one of the biggest assets of’s interface is the real time tracking capabilities. This is a system feature that allows you to see what each person is doing at any given time remotely. If you want to check on how much is getting done each hour or peek in to ensure the work is getting done and is on trajectory for proper completion, this is an expendable feature that will absolutely give you peace of mind and assist you in having full control over the productivity and time management aspects of your business.

Easily accessed through the control panel or desktop widget, this feature, when used with the timelines and snapshots, can showcase the overall productivity of your team and help you manage the time they spend on each facet of the product. This can help you better gauge what is being done and how productive your team is being on a given day, allowing better monitoring for timelining and a more streamlined process for communicating what has been done and needs to be done on a day to day basis. It also gives you the control to check in anytime to see exactly what has gotten done, ensuring your employees stay on take and are productive in their time usage.

Long Term Management Assistance

Managing tasks on a long term basis can be tricky. While some employees consistently perform highly on a regular basis and can handle everything that you throw at them, there are some who need a little more leniency and guidance. Both have their place within the workplace and are completely fine and normal but being able to identify exactly what each person needs is a great asset to have, as it gives you a better understanding of what expectations to place upon each part of your team.

The tool can help you to better monitor each employee and understand how much work each person can take on within a given timeline, allowing you to more effectively hand out tasks and assign roles within projects.

This saves a lot of time and stress and helps to develop long term patterns in the process, allowing you to quickly assign tasks without worrying about potential misalignment with each employee’s specific skills and abilities. This means an easier transition should an employee leave, as well, as you can pass work on more efficiently until their spot can be filled based on the overall work abilities of your staff.

Lasting Benefits

Whether you have issues to address concerning your staff’s productivity or just want to be able to closely monitor the work that is getting done and better help them manage their time while working, offers lasting benefits such as employee attendance tracking and can assist in a wide range of workplace functions. In a modern market, project time management is vital and works to keep things going smoothly.

It ensures all projects work as they should and are completed on time, providing you with growth potential and a closer look at the process as a whole to ensure your work is getting done right every single time.

If you feel the project time management perks could be of benefit to you and your staff, you can sign up easily through the website. After a few moments, you will be on your way to better management and easier tracking of project status, giving you complete control over your company and the jobs you complete. Let them help simplify the management of your employees!