Implement Board Portal Software | 5 Reasons Why It’s Necessary

Board portal software is a special solution that provides full-fledged conduct and control of the work of the board of directors.

The tasks of this software include all the key stages of management: from the direct planning of meetings to the exchange of files, documents, and protocols. Every step of the process is optimized and simplified as much as possible. Thanks to the use of mobile applications, users located in different parts of the world can work on the go, keep in touch and feel as if they were in the same physical office.

In this article you can find answers to the main questions that relate to this type of software, namely:

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Benefits and Potential Issues

Speaking generally, the maximum efficiency that board room software can offer is the main advantage of this tool.

In practice, this benefit can take many forms depending on your goals and the specifics of particular software. Therefore, when choosing the tool, you need to pay attention to what specific benefit is key for you. Below, you can find several examples that may be useful when choosing board portal software for your company.

  1. IF the board of directors of your company works in an environment where collaboration is a priority and there is a need to process large amounts of information, this software will help you significantly increase the ROI index.
  2. In the case when organizing online board meetings is the most time-consuming part of work, you need to focus on a solution that comes with a simple user interface. It should not be overloaded with control buttons, have an advanced calendar feature, and so on.
  3. If your organization holds board meetings on a regular basis and their structure is the same, then you should pay attention to the solution that allows you to use templates. In this case, you need to fully configure all the parameters once, and then simply change variables like date, time, and so on. This will help you save time and focus on other current tasks.

5 Reasons to Use Board Portal Software

Given the above, the main advantages of using board portal software are already clear. Plus, you can see a list of common reasons that explain the popularity of using these tools in companies all over the world.

Quick Access to Important Board Information

With the help of a modern virtual boardroom, all participants can access any information that is necessary for effective discussion and decision-making.

Board Administration Optimization

When using board portal tools, the time needed to make decisions is significantly reduced. This is due to the rapid search for information, sending data, downloading files, organizing a meeting in a matter of minutes. Instead of collecting paper documents, all files are uploaded to cloud storage and converted to PDF.

Organization of Committees

With the help of the board software, administrators can organize committees, create meetings, request votes, make polls, and share data. Agenda can be created before each meeting, or you can set up a template and use it, changing the only date, time, and so on.

Increasing the Involvement of Board Members

When using board portal tools, participants’ collaboration is not limited to the boardroom only. Various voting, polling features, and discussion tools allow committee members to submit feedback on a scheduled basis while meeting tight deadlines.

Mobile Compatibility

Most up-to-date board portals offer apps for mobile devices. It significantly simplifies the usage of board portals and allows participants to work on the go.

Common Features of Board Management Software

The set of features used in the most up-to-date board of directors software may differ depending on a specific provider. However, there are also several features that are common for any modern board management software.

Planning Tools

With board meeting software, users can successfully coordinate their activities and schedule meetings.

Users may activate such features as advanced calendar and automation tools. With the help of the latter, you can configure the sending and receiving of messages about upcoming meetings that are synchronized with all users.

Virtual Rooms

With the help of virtual rooms, you can set up places for online meetings and discussions. These spaces are fully customizable, so you can use advanced access conditions according to roles and hierarchies.

Collaboration Tools

The coordinated work of all team members is one of the main conditions for success. With the help of these tools, stakeholders can collaborate on documents and proposals. In the course of work, participants can use the possibilities of commenting, editing, monitoring changes, tracking activity, studying various versions of the documents, and more.

Security Features

The security of corporate information is the key to the successful functioning of the company. Most modern board portals offer advanced encryption security using 128 or even 256-bit keys, two-factor authentication, advanced file and folder access settings, and much more. This helps to avoid the leakage of important confidential information and keeps the campaign running smoothly.

Document management

Board portal software allows you to download, upload and selectively share files that are used at all stages of the meeting:

At the same time, the exchange of information using the software board portal is much more secure than sending files via e-mail.

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