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Importance of a good website design for business

Nowadays, every business has realised the importance of having their own website. Having a website is the first step for taking a stand and creating an online presence of your brand. But, a simple website is not just enough to attract customers. Website Design and SEO are two important aspects of all websites. In this article, you will learn about the importance of a good website design and how it can affect your business.

Let’s be honest, whenever we visit any website the first thing we check is the website design. Even on this website, before reading the content, your eyes first look at the website design and its colours. A good website design helps create a good first impression on potential customers. Based on it, customers form opinions about your business.

A good website design from Bond Media will help you get more leads since it will attract more customers and make them stay for a longer time. Bad website designs generate negative views about the business. which will make your customers leave the website as soon as it opens. This is why a good website design is important and necessary since bad designs drive away potential customers and creates a bad impression on them.

Content is king! Everyone has heard about the quote and it’s true. But, if your content is not well optimised it won’t be able to rank high. Apart from content, your web design can heavily affect your ranks.

Website Design plays an important role in SEO and can affect your search results ranking both positively and negatively. There are various website elements and components which can affect your site negatively. Heavy website elements will increase the website’s page loading down and search engines give priority to websites with faster loading speed.

Webpages with a lite design such as sitecentre on will perform well on SERP due to faster loading speed and good website design. Always ask your developer and the web design agency to build and code your website SEO friendly.

The online business scenario is competitive, just like the offline market. To perform well in this competition and beat others, you need to use all types of tactics and strategy available such as SEO, better content, link building and website design.

Your website design can also help you beat the competition. If you have an old, slow and ugly website, then it is just going to help your competitors rank their content easily. Since your competitors are already having a good website design. In case, your competitors are having bad website design then you can easily outrank them using a good website design.

By having a beautifully designed website, your business will be able to stand out and attract more customers. Good website design will let customers know that you are professional and trustable.

Your website should deliver what your customer is looking for as fast as possible. Depending on your business and content, you will be able to know the needs of your customer.  For example, if a customer came to check the price of a certain product, you should show them the price right away without any extra details. Your website design should help users find what users are looking for easily.

For any business, customer satisfaction is necessary. In research, it was found that 86% of the visitors want to see information regarding products or services available, 65% of them would like to see the contact details and 52% want to check the About page of the website. By making these things easily accessible, your customers will be able to find them easily. For starters, mention your services, contact and about page links in the main navigation bar. This way your customers won’t have a hard time looking for contact information and about page.

When you are selling a physical product to someone, packaging should be attractive and appealing to the customers, Just like that, website design is the packaging of your business website. The website design reflects your brand and creates the brand’s image in your customer’s mind.

Differents elements such as font, images, background colour, text colours and brand logo create the brand image. Your customers will start identifying your business based on the colour, font style and logos. For example, Facebook’s logo and its blue colour are famous.

Make your website design look professional and trustable to your customers. They should know that you are capable of delivering quality service and product.

It’s in our human nature to be attracted to beautiful things.

For readers who do not know what Bounce Rate means, it basically refers to the percentage of initial visitors who leave “bounce off” when they visit a webpage without visiting other web pages on the site. A high bounce rate means visitors are leaving the web page without clicking on other links which you generally don’t want to happen.

A good website design along with a faster loading speed can help lower the bounce rate. A beautifully-designed website will make readers stay on your site for a longer time and check out other pages as well. A well-designed website is better at guiding your customers where you want them to be. With help of well-placed buttons, CTAs and other buttons, conversation rates can be increased easily.


Website Design plays a vital role in all businesses. A good website design can grant you many advantages over your competitors. By improving your website design, you will see an improvement in the conversion rates, lower bounce rates and positive responses from the customers. A beautiful website is more appealing and pleasing to your views improving the user experience and satisfaction.