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Importance of Mobile Marketing for your Online Business


Mobile marketing is the multi-channel digital strategy, which targets customers through different avenues such as SMS, social media, or emails. Targeting mobile users has become really very important for the successful digital marketers: The research shows that around 70% of the users’ digital time is spent on their mobile platforms. That is over 100% growth in last half-decade. In order, to capitalize on the trend, it is very important for the digital marketers to target the mobile engagement strategically and know different benefits of shifting to mobile.

Understanding the Significance of Mobile Marketing

Around 1,900 million of people using mobile phone all across the world simultaneously, the mobile phones are one highly used technology. It has not just led to an increase in the mobile marketing but an increase of the mobile-only and mobile-dependent models like Whatsapp, Venmo, and more.

The mobile marketing is actually something that must not at all be ignored. An average smartphone user conversion rates are 64% when compared to an average desktop user conversion rates for the e-commerce. Furthermore, around 46% of shoppers hardly shop over for some other options when they are using the company’s mobile application. Let us look at some considerations on an increasing importance of the marketing that digital marketers have to consider when forming the right marketing methods.

User Controlled Marketing

Mobile marketing works on a principle of ‘consumer is a king of market’ in the true sense. It means that user has total control to accept, deny, see, and block marketing attempts to reach to them. It has led to term mobile friendly getting synonymous with good user experience. Now, even Google gives high preference to the websites, which are very mobile friendly.

Users Spending More Time on Their Smartphones

The mobile devices go for 70% of digital media time; still it is in the growth stage. People spend on an average 10 hours daily using their mobile devices. It means that you have more than 500 hours every year to capitalize at.

Mobile marketing has got multiple channels

For a digital marketer, to reach new customers is very important for their successful business. Luckily, mobile engagement has got a few different channels, which help you to reach your consumers. These are some important strategies that you may use for reaching the customers via mobile marketing:

  • Mobile applications
  • Email marketing
  • SMS (or text) messages

When opposed to the traditional marketing methods, the mobile marketing offers you with a lot of channels to reach your customers straight on their mobile phones and tablets.

The successful mobile and digital marketer diversifies various strategies to help to convert your target in consumers. This process is called cross-channel marketing. When rightly constructed, your email and text outreach can push your customers toward the website or mobile app. The flexible strategy will help you to get most from your offerings. Remember your marketing strategy must use all these channels in right concert with each other. Never fall in a trap of the over-relying on each approach to court your customers.

Mobile marketing enables you to reach global audience.

Around 67% of the population in the world owns one phone. In order, to capitalize on spread of the mobile technology and internet, the mobile marketers have to craft content, which targets the broad audience and will reach over the geographic and the linguistic boundaries. Lack of barriers over mobile engagement means you have the new world of customers, but needs you to know your audiences. Aiming the marketing strategies at multicultural audience will help you to unlock some new avenues and revenue.


Mobile devices have highly eliminated different barriers of communication between the consumers that has created an amazing opportunity for the organic reach into your marketing technique. Spread of the “viral” content also gives marketers one chance to create great content that spreads fast as well as brings in many different consumers. Suppose you may capitalize on the fast spread of the information, you can reap amazing benefits on a back end. If your digital media platforms are not mobile friendly, then you may lose your customers after doing all the hard work to have them to check you out.



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