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Improve Your Marketing Strategy With A Mobile Business Card

Have you heard of stories wherein a business owner hands out his business card with so much anticipation only to find that same card lying on the ground or thrown in the trash? This sounds like something straight from a movie, but in reality- it’s a situation that does happen. Quite terrible, don’t you agree?

How someone who’s worked so hard to establish his business or his name and has been working tirelessly to network his brand gets this kind of treatment- it’s painful but so very real.

Physical marketing paraphernalia, such as business cards, is used to make oneself known. It is a business person’s way of introducing themselves and the company they work for. However, not everyone realizes the importance of a business card to a professional.

If you are a business owner facing the same dilemma, you may want to up your game and consider a mobile business card to replace your traditional old card.

Continue reading this article to learn how this innovative solution from leading QR code generators like Beaconstac can help your business.

What Is A Mobile Business Card?

A mobile business card is a modern means of exchanging contact information. Instead of its paper counterpart, a virtual business card can be scanned, so it registers on the receiver’s mobile phone, making it easier for them to save your information and contact you as needed.

Also referred to as an electronic business card, it can be viewed on smartphones and computers with ease.

A mobile business card is a quick and easy way to distribute and store contact information. They are made with your unique information and may also contain a QR code that, when scanned, will direct the individual to the information you stored in the card.

How Is A Mobile Business Card Made?

Just like how a regular business card is made, its digital counterpart is also made with specific information unique to its owner.

Variables such as name, company, position, contact number, and email address are displayed on the digital business card.

Additionally, some other elements, like a QR code, can be included. Scanning the QR code can then lead to the brand’s website or the person’s portfolio. This way, the individual who will be viewing the mobile business card will not have to manually type any URL or the contact information, so the overall customer experience is elevated.

How Is Your Brand Marketing Affected By A Mobile Business Card?

The digital era continues to put traditional marketing strategies on the back burner, which is extremely evident with business cards. Brands need to realize that in order to fully adapt to consumer tastes and preferences, they need to update their marketing tactics and one excellent way to do that is by having a mobile business card.

Ease of interaction is a great way to introduce yourself to your potential customers, as this would give them the impression that their time and effort matter to you. With a quick scan of a QR code attached to your business card, they can be directed to whatever content related to your business that you want them to see- making it easier for you to market to them in general.

In Conclusion

You would not have to worry about anyone throwing away your business card if you create a digital version of it, as it saves instantly on their device. It also gives them a good impression of your business adapting to digitalization and encourages interaction due to the convenience of accessing your information.

Don’t forget to include a QR code generated from a reputable QR code generator site like Beaconstac for an added convenience that your prospective customers will appreciate.

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