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Learning the Everlasting Benefits of Application Integration Tool


Not quite so long ago, organizations in general employed either on-premise or cloud computing systems. But, currently, enterprisers rely on integration systems that are based on the combination of both these approaches.

Application integration allows organizations connect on-premise as well as cloud applications to orchestrate data essential for driving a host of business workflows. Application integration tool streamlines business data exchange and processes among a variety of applications including ERP and CRM across business ecosystems.

Application integration software helps enterprises connect SaaS and on-premise applications with enterprise architecture which, in turn, helps promote communication and eliminate data silos.

In this article, you’ll find what enterprise application integration is and what are its benefits.

Let us delve into the definition of Enterprise Application Integration. 

Understanding Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

The application integration solution is primarily designed to alleviate the gap between several computer programs with ease and precision. In addition, it enables employees manage big data streams with the support of simple interfaces. The primary objective of enterprise application integration software is to enable companies for streamlined data usage and business process automation. Additionally, this software enables businesses manage large streams of data with precision.

Enterprise application integration tool can be used to integrate the following set of applications such as:

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Resources
  • Business Intelligence
  • E-commerce systems

Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration  

Enterprise application integration is a highly beneficial technology for companies. It allows: 

  • Simplified data exchange and management: It simplifies and improves interoperability, therefore communication between myriad organizational departments enhances. According to statistics, in the US alone discrepancies due to interoperability have caused losses worth up to 1 billion USD which is enormous. Enterprise application integration can access a lot of information gathered by business applications without delay – it eradicates data processing responsibilities completely.
  • Automated Business Workflows: Processes are automated with the help of enterprise application integration. It strengthens enterprises in order to support seamless handoff data within systems and workflows. Not to mention, it enhances the transparency of financial flow. Enterprise application integration’s reusable template feature offers the capability to save many hours on customer onboarding and other partner configuration procedures. This tools also trigger application events and send alerts to facilitate proactive troubleshooting and integrated communications.
  • Fresh Opportunities are created: EAI allows managers get information about new opportunities and gives them solutions too. The turnaround time of this entire process is very small. Companies can, therefore, address market shifts efficiently, manage their reputation management issues, supply chain disruption issues and more – all from a single interface.
  • Increased Efficiency: EAI bolsters communication across the business ecosystem’s contours, reducing time and effort, and enhancing functionality and control to increase the overall efficiency of the organization. Further, application integration software helps companies identify and capture new business opportunities with accuracy. It also plays a major role in enabling organizations align with market shifts and disruption. 
  • Flexible IT infrastructure: Application integration helps organization hone their IT facilities, allowing them meet the growing expectations of consumers in a timely manner. For companies with communication gaps, enterprise application integration serves a blessing. It fosters communication and bolsters IT by removing their additional burden. As a result, IT productivity improves substantially. IT teams can take a governance role instead of an operational role, thus streamlining growth. 

Application integration helps businesses realize the advantages mentioned above and more such increased productivity, better communication, rapid time-to-value, and more. Hence, it is gaining traction on a global front. Apart from enhancing organizational proficiencies, application integration tool accelerates an individual’s performance with essential features like employee records and rewards. It is highly beneficial for a different type of firms including, network providers, transportation and logistics companies, bank, and retail organizations, making them easier to do business with.

However, not all integration tools are the same. One must choose a reputable vendor and rely on a robust application integration solution to reap maximum dividends. Make sure you are aware of the needs and end-objectives before making a decision. Find a good application integration solution now!



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