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Most anticipated IPOs of 2022


The listing of a new company always attracts the attention of investors – if you invest in a promising newcomer on time, you can make truly good money. Some issuers are highly anticipated and predicted to make a “starry” public debut. Let’s consider what high-profile IPOs are expected in 2022.

#1. Stripe

Stripe is a technology company that develops solutions for accepting and processing electronic payments. Companies of all sizes – from new startups to giants like Salesforce and Facebook (Meta platform, to be more precise) – use Stripe software.

Stripe offers a platform that provides payment acceptance, fraud prevention, billing and subscription management, and multi-party payment options. It also works closely with such leaders as Apple, Google, Alipay, Tencent, Twitter.

#2. Klarna, Revolut and Plaid

2020 has been a really good year for fintech investors as well as for banking and e-wallet app development companies. Then the shares of PayPal and Square added 115% and 245%.

So in addition to Stripe, another 5-6 tech companies from the finance industry may go public next year.

One of them is Swedish Klarna, which offers a take-now, pay-later service and allows you to buy goods in installments. In the summer, the company was valued at $46 billion.

Neobank Revolut, which investors estimate at $33 billion, may also go public in 2022. Fintech Plaid can also attract investors’ money. These startups are estimated at $12-13 billion.

#3. Discord

 Discord is a voice, video and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. Moreover, it is so convenient that it earned the praise of Elon Musk as a user.

While Discord’s target audience is gamers, the platform is also used by many different web groups – musicians, art lovers, entrepreneurs, etc. Discord has more than 270 million registered users, more than 14 million daily visits, and covers 130 countries.

#4. Reddit

In December, the online forum Reddit, known for its “meme” stocks, filed for an IPO. The company makes money from advertising and premium accounts. Last year, as people started spending more time on the Internet, was also a success for Reddit, with its daily users growing 44% to 52 million.

Reddit’s IPO will not be the largest, but definitely the loudest, given the army of traders from the forum.

#5. Mobileye

Intel is planning an IPO of its subsidiary Mobileye in 2022. It manufactures equipment for autonomous vehicles. According to preliminary estimates, the company could be worth $50 billion.

Mobileye’s revenue depends on the auto industry. Over the past 12 months, the industry index, which reflects the demand for technology and road transport, has grown by almost 30%.

#6. Impossible Foods

The next IPO brand is Impossible Foods. Founded in 2011, the company develops organic meats and cheeses from plants using an artificial blood substitute.

Today the company’s capitalization is $6.88 billion. It received this estimate at the investment round in November.

Basically, all the most anticipated placements are technology companies, only one representative of our top is engaged in the production of products. This is not to say that only one industry is in the lead: there is a common interest in video games, artificial intelligence, fintech and cloud technologies.



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