New Technology That Is Changing The Way Construction Businesses Operate

New technologies are continuously being created, innovating all sectors of the economy. Construction is no different. Construction is known to keep to its traditional methods because they have worked for so long, but people are still innovating and disrupting this sector, possibly changing it forever.

Online Education

Online education makes it easier to meet the requirements needed for higher-paying and more skilled construction jobs. There has been a boost in online contractor licensing, which increases the number of educated contractors to meet the demand.

There is also more free education available online, so if a general construction worker is not knowledgeable on a subject, they can simply find someone who has shared that knowledge. Greater access to knowledge leads to more efficient and higher quality work when they do not have to learn from their own mistakes every time.

3D Printing Houses

3D printing houses have opened up an entirely new sector of the construction market. Because of 3D printing, there are now more methods of bringing housing prices down and more methods for speeding up the construction process. 3D printing also opened doors for reducing labor costs or completely getting around them since one site only requires three people.

Modular Construction

Modular construction and prefab homes are similar to 3D printing in that they can reduce costs and building times. The main difference is that they reduce costs by standardizing the building process in a factory. This manufacturing process allows for buildings to be built off-site and then put together on-site more efficiently. Modular homes are pushing contractors to consider them as a manufacturing method, and it is working since the modular home market is booming.

More Smart Homes

Smart home technology makes contractors think more about the amenities that are going to go into the home and what methods they have to change to accommodate what the market wants. Some of these technologies that may be added during construction are connected outlets, lights, home management screens, connected garage doors, smart individual room air conditioning, automatic door locks, and many more.

If the contractors do not have or do not properly set up these systems today, it can dramatically lower the house’s market value. The change in market value means contractors must be sure to consider them during construction.


Increased online shopping lowers trucker availability and increases costs. Because there are a limited number of truckers, the supply is very high. The leverage that major e-commerce companies like Amazon have over the freight industry and construction companies, causes them to have to pay an increased price for freight. This extra expense means that construction companies will have to adapt to the changing environment and possibly optimize freight processes.

Material And Tool Innovation

There is constantly going to be material and innovation taking place in the construction industry. Some may forever change the environment or simply make an interesting piece in a building. Self-healing concrete, which is bacteria-based concrete, is one of those innovations that may change the construction industry forever. Unfortunately, the costs are still high compared to regular concrete. There is still an application for long-lasting infrastructure to save on cost over time.

There are also glass innovations like translucent to opaque changing glass that can cut energy expenses without the added expense of blinds. Besides the major breakthroughs, there are also going to be small innovations taking place like better land survey technology. These small innovations over time, though, lead to big change.

Remote Working Software

Software that can help contractors and construction companies work from home can cut out the added expense of office space for clerical work. It also allows for greater efficiency on the job since there is less travel for meetings and constantly changing work locations based on the project. Remote businesses are also on the rise allowing these companies to outsource the work and focus on what they do while leaving the other tasks to experts.


No matter how old and traditional an industry is, there will always be innovation and the ones who capitalize on it. If you are in the industry, you must make sure to be the one who does and continuously embraces change and the ability to adapt. If construction companies do not embrace the change in their industry, they may be unable to compete with the ones who do.

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