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Optimizing Your Business For Voice Searches – Learn The Tips and Tricks

Now every business has virtual assistants. It is essential for business growth and success. Similarly, the method of people searching for information has also changed a lot in the past few years. With this advanced technology, the new Google voice search is in trend now and is the next significant ranking factor for your website.

With this changing time and technology, as a marketer, you should always cope up with time and technology and work fast to stay ahead in the competition. So your next challenging thing will be to optimize your business for Google voice search.

What is Google Voice Search?

Google voice search is the application that enables searchers to search on the web using voice commands or voice queries. Users speak into the device and do searches. These devices can be anything desktops, mobile phones, etc.

You can search by either hands-free voice command on mobile devices and operating systems or by pressing the microphone in the google search engines.

In the past few years, google voice searches have grown exponentially, and therefore, it is essential to consolidate them into your marketing strategy.

Google Voice Search Working

When a user searches something using the voice command on google, the virtual assistant present there deciphers the speech into the text format and analyze them. After researching it, they search their database for the relevant information and return the result most pertinent to their search.

These virtual assistants are present on smartphones like an apple or other devices like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Why is Voice Search important For Business Owners?

Voice search directly affects your digital marketing strategy, and voice search trends affect the businesses inevitably.

As mobile searches are getting ahead of desktop searches day by day, so is the voice search’s popularity. Therefore the business needs to adopt this changing search method and optimize the company for it.

Voice search improves the user experience because of two reasons-

Optimize Your Website For Google Voice Search- Tips and Tricks

Voice searches are the new future of webs searches, and if you haven’t already started working on voice search optimization, then it is the time to get your hands into it.

Earlier, we use to optimize our business website for text searches. Now; we will here discuss the strategy that we should follow to maximize our business for voice searches-

Understand the User Intent

The most important and necessary thing about voice search optimization is to keep in mind the user’s intent while creating the website’s website content and structure.

Focus on Long-Tail Phrases and Keywords

The search is now shifted to the long-tail keywords because the voice search uses natural languages. While speaking to the virtual assistants, the searches we make will differ from those we make while typing the query in google search engines.

For example, people use a search query like” What is the best place to go on holiday with friends?” using voice searches, which is very different from the question we use while typing in search boxes.

Therefore the content optimized for the voice searches should focus n using such long-tail keywords.

You can find such type of keywords using the site “Answerthepublic.” Here you can type one word keyword in the search box, and all the related questions to that keyword will be listed.

It is also effortless to rank the long tail keyword because the volume is. The higher you rank for voice search results, the more response you will get on your website.

Create a FAQ page

It is also essential to keep the answers short for long queries for voice search optimization. Therefore, a simple method to do so is by creating a FAQ page. FAQ pages answer the queries like featured snippets.

Add FAQ structured Data markup to the page to make it easy for the search engines to return the results.

Optimize Website For Mobiles

Most voice searches are through mobile devices, and therefore, it is essential to make your website well optimized for mobile devices.

As we all know, google shifted to Mobile-first indexing, and therefore, more than 88% of searches for query” near me” voice searches are on mobile devices.

If a user gets a bad experience on your mobile website, he will bounce back and not make any purchase from your website. For improving the user experience, it is essential to optimize it for mobile searches.

Improve Site Loading Speed

Page loading speed is an essential ranking factor. Google likes a website that loads fast. Speed is critical for all types of searches, be it voice search, text search, or any other kind of search—an average webpage loads in 2 seconds. So make sure to discover the reasons that make your website slow and optimize properly for speed to give a good user experience and get a high ranking in SERP.

Optimize Your Website For Local Searches

Do you know that more than half of the voice searches are local? Therefore the business needs to optimize their business for local searches and keep their business information up to date on all business listings, including the Google business listings. Keep the NAP consistency on all the business listing websites.

You can also include the other important information like opening and closing hours, additional contact information, website URL, description of your business, etc.”


As we have learned, voice searches are becoming very popular, and as a business owner, you should implement it in your business, especially if you own a local business.

Optimizing your website for local voice searches will keep you ahead in the competition. If you find it challenging to do it on your own, you can use a digital marketing agency or local SEO services. The team of experts will optimize your website and get it ranked on the top using the best techniques.

Author bio-

Amy is a zealous writer and with her passion to read and write about marketing blogs and its implementation in our modern world. With such curiosity embedded in herself, she researches extensively before writing a blog to deliver a credible and detailed content piece. She has more than 8 years of professional experience in Cibirix- a Miami seo company and loves to write about different types of digital marketing content in the industry.

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