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READ The Ultimate Guide To Legal Intake: Software, Best Practices


Client intake is the method of attracting and recruiting new customers and gathering the personal details required to open their legal cases or lawsuit actions. The client intake process can be a time-consuming activity for solo and small law firms. Whether you’re just a beginner or already have an established legal practice, a refined client intake process is critical to making a good and remarkable first impression. As this happens, you can expect your clients to entrust their legal issues and problems with your law agency.

There are things you need to know about developing a strong client intake process for your law business to succeed. The entire process may include a paradigm and an overview pertinent to the different stages. As well, you will learn here about the best software and best practices you can apply to achieve your goals and objectives. So, spend time reading and understanding the essence of this article.

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The Ultimate Guide To Legal Intake: Software, Best Practices

Client intake refers to the customer attraction process. It is more than just getting new potential customers to fill out an on-site form. Clearly, it involves a whole gamut of processes to attract and hire new clients. The starting point has something to do with the first client interaction with your firm, and the ending point is for them to sign an engagement letter. Client intake may also include adding new, fresh customers after they have agreed to sign on with your law office.

Be aware of the several stages related to the entire intake process.

To obtain a new prospective client, you can ask for a referral. Well, the potential customer can just visit your official website. Most of the time, the new potential customer will conduct online research on a particular legal issue. That client will look for a website that can offer legal remedies or solutions. It is also advised to capture the contact information of the prospective clients. Doing so can allow you to keep in touch with the target market. Potential clients should be allowed to share their contact information so easily. Remember that great experience is a sure way to success.

There has to be a pre-screening stage. At this stage, you have to evaluate if the needs of the customers can be managed and handled well. Otherwise, it is not advised to accept that client. An initial consultation has to be conducted to screen and filter the demands of the potential customer. You can save time through this process. Before giving a get-go signal, everything should be in line with your expertise and specialization as a lawyer.

The next thing you should be doing is conflict checking. What is it? Well, it is done to ensure that the client will be satisfied with the way you serve him or her. You should schedule a time for the initial consultation. Remember that your client should be allowed to express what they have in mind. They have to discuss their problems vividly. If you don’t, you won’t be able to effectively solve their problems.

Furthermore, you should collect key information and details through the so-called intake questionnaire. In the questionnaire, you have to ask your clients for their vital information and details in relation to the planned case. You should also not forget to come up with a fee agreement. It has to be a contract that is going to be signed by your client and you, the provider of legal solutions.

With respect to new client or customer onboarding, you have to send clients the necessary information regarding bills with a proper system. Let them know how they can pay their bills in your office. As much as possible, you have to allow the client to pay the bill online. This is quite important in order to have a much smoother and more satisfying service.

The best legal intake software for you!

Increase the size of your law firm by attracting, recruiting, and retaining new customers. There is a tool here that you can use to accelerate the process. With this tool, you can have a more refined undertaking. Inventing that tool can bring you success. Of course, you can have fruitful legal intake processes because the digital solutions provided are a surefire way to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. A trusted and credible platform is what you basically need for your legal business to stand out. Choose a tool that was created by expert attorneys and legal technology experts. For sure, the entire legal intake process can be streamlined successfully.

Simplifying the entire client intake process is quite impactful. This is a results-oriented approach. You just have to find a tool that offers an exclusive legal CRM. Through this, you can use custom marketing automation workflows for lead generation. Modern technologies are intended to make the process easier. Using them can help eliminate chaos, all while making a favorable impression on your prospective clients.

Moreover, you have to create a unique intake form for your law firm’s clients. With a client intake form template for law firms, you can simply create your own onboarding process and efficiently seize the client information required by your law firm. Simply define the information you want to gather based on your area of practice and case type, and create custom templates to collect it. All these things are possible through an effective and proven client intake tool or software.

In conclusion, you can really save time when you have a working tool. As well, you can eliminate errors or reduce the possible margin of errors while keeping everyone in the loop. This can be realized through having established a consistent and clear process for customer intake. Find the best legal client intake software or tool today. For sure, you can achieve your goals smoothly.



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