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Step by Step Guide to Establishing an Agency Banking Network

Due to the mandatory social distancing, most of the physical headquarters of the companies will remain closed during the quarantine. Today, branchless banking platform is everything, since customers cannot go to branches and queue to be served.

Can you imagine your bank without open branches?

 In recent times, traditional banking began to venture into online service through websites and applications. This system has been continuously evolving and improving. In the current situation, it is the most effective way to provide personalized attention from a distance. In addition to immediacy and ease, you can provide your clients with information and services with very high levels of security.

The main characteristic of online service is that the client has the contracted products at his disposal, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, so he can operate, free of charge, with all his accounts from any device.

There are different channels that make up the remote banking offer, for example telephone agents, which allow operations to be carried out, after identifying the customer, using the keyboard of any telephone.

There is also remote web banking —which allows you to operate from any Internet browser—, specific applications for mobile devices and ATMs with virtual cards.

In addition, even when the branches open again, they will possibly do so with social distancing restrictions: without crowds and avoiding contact in waiting rooms. For this you must also be 100% prepared.

Which has already implemented a system to avoid crowds through home banking, a system so that the user can see the status of the closest branches and decide whether or not they can go at that time.

How to serve your customer remotely?

Customer service, whether in person or remotely, is essential for the development of your company. The increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and recommendations that your customers can make depend on its correct management.

That is why we share some fundamental keys to carry it out in the right way:


In addition to inquiries, through the chat customers can perform different operations, including transfers.

For example, Banco Itaú launched Itaú Key, a tool that allows its clients to make instant money transfers through WhatsApp and other messaging services, such as SMS, social networks and even email.

The system, which can be accessed with the same username and password as the other Itaú apps, imports the list of cell phone contacts and allows each of them to be connected to their respective CBUs, even if they belong to other banks. It has a transfer cap and the issuer of the payment receives a receipt by mail in PDF format.

Video calls

This is another way in which Banks could be operating remotely. It is about generating video calls that allow customers to resolve technical or general doubts about a particular service.

Video calls could help clients:

Postpone appointments

Until branches are allowed to open, the best option is to reschedule appointments and for this, the ideal is to implement an appointment management system. This Agency banking software is a central server-based solution to manage appointments and resources required at all branch offices.

The solution includes a complete suite of tools that allow clients to schedule appointments online, through web, mobile or kiosk applications, or through agents in call centers, chat and any other contact channel.

In this way, you will have an online appointment scheduling of all contact channels. Providing a better experience to your clients and making sure that each one is attended by the agent that can best meet their needs.

Build loyalty with your customers even without branches open

Increasingly, customers want things simple, at the click of a button, without friction or paper. So you must be where your customers are, providing the bank where and when they need it, facilitating all their interactions.

Technology gives you many opportunities to provide better experiences for your customers. As is the case with Grupo Banca Farmafactoring, one of the strongest banks in the Italian banking system.

This institution allows you to open a “Facto Account” remotely, very comfortably, signing contracts completely digitally. All you need to do is complete a form, validate the email and mobile phone and sign the contract online using an OTP code (it is also possible to print it and send it by mail or request a courier to pick it up).

The last step will be to make a transfer from another account and that’s it.


Every crisis represents an opportunity. The one we are going through today, derived from the health contingency due to the coronavirus, may be the opportunity to improve your care system in order to offer an optimal experience to your customers and give them a dynamic, fast and easy-to-use service.

You must join the growing trend, that of the digital bank. With this modality you will be able to allow your clients, from opening a savings account to requesting a loan or accessing cards without having to go to a branch or fill out any paper. And in the event that the client needs to contact a bank agent, they can do so through different digital channels such as WhatsApp, video calls or by phone.

Author Bio:

Nikunj Gundaniya, Product manager, one of the leading fintech solution providers USA, which provides mobile finance application development services. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.

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