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Talent Acquisition Tips: How to Find the Best Non-Resident Talents


You have one goal in mind when hiring and searching for talent to add to your company, and that is to add to find the best addition to your organization. However, the efforts in this aren’t only one-sided.

It takes work on your end as well. Searching for talent may sometimes go beyond local talents. Expats and foreign non-residents are surprisingly gifted and skillful at times as well.

  • Appealing to the Target

If you have decided to search for new talent in the expat pool, learning their language might make them feel more at home and open to discuss opportunities with you.

If you invite a foreigner to relocate to your country, it may be to your advantage to familiarize yourself with their mother tongue. One talent acquisition tip is to learn a bit of their native language. For example, if you hire someone from Spain, try taking online lessons with a spanish tutor.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to relocate to a foreign country, so put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you appreciate the effort your new manager put in to make you feel at home?

  • Language Preparation

Expanding on our first point, talent acquisition strategies can greatly benefit you as well. Spending time and learning their language and encouraging them or even enrolling them in classes to learn English with professional local courses or resources like EdX would do both parties good.

It creates a bonding experience between your staff member and you.

We know having to hire talent is tough enough, and getting around to acquiring a language could be next to impossible. With online corporate training, you set your own schedule.

  • Meet them at Events

If you would rather hire foreign talent locally, so you can actually meet the face to face and get a clearer picture of the person you may hire, consider mingling at certain events.

You can find expat groups online and join meetups, or utilize recruiting software.  Even social media platforms such as Facebook can aid you in your quest.

Such events and meetups include:

  • Local sporting events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Local tours
  • Food and wine tastings
  • New openings
  • Take a language class or any other kind of class


  • Conducting Interviews

Here are some hiring tips for managers. How you conduct interviews is also crucial to you finding the right talent. You need to prepare well and familiarize yourself with his or her resume.

Talent acquisition skills are not easy, so start with generalized questions that help the candidate feel a bit more at ease. This is when having read through their resume thoroughly will benefit you.

Give the interviewee a timeline as to when the final decision would be made. If you have a good feeling about this individual during the interview process, then this is when you can promote your company.

Painting your company in a good light and highlighting what you have to offer is another useful recruiting tip. Make sure the interviewee understands how they can benefit from the opportunity, and not just you.

  • Talent Acquisition Tips

We are going to go into more detail on tips for recruiting in this section. You might feel your HR recruiting strategies and plans for talent acquisition are not up to standards.

Follow these simple tips for talent acquisition framework that will help you cut through the weeds and straight to the talent.

  • Brand your company – The brand is the first impression. Make sure your company come across as a great place to work.
  • Referrals – Make great use of employee referrals. Maximize your existing workforce. 80% and over of companies in the US state that referrals are their main source of hiring.
  • Be transparent about salary and compensation – Be transparent and upfront with what you are willing to offer. Remember to pay AT LEAST the same amount as your competitors. 

If you are unable to be competitive in certain areas, be clear as to why.

  • Part-time/freelancers – Contract out certain projects and hire freelancers. Many foreigners in a certain country don’t plan to stay long. If you didn’t hire them exclusively to relocate, their flexibility may play to your advantage.
  • Make it personal – Put a personal spin on things. Instead of utilizing technology to either hire or reject candidates, a phone call will go a longer way.



Acquiring foreign workers and expats can be a very lucrative and beneficial addition to your company. With them comes with new perspectives and broader horizons. With these talent acquisition tips and by learning a bit of their native language and retaining a personal touch, you will be guaranteed better results.



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