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The Industry of Investment Banking

Investment Banking is an industry for some people, and not for others. The industry itself is filled with lots of pressure, high anxiety, and tight deadlines to produce at a high level. Often times people will go into Investment Banking because of the prestige and allure it provides to you and your career.

The industry itself is interesting. A lot of is based off time, experience, and expertise. Regardless of how hard you work, or the time you put in, or the company you work, there is a system and a hierarchy you’ll have to follow. This means putting in the hours, energy, and resources to building a career.

The people at the top of the industry have started at the bottom. Almost everyone starts out as an investment banking analyst, which is where you learn to cut your teeth in banking, and what banking is all about. It takes years of hard work and experience to move your way up. It’s the entry level position that Investment Banks use to see what you’re made of, and to teach what the industry is all about, and what the role of investment banks are.

The investment banking industry is one that’s built off of hard work, and experience. The longer you work there, and the more experience you have, the more you get paid, and the more interesting of tasks and assignments you work on.

So why investment banking?

Investment Banking is an industry that provides a lot of great benefits. If you’re able to make it in banking, the salaries and pay are the highest. You’ll be able to earn ridiculous money and make even more insane bonuses. The bonuses are usually just as much as your salary if not more. Depending on the deals you work on, and the team you’re on, you can be in line to make lots of money.

The banking industry opens a lot of doors for you and your career. Almost any company will take you or want you after a stint in investment banking. It’s the best breeding ground or training ground in the world of finance. Having the experience of investment banking on your resume will make very high paying jobs, great career paths, and incredible options open to you.

The prestige and credibility that comes with banking is second to none. No other industry is as well perceived by others in a professional sense, and with good reason. The amount of hours, time, and work required is a lot. If you’re in banking, you can expect to work around 80-110 hours a week, and work on most weekends.

Most of the time you have is going to be spent at the office working. The likelihood of having a social life, or a lot of free time for yourself is not very high early on in your career in investment banking.

They want to see your commitment level, and how much you’re willing to work. Early on, they want to weed out the employees and analysts who aren’t committed as they’d like to be.It requires a real level of sacrifice if you want a career in banking. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it for you.


The Investment Banking industry is the toughest industry to make it in. It requires a lot of time, energy, and work. There’s a constant sacrifice, and commitment. If you’re able to persevere and make it through, you can be rewarded very nicely with great pay, great prestige, and great opportunities. Careers in investment banking provide you with a great salary, respect, and knowledge of finance at a high level.

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