The right call: when your business needs video, not just audio, conferencing

business needs video

In the wake of coronavirus, businesses require better connectivity than ever before. The business landscape of the last decade has undergone a complete transformation – a hard adjustment, that’s for sure.

With working from home more widespread than it has ever been before, it’s important in these unprecedented times to keep one eye focused on the future. Think about how you can best combat the challenges of online conferencing to keep working effectively without complexity or compromise; your business depends on it.

What’s the point?

Consider this – why do we even delve into meetings or telephone conferences? Is it to communicate in a way that truly facilitates learning and understanding? Are you strengthening existing relationships or simply getting things done? If your company is still using audio conferencing as a primary communication tool – or if you, as an executive, personally, have discounted the benefits of the shift to video conferencing before – read on.

What to do when your voice just isn’t enough

As work expands into home life, we lose touch with our employees. Without the daily interaction and framework of an office, it becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain the high pace, high standard of work we’re all accustomed to.

Audio conferencing doesn’t make the cut anymore – the isolation that results from the lack of visual cues and physical facilitation of learning results in deteriorating work performance; without video conferencing, businesses proceed on a slippery slope of diminishing quality and communication.

Making the switch to video conferencing is a game changer – both in terms of achieving higher levels of collaboration and breaking down the sense of distance that arises from working at home. Shift from audio conferencing to video and witness the transformation in your colleagues; people can finally see and be seen. The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy breaks down completely.

Invest wisely in the technology and services that you need

Keeping your workforce connected has become a pertinent issue – you might wish to switch to video conferencing, but how? Bear in mind the location of your employees; it can be well worth investing in cheap broadband boosters for key members of your workforce operating in areas of poor connectivity. Alternatively, incentivise your employees – offer programmes for talent which strive to support both current and prospective employees’ internet upgrade costs as a recognition of the realities of working from home.

To make the hypothetical leap to videoconferencing, you need a secure, efficient system to keep your colleagues and clients reliably connected. We recommend that you invest in Horizon Collaborate as a valuable method of sustaining Unified Communications across your organisation. Businesses require agility, a way to formulate quick responses to a constant flow of queries across multiple platforms. Technology like that mentioned above addresses all of these needs and is designed to boost productivity and collaborative team working through simplifying video conferencing to its absolute foundation.

Ultimately, Horizon Collaborate permits the use of multi-channel communications accessible via a single application – it’s never been easier to contact your colleagues. The swift and efficient transfer of communication allows an uninterrupted video-calling experience. Your millennial employees will especially appreciate the fast, accessible and on-demand technology that is available. Boost business and employee satisfaction in one fell swoop.

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