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This Startup Thinks Out of the Box for Post-CV Recruiting

Discussions about the death of the CV have been circling for a while now.

Over the last few years, recruiters and hiring managers have grown less reliant on traditional resumes to define applicant skill.

Instead, they’re discovering a host of more effective ways to evaluate and understand the value of potential job candidates.

Social media pages brimming with endorsements and links to previous work, portfolio websites showcasing endless examples of skill, and video interviews have emerged as increasingly valuable.

At the same time, companies are learning that the traditional CV isn’t reliable as it once was, particularly now there are many articles and guides teaching candidates how to “game the system”.

Though you could argue the CV is outdated, a one-size-fits-all alternative hasn’t yet emerged to take its place.

Replacing the Antiquated CV

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) was first introduced by Leonardo De Vinci back in 1482.

Since then, the world of work as we know it has changed drastically.

Most recently, we’ve discovered we don’t even need to be present at a specific “workplace” to contribute to a company.

Global, remote, and hybrid working have taken over in a new digital landscape.

It seems unusual in this rapidly-changing environment, that we would still rely on a piece of paper first introduced so many years ago.

According to Unboxable, a hiring solution that predicts a candidate’s fit to the position, it’s time we all left the old-fashioned CV behind – once and for all.

Unboxable argues CVs hide the most important parts of a candidate.

You can’t get an idea of someone’s personality or their compatibility with company culture from a CV.

It’s impossible to tell if someone will really blend with your workforce – and most of the time, this is the key to ensuring a hire really works.

It’s no wonder around 46% of new hires are still deemed failures by the time they reach their 18-month milestone today.

CVs are a simplistic approach to hiring which asks companies to consider only the information a person can fit into a specific amount of space on a piece of paper. It takes a lot more than a certification to prove someone is going to be successful in a role.

Why The CV Doesn’t Work

Ultimately two people with the exact same credentials written on their CV could deliver an entirely different performance when initiated into the workforce.

That’s because a significant part of what makes a hire successful isn’t actually on the CV at all.

CVs have become checkboxes created thoughtlessly at the start of the application process. Anyone can follow a guide to write an “effective CV” and improve their chances of being asked in for an interview.

Anyone can also upscale their credentials and use the support of professionals to make themselves sound better on paper.

When companies are looking at CVs, they’re not determining who’s best for a specific role. The very most you can accomplish with this document is determine who is best at writing a CV. Unless you’re hiring someone to write job applications for customers – then this isn’t a skill you need to be assessing at all.

CVs are particularly problematic as screening tools in an environment where a lot of companies are using AI CV readers to search for specific keywords in a document. Many of these readers feature built-in bias, created by the people who make them.

What Does Unboxable do Differently?

Source: Unboxable predictive True Fit analysis

Unboxable offers a potential alternative to the age of the CV with a prediction-based matching platform for employers and candidates.

The solution aims to cut through the basics of resume culture and give hiring managers the information they need.

Essentially, this new recruitment platform invites companies to build interaction opportunities in the digital environment, where they can get to know each candidate, and actively put their skills to the test.

For instance, you could build a no-code job simulator which helps you with predicting which hires will be most effective based on their compatibility with certain characteristics.

Whether you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, the Unboxable ecosystem claims to simplify the art of discovering and hiring talent with an incredible 93% accuracy. 74% of employers who admit to hiring the wrong person, and this is one of the problems Unboxable wants to fix.

Unboxable promises to help hiring managers and employers to see the full potential of candidates, with a recruitment process built on engaging job simulators.

Why Do We Need Unboxable?

We’re living in a world where the modern workforce is constantly updating its skills and discovering better methods of work. In this ever-evolving landscape, rigid, automated CV readers just aren’t enough.

Unboxable’s simple approach to “job simulator tech” hopes to help reduce the stress of hiring candidates.

According to Unboxable, companies can accelerate the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring professionals from 42 days to 7 with their technology. It’s also possible to discover 27% new candidates who wouldn’t have passed a traditional “CV screening” process.

Ultimately, the world of work is too complex to rely on a single piece of paper to tell us if someone is going to “fit” in a team or not. It’s time to look beyond the CV.