Times Where a Video Hub Could Help Make Business Easier

If you find yourself or your management constantly repeating themselves during training because of new hires from growth, it is time to consider getting a video hub. These are used by the biggest businesses in the world for a variety of reasons, including training employees, discussing difficult topics, compliance training, certifications, and a host of other types of videos. They also commonly increase productivity because of their active listening qualities.

What Is A Video Hub?

Video hubs allow you to create a full set of videos surrounding the topics that are most prevalent and important to your business. Video hubs operate slightly different than sites like YouTube though, in that they rely on a video hosting site. This means that you are able to take your hub and fully customize it into being exactly what you want for your brand. Apart from this ability to paste your brand on everything, it also provides a space where your employees are away from distraction inducing pages and links. This encourages video engagement and helps to foster active listening from the target audience. Keeping users’ attention is sometimes a difficult task, but many solutions are possible. However, one step closer to creating an entertaining video is adding subtitles with a subtitle generator and ensuring users don’t miss anything.

What Type of Videos Can be Made?

The sky is the limit with these! Most businesses tend to create them specifically for training purposes. Think of those VHS training videos and the work sheets that go with them to prove you were actively listening. Now imagine how much more focused the trainees become when they are in front of a computer with headphones and an interactive document to prove that they are listening. Videos themselves are known world-wide for their ability to impart information upon people in quick and effective ways. The simple use of symbols and colors often still remains inside of a trainee’s head years after they have moved on from their work to bigger ventures.

The buck does not stop with training videos though. You are able to complete a full set of onboarding videos specified to your needs for a particular position. For example, while trainees get training videos, managers should be seeing videos speaking about difficult topics, compliances, certifications, and management skills. In implementing the videos like this, you can directly influence the culture and environment of your business and at the same time, ensure that your leaders are doing what they need to do to become the most helpful at their own jobs.

How Do Videos Help Team Productivity?

Videos not only help team productivity, they greatly improve team productivity. This is because videos do four things by themselves: they expose main ideas without distracting, they show the minimum amount of knowledge needed, they improve workflows by showing demonstrations, and they set down the same number of expectations for everyone.

How many times have you sat down to watch a YouTube video, only to be distracted by a suggested video or something else, resulting in a complete loss of concentration? How many times has that happened while you were reading this? Video hubs provide a calm and non-distracting environment for your staff to learn everything they need to know—and to learn it without concentration breaking elements surrounding the videos.

Has there ever been a time where an employee did not know something basic? Something they should have learned day one, at the very least? Videos help to streamline complete sets of knowledge. By picking the correct people to star in the videos, and the right people to create the scripts and guide the process, your employees will come away with a full set of basic knowledge about their job and about the company.

Has production ever screeched to a halt because of one person being unable to do a job? Or because they were never taught a faster, better way to do things? Videos can help to eliminate this as a possibility in your workplace. By using the knowledge gathered from senior people, you can create specialized videos for the employees that the information pertains to. That way, your workflow improves significantly, and everyone has a better time.

Has one of your employees missed the part where they are part of a team? Does one employee seem to think they are above everyone else for some reason? Videos can also dramatically help here. By using videos, you can create companywide expectations and help to promote a standard of practice that all your employees should follow.

In these ways, video hubs are greatly beneficial to all businesses which use them. If you’ve considered them before, this is the sign to get started on the process.

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