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Top 10 2020 Business Ideas for Women

Top 10 Online Business Ideas

2020 is around the corner and that means there are all kinds of business ideas to try out. They’re vastly better than Bengali matrimony and can lead you to a nice side income or a new way of living life.

But out of the many business ideas around, we suggest the following ideas to consider. Each is great in their own way so get out there and see where they take you.



Blogging is far more exciting than a Kannada matrimony and unlike that can open up a variety of doors. All you need to do is pick a niche that excites you and makes you eager to write about. Steams include affiliate links, sponsors, advertisements, and more.



Consultants can cover a wide variety of niches. Online though you have SEO and social media consultants. These are the people who manage advertising campaigns or social media profiles of other people. They may also suggest content ideas and more.


Affiliate Marketer

While any person can post affiliate links, an affiliate marketer is someone who does this a lot. They’re not focused on sharing a handful of links. They prioritize multiple ones and can be demanding to set up initially. But once they’re set up, you can be set for life



Similar to a blogger, a podcaster is someone who starts their own podcast. Typically this entails talking about an interesting topic that you’re passionate about. How you make money can stem from a variety of things such as affiliate links and sponsors. You can also ask listeners to donate or pledge via Paypal or Patreon.


Web Designer

With WordPress, it’s easier to navigate a website, but more importantly to design them. If you’re familiar with coding or know your way around WordPress, you can set up websites and design them to look incredible.



A lot of these business ideas mentioned can also position you as a freelancer. Since these are all service-driven, you can extend these services to platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.


T-Shirt Designer

There are a variety of t-shirt stores online that can give you a platform to design and sell shirts too. This can be your main gig, but if you have considered another idea, you could include t-shirts as a side business for another stream of income.


Tutoring Remotely

Tutoring is something many people need and thankfully there are online platforms that can help you work remotely. Are there any subjects that you particularly excelled at in school? Why not tutor someone.


Stock Photographer

Another suggestion is taking stock pictures. Many models pay you based on how many people download your pictures. There are also tones of places to offer up stock pictures.


Custom Illustrator

Skilled at art? Consider putting your art skills and make a variety of items. Not just for t-shirt designs but also logos, favicons, websites, or Youtube channels.



There are a lot of opportunities to make money. It’s a matter of finding the right one you like and are passionate about and taking the leap.