Top Innovations in Poultry Production and Management

In the past decade, innovation has taken different industries by storm. The poultry industry has not been left behind. For so long, different industries have been seeing a boom in business and entrepreneurial prowess. This has mainly been due to advancements in technological innovations that not only make these industries work effectively but smoothly as well.

However, in 2018, the poultry industry saw a facelift with the first-ever poultry tech summit. The summit brought together major players in the poultry industry from over 20 different countries. The summit sought to bring to light cutting edge tech that will not only solve problems in the industry but also improve current techniques.

During the summit, inventors pitched a number of incredible innovations that would surely take the industry to greater heights. From poultry production through to management and the actual supply chain, you can expect innovation on every facet of the poultry industry.

Read along to find out more about these incredible innovations.

Robotics and Automation

As you would expect, robotics and automation take a big part in innovation In the poultry industry. After all, the poultry industry is majorly characterized by handiwork all through. Due to this, a number of innovations have graced the industry and work perfectly. They include:

1. Gohbot

This is one of the most important innovations in poultry management to date. Basically, this is a robot that automatically navigates through the floor of a poultry house. It uses cutting edge technology such as imaging sensors that accurately guide the robot through a poultry house floor.

Other top-notch features include the capability to not only detect eggs on the floor but pick them up as well. This robot can also gauge environmental temperatures, amount of light on the poultry house and the number of gases in a room.

2. ChickenBoy

Ever taken the time to imagine what it would be like to know the condition of your poultry by only touching a dial? Well, imagine no more, since Chickenboy has made all this possible.

ChickenBoy is another automation system that incorporates artificial intelligence with different sensors in assessing different conditions in a poultry house. This tech device can simply help you determine different conditions in your polity house including equipment failure, the welfare of your birds, health conditions and condition of other machines. It is expected that this robot will also have other incredible features in the future such as removal of dead birds and a detailed analysis of litter moisture in a poultry house.

3. Woody Breast Detection

One of the most sought after poultry delicacies include the poultry breast fillets. However, it can be daunting to continuously seek the perfect fillet from thousands of poultry. Apart from taking an awful lot of time, this process can be quite expensive and tedious.

All this hassle has been cut short with the innovation of woody Breast Detectors. This machine has the capability of accurately sort and detect breast fillets from a large number of birds. The best thing, however, is that this machine has the ability to do all this at a normal speed, thus eradicating any chances of damaging or contacting the fillets.

While sorting out the fillets, the machine also measures out the muscle rigidity of the fillets to determine whether they are ready for the market or not.

4. 3D Bird Deboning and Cutting

Just as the name suggests, this machine deals with all the nitty-gritty of cutting and deboning a bird. It runs automatically through the entire process of processing poultry for the market. With this level of automation, you can rest assured that you won’t spend a lot of money to pay for labor. Additionally, you will be able to save more time in processing your poultry. This can only mean that you will get to process more poultry within the shortest time possible, thus increasing your income.

Food Safety

Food safety is one of the most important and critical aspects to consider when in the poultry business. The quality of food that your birds feed on will determine how they perform.

1.  Technicon Composite-housing Gearboxes

These gearboxes have been ingeniously carted with state of the art techniques and materials. The endoskeleton to these magnificent innovations has been designed to eliminate any rust. Additionally, the equipment is able to dissipate any heat and further withstand any wash-down processes.

2. Clear labs Next Generation Sequencing

This innovation is aimed at detecting common poultry infections at an early stage. To achieve this, the system is made with the latest data analytics and bioinformatics tools to enable it to detect different strains of bacteria such as salmonella spp.

This way, you will be able to manage these strains of bacteria early, thus avoiding any infestation to your birds. Additionally, with the accuracy of the system, you will be able to drastically reduce inventory holding time, confirmation cost and minimize delayed shipping on your poultry products.

3. Little Bird Feed Cast System

As stated above, the type of food you feed your bird directly impacts their performance. Even so, it’s of utmost importance to consider the amount of food you give to your birds. But how can you successfully determine the right quantity of food to give to your birds?

This may seem like a daunting task. However, the good news is that you can use a specialized bird feeder such as the hummingbird feeder Poteet Texas. Such feeders will give you a clear idea of the amount of feed you are supposed to offer to your specific birds at any given time. You can always find reliable information on any farm tools and how to use them  at

Once you have determined the correct type of feeder for your poultry, the little bird cast system will help you estimate the specific mot of feed on the feeder to offer to your bird. The system works by ensuring that feed is wasted by the use of specialized software and sensors. This way, you will be able to maximize your output and minimizing your cost at the same time.

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