Virtual Office Mailing Address—Does My Company Need One?

For your business to constantly develop, it is necessary to support it with experienced personnel. But also you should expand your knowledge in modern business trends. One of the main trends caused by the 2020 pandemic and a number of other factors is the transfer of employees to a remote work format.

Thus, it turned out that this process is no longer a problem, but on the contrary, you can emphasise the huge benefits for your company. Accordingly, for the most optimal organization of the work of companies with remote staff, as well as to obtain many other benefits in business, you may need a virtual office mailing address.

Why You Need a Mailing Address

Receiving mails at home is quite convenient. But sometimes, that option just doesn’t exist. If your customers or production are located in another region, receiving invoices and other vital correspondence at home will be very expensive, and in some cases even impossible.

Moreover, mailing addresses are also needed to maintain a good image of your company. Whether you have a huge company at your disposal or you are just a self-employed entrepreneur, a mailing address in central London will greatly improve your reputation among customers.

In addition, banks may also refuse to give you investments if they see that your company is registered in your home.

Hoxton Mix is Not Only a Mailing Address

Often, the concept of a virtual office can be mistaken with the concept of a cloud office. These two ideas do have a lot in common, but a virtual office is much broader than a cloud one. It is a set of measures and tools that can almost completely satisfy any company or brand.

A virtual office includes:

You will be able to honestly use this address as the place of registration of your company. This will help you enter into contracts with other organisations and open up a number of other benefits.

In order to receive correspondence using the virtual office mailing address, this function is mandatory. Many may think, but what’s the point if I can receive correspondence at home? First, it is not always physically possible. For example, if your company is located in another country or you want to expand the market of your services to a regional one, receiving invoices and other correspondence at home is not the best idea.

This will help in handling calls from your customers, although not every virtual office offers this feature.

For meetings with clients, you can always use the room that is provided when you receive the virtual office service. Although not every company can provide such a service, in Hoxton Mix, you will be able to use this option. This aspect is important for meetings with clients and potential investors and maintaining a good image of your company.

With the above set of options, you will get most of the benefits of an office without actually having the premises, especially when the whole range of these services is ten times cheaper than renting an office in the centre of a large city.

How Will It Help Me Save Money?

The virtual office service is needed just so that you can invest your money in more critical things. Why waste time and money looking for premises in the era of computer technology? Let’s take a closer look at the aspects on which you can efficiently save your money.


Renting an office in the centre of London costs entirely fabulous money. Start-up companies or brands are unlikely to boast such a budget that is enough to rent an office with a normal area for all company employees. And this applies not only to London, in any other major city you will have to pay tens or even hundreds of times more money for renting a room.

Public Utilities

You no longer need to pay for electricity, high-speed Internet and other benefits that are usually provided by the office. Paying for security or cleaning is also no longer mandatory, so you save money on this too.


Most companies that offer a virtual office suggest secretarial services as well. At the same time, the cost of such services is on average 60% lower. So why pay more if you get all the same features?

Companies Needing a Virtual Office and Mailing Address

Companies Needing a Legal Address

If your company and business are developing, a legal address may be required to provide a full range of services. It all depends on the laws of the country where you live. However, there are many options to register a company, but the most cost-effective is to use the services of a virtual office.

For Urgent Business Opening

If you want to test your start-up right here and now, the best way is to use a virtual office. You do not need large investments from the very beginning, and you do not need to look for a space where to arrange your employees. Moreover, the services of a secretary will also cost you many times cheaper.

Entrepreneurs in Frequent Journeys

While you are on business or personal trips, the virtual office will be able to work almost independently. This option is suitable for entrepreneurs who do not have full-time employees or workers who operate remotely.

To Open a Representative Office

It doesn’t matter if you want to grow within your own or another country—a virtual office is the best way to do it. Opening a representative office in another city is extremely straightforward with the help of this feature and modern technologies.

For Small Companies

If you are developing several businesses at once, a virtual office is just as perfect. All of the above benefits will work for you.

TOP Troubles

Let’s look at the TOP 3 problems that owners of companies with virtual offices may face.

1. Lack of actual address.

Not every company can boast of having a space where you can hold a business rally with your clients or investors. However, using the services of Hoxton Mix, you will forget about this issue.

2. Lack of experienced secretaries.

An enormous responsibility can be relied upon as a virtual office secretary. So, not everyone can handle it.

3. No legal address.

Even fewer companies that offer to use a virtual office can provide a legal address. This should be clarified immediately at the beginning of cooperation.

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