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What can you expect from the Donorbox?

The fundraising process, which initially started from going door to door at people’s homes for charity or asking for donations from footpaths, has always been viewed as mighty, generous, and selfless. As times changed, the process of fundraising was also in need of a modern upgrade and that upgrade has come in a timely fashion in the form of online fundraising websites. There are not many websites that work towards helping the masses; to provide them with a platform through which they can support each other; this is where the services of Donorbox come into play. 

This online donation website has devoted itself to the sacred act of fundraising. It has a donation system at its core, specifically designed to help individuals or charities of all sorts to gather and process donations efficiently. With its simple and easy to approach interface paired with its online live example feature, even a novice can use it comfortably. The donation website works precisely to provide a fundraising platform inclusive of all the communities, professions, and causes.

A few features of the Donorbox donation forms are listed below.

Safe and secure

With its advanced security measures, all the donors and donations get fortified protection. Users do not need to worry about fraud or information leaks because the platform has worked explicitly on features to fight against such threats. Anti-fraud, which, as the name suggests, helps you against frauds and the tokenization of financial data that converts card data into a token form, erasing the need to store the information of cards, are few of the top security features which are provided by the donation website.

Tax and legal

Donorbox has all the bases covered for its users, even in the tax and legal department. Donorbox gives each user the necessary legal coverage according to the criteria of their selected country. All the donation forms presented on the donation website are GDPR-friendly forms (compliant with GDPR laws). Another feature present on the platform is a highly customizable tax receipt that automatically generates upon each donation.

Increase donations

Donorbox helps its users by providing exceptional features that help them maximize their efforts and increase their donations. Recurring donations can be easily set up according to the donor’s desire. They can be set into intervals of weekly, monthly, or annually with the added benefit of no extra registration screens. Another feature is the donor cover fee, where the donor pays the processing fees for their donations; this is explicitly designed to boost the user’s contributions. Donorbox helps you gather contributions from throughout the world regardless of their currency, as it supports up to 20 popular currencies.

Campaign marketing 

With features such as a donor wall where you can post comments and messages on your very own page on the site and social media sharing options, users can increase their reach and even start their very own marketing campaign. With Donorbox’s ability to support 11 languages, users can quickly spread their message and communicate with others regardless of their language.

The attributes mentioned above are only a gist of the features of which the donation website is capable of. It is also capable of providing high customization in various fields; it also offers multiple fast payment methods. 


If a user wishes to increase their current reach and is also looking to raise the level of their fundraising operations, Donorbox is the only donation platform that can help them. The future of fundraising has truly arrived, and it is none other than Donorbox.