What Coverage Do You Need on Your Fire Sprinkler Installer Insurance Policy?

If you own a company that installs fire sprinklers, you need insurance that will cover you, your employees, and your customers in a variety of ways. Fortunately, you can get fire sprinkler installer insurance that will protect your company from numerous worst-case scenarios that could occur. Here’s a look at the most common types of coverage available to you as a fire sprinkler installation company.

General Liability

At the bare minimum, your fire sprinkler installer insurance needs to include general liability. The good news is that this part of your policy offers a lot of protection for your company and customers alike. For example, it features premises liability, which is coverage for when someone is hurt on your business property. So, if your office has a broken stair or wobbly handrail, and a customer or salesperson falls as a result, premises liability will pay for their medical bills and any lost wages if they have to miss work as they recover.

Another aspect of the general liability portion of your fire sprinkler installer insurance is products liability. This covers your company if your fire sprinklers are faulty and therefore cause property damage or injury to customers. Products liability would pay for the repairs or medical bills in this case. And the final part of general liability is completed operations coverage, which covers your business if a customer complains after you’ve installed fire sprinklers. If the installation was done wrong and caused damage to the customer’s home or business, completed operations coverage will pay for the repairs.

Auto Insurance

The majority of your services take place on other people’s property, as your employees install fire sprinklers at houses and businesses. That means they’re doing a lot of driving to get the job done, so there’s a chance they’ll be involved in a car accident at some point. And when that day comes, you might be surprised to find that their personal car insurance won’t necessarily cover the costs since they’re driving for work.

This is why you need commercial auto coverage as part of your fire sprinkler installer insurance. Whether your employees drive their own cars or use a company vehicle, they deserve to know they’ll be covered if they get into an accident on the way to or from a worksite. If you want to avoid you or your employees having to worry about paying out of pocket for medical bills and car repairs after an accident, you should add commercial auto coverage to your fire sprinkler installer insurance.

Tools Coverage

Most companies that perform installations of any kind rely heavily on a range of tools and equipment. If this is true for your company, you need tools coverage as part of your fire sprinkler installer insurance. This pays for you to buy new tools and equipment if they’re ever lost, stolen, or damaged in a covered event.

Whether your team uses ladders, screwdrivers, hammers, or a whole array of other tools on the job, you can rest assured you’ll get the money for any of it to be replaced when necessary. Note that tools coverage even applies to rented tools and equipment, so this is a helpful option to add to your fire sprinkler installer insurance policy.

Workers’ Comp

One of the best ways to protect your employees is by getting workers’ comp as part of your fire sprinkler installer insurance plan. This way, if an employee gets hurt or seriously ill as a result of the job, your policy will pay for their medical care, rehabilitation, and any missed income while they recover at home.

When you have workers’ comp, your employees will have peace of mind that if they’re ever hurt or sick as a result of the job, they won’t have to pay for the medical bills and missed wages themselves. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about paying these costs out of your own pocket when you have worker’s comp. Not only is this coverage recommended when you’re getting fire sprinkler installer insurance, but it may even be required, as many states won’t let you stay in business without it.

These are these most common coverages most businesses opt for as part of fire sprinkler installer insurance. You can always add more coverage for even better protection, though. For instance, you can buy commercial umbrella, which will add coverage to the general liability portion of your policy to ensure that your business is fully protected. If you’re not sure what coverage to get as part of fire sprinkler installer insurance, you can talk to a local insurance agent to find out what’s required and what’s recommended for you.

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