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What is WebRTC? Innovation for Business Communications

The revolution in the telecommunications sector offers innovative solutions when managing the company’s communications system.  

The arrival of the Internet and continuous innovation in technology allow us to work with more effective methods that increase productivity, gain efficiency and optimize resources. 

This is what has happened to the companies with the arrival of the WebRTC. 


WebRTC, a Great Opportunity for Businesses 

Business communications and strategies have evolutionized thanks to WebRTC, also known as Web Real-Time Communication.  

WebRTC, a technology originally developed by Google, is an open source software that allows voice, video or online documents to be shared in real time between different devices. These devices, such as cellphones, computers, tablets and smart TVs all can connect with WebRTC via the internet. 

This new technology works through a codec that encrypts and decrypts data so that the information arrives from one destination or another as securely as possible. An API (Application Programming Interface) directly integrated into web browsers, which allows for communication between both parties. 

WebRTC provides an abundance of opportunities for any business. You can apply this communication tool to any type of industry, such as sales, accounting, and more. Or, you can simply use WebRTC as a communication method for internal staff or with outside clients. With a call center software, you can also use WebRTC to provide an efficient form of customer service.  


Business communications and the benefits of the WebRTC 

The management of business communication has gone from being a costly job to becoming an easy, accessible, and quick job for everyone. 

Internet calls are, among many other things, a great way to save money for your business. Internet is easily accessible in 2019 and is a necessity in every company. Even more devices have access to the internet, either through WiFi or through data. 

When you work with WebRTC in order to make or receive phone calls, you don’t have to buy extra equipment. Forget IP phones or installation costs. When you manage your phone system over the internet, any maintenance is done virtually. This also means no maintenance costs or waiting for a service member to come and fix the issue.  

Additionally, the quality of  WebRTC is a great improvement to any previous communication system. Google has stated that there is an improvement in the quality of voice and video. It also adapts to multiple operating systems and web browsers for easy use. 


With WebRTC, geographical barriers disappear. 

When dealing with calls over the internet, geographic restrictions disappear.  

Working with WebRTC means you can be called from anywhere, at any time. Just take your device with you. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are connected with your business. Now you are easily accessible at any time.  

When using your company’s virtual PBX, for example, your WebRTC extension will allow you to become mobile and contact others on the go. You can make calls to and from different countries without any additional costs.  

Companies that choose to improve image, productivity, optimize resources, gain efficiency and work as easily as possible, all benefit from virtualizing their communication system. Technologies such as WebRTC adapt and evolve everyday in order to fit the needs of each individual business. 

Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I enjoy writing for blogs where I spread the word of telecom services in international business.