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What wonders phone can do to your business communication?


If you run a business, you must know the significance of business communication. It is required at every stage. The more detailed and constant is your business communication, the higher would be your team productivity and outcome. Businesses try N number of ways to have comprehensive and result-oriented business communication. Implementing the right phone system is one of those ways.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he never knew that he had changed the human’s way of communication for once and all. Since then, it has gone through major changes and innovation. Virtual phone system and internet have changed the way we used to communicate. Now, we have special business phone numbers that enhance our business communication in numerous ways.

Here is a detailed explanation of some of them –


  • Business communication is now cheaper and faster. 


Do you remember those days when calls very pretty costly? Also, people used to communicate via telegrams. During those days, business communication was limited, short, time-consuming, and served its purpose only half. In the wake of technology, we have Online phone numbers. Business communication with this updated phone system is cheaper, faster, thorough, and helped business communication to serve its purpose by all means.

Now, you can make sales and marketing calls to your clients, be in constant touch with your overseas business partners, and can do unlimited in-house communication without being worried about the cost.


  • You can reach out to the customers easily


One of the key components of any business communication is the customers. A significant part of your business communication takes place with or around them. Thus, it is essential that you know ways to reach out to the customers in a natural way. Virtual phone system helps you in this as well. They help you handle the call traffic easily. You can have numerous extensions, set call forwarding/transferring, and send a text message to your customers.

Sending a text message is one of the significant advantages of using phones for business communication. Research shows that texting is one of the easiest and convenient ways to do business communication. 81% of people who use text, do it for business purposes only. With a few back-and-forth messages, you can do your business communication.

Plus, customers prefer it over calls as there is no call waiting. Moreover, you get an early response. Data reveals that 95% of people read the texts within 3 minutes of being sent. It’s quite impressive and explains why business communication is taking place in texting.


  • They can increase your sales figures 


Telemarketing is one of the means of marketing that helps a business to boost its sales, increase its market presence, and helps you to emerge as a market leader.  As the name suggests, telemarketing is marketing done through phones. Your marketing agent makes calls to the customers, informs about your services, and tries to pursue them to become your customers. With your affordable phone system, your telemarketing can be more productive.

For example, with the help of US business phone number, you can call your customers spread across the globe at a reasonable cost.   When calling price is low, they can explain about your business, product, and promotional events in a detailed manner. This type of communication increases your lead generation and sales figures.


  • You can get hold of excellent customer satisfaction. 


No matter what business you own, you need to get hold of excellent customer satisfaction to thrive in. Your customers want that you should provide around the clock technical support, offer instant remedial solutions, and should be ready to give the details quickly. Business phone numbers make it happen.

For example, if you have a US virtual phone number, you can set up a local/global call center for your business. It can work from a remote location as well. Your number will start with +1 and as per region, the area code will change (for example – 907 for Alaska, 302 for Delaware, 201 for NJ and so on). You can also buy a toll-free number (starting with 1800) and set your customer free from call incurring charges. With facilities such as call forwarding, on-hold music, personalized welcome message, and call transferring, you can reduce the waiting time by two-folds and increase customer satisfaction by many folds.


  • You can improve your services


The phone is also a great means to collect customer feedback. With the help of a virtual phone system, you can generate a customer feedback survey, send it as a text message to your customers, and gather their feedback. Once you gather the data, you can make the necessary changes to your services/products and offer what exactly is asked by the customers. In this way, the phone helps you improve your place in the market.

Gone are those days when businesses used to run by simply calling to the other party. Now, business communication has to be multi-dimensional, and business phone number makes it happen. So, make sure that your business communication is taking place with its help only.