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Where to change trx to btc with low fee


Cryptocurrency exchangers help to quickly and in many cases anonymously exchange digital and fiat funds among themselves in different directions. This is relevant in many situations: for active trading, for a one-time purchase / sale of coins, for example, when you want to invest in cryptocurrency for a long time, or, on the contrary, withdraw investments.

How to exchange cryptocurrency for money on the Internet

The main methods of selling and buying cryptocurrencies include:

  1. Services offering a wide range of payment directions, including cryptocurrencies, bank cards, electronic payment systems, mobile operators and, in some cases, even cash. They work without verification and do not impose practically any requirements on the user.
  2. Cryptocurrency exchanges. They can be centralized and decentralized, but only the former support withdrawal to fiat. The downside is that to work with cards and payment systems, cryptocurrency exchanges usually require identity verification, so this option may not be suitable for those who want to trade anonymously.
  3. Peer-to-peer exchange sites. p2p exchanges provide an opportunity to buy and sell anonymously and without intermediaries. Users exchange assets directly with each other, and in order to make the transaction safe, the sites support a special escrow mechanism. He keeps the cryptocurrency in a separate escrow account until the application is paid.
  4. Telegram bots. In the Telegram messenger, there are many exchange bots that allow you to create an order for the purchase or sale of coins in a few clicks, after which you just have to pay for it and wait for the funds to be credited to the account. These bots usually belong to peer-to-peer exchanges or classic exchangers, and their conditions fully correspond to the conditions on the related sites.

These are the most reliable and safest ways, of course, provided that you choose a quality service with a positive reputation. It is recommended to use them whenever possible, and not to look for counterparties on thematic forums or in social networks, since there is a great risk of stumbling upon scammers.

How to choose a cryptocurrency exchanger. Criterias of choice

When evaluating exchange services, it is necessary to pay attention to several criteria:

  • Duration of work. The best choice would be a site that has been functioning for at least one year.
  • Positive reviews (only not on the exchange site itself, but on third-party independent resources). Reviews on reputable sites, preferably with screenshots of the exchange.
  • If it is important for you that you can perform an operation at any time of the day, then pay attention to this feature. It also plays a role whether applications are processed automatically or manually.
  • A good exchanger has large reserves in all payment directions. Viewing reserves is available on the website of each exchanger, either on a separate page, or at the time of choosing trx to btc for exchange.

Additional features (discount system, earnings on an affiliate program).

The service must be present in the ratings of major aggregators such as BestChange and KursExpert. These platforms check each exchanger according to many criteria before adding it to the list, and also continue to monitor the work of each after adding it.

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