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Why IPX Is Still Relevant For Modern Companies

An Internetwork Packet Exchange, also known as an IPX, is a complex operating system used for sending and receiving data. IPX networks are ideal for mobile devices. Because an International Packet Exchange does not use unnecessary resources, data transfer can continue seamlessly.

The Basics

For individuals who are not familiar with network protocols, an Internetwork Packet Exchange system has been used since the 1980s. The fact it remains in use today is testimony to its stability in the tech world.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of protocol is its configuration process. In most cases this protocol needs little or no configuration at all. For small networks, servers can be assigned the same network number for all servers.

How Does It Work?

This type of network protocol was largely associated with the fileserver product Netware. Improving network performance was accomplished by using multiple network boards. For every network-card with a network-cable, a NET-number is assigned. The combination of these numbers makes up the address of a system.

Multiple versions of the network protocol are differentiated by their frame type. These include Ethernet 802.3 and Ethernet_II. In prior years, these frame types were then defined on a DOS-system.

What Can An Internetwork Packet Exchange Provide?

Internetwork Packet Exchange provides seamless roaming for mobile devices. By interconnecting operators, it can increase services while achieving scale.

Multiple services include more than just the ability to use a voice connection or SMS connection. By using this protocol, critical-mass coverage is provided. This means an app can sustain itself with enough users. Since an Internetwork Packet Exchange protocol has global connectivity, it provides security on a universal level.

Data streams that are used through this method are separated from each other and the public internet. With a growing need for data security, this proves an effective way to connect multiple services.

The Benefits of Using An Internetwork Packet Exchange Network

Benefits from this type of network can be experienced through one connection. Its ability to provide unique services are highlighted.

Quality Assurance

A high quality network is necessary for this generation of technology. Well-defined networks help in this regard by providing services for multiple brands. Both Android and iOS users can access this network from their phone.

Multiple Services

IP connection and SMS connection are available through this network. It is able to provide a critical mass coverage through its ability to reach users on a global level. Devices such as tablets and laptops are also able to access an Internetwork Packet Exchange in addition to smartphones.

Using only one connection allows individuals to access 2G/3G network for data traffic while roaming. National as well as international voice transit is also available. Many people who need high definition video calls benefit from this network.


Diameter signaling and network routing is possible with Internetwork Packet Exchange. The amount of services necessary can be maximized or subtracted from the protocol. The ability to access multiple services from one network is not usually offered from other protocols.

Is An Internetwork Packet Exchange Necessary For Modern Companies?

Long distance communication is necessary for a variety of businesses. Companies that service international clients look for reliable and secure networks to ensure quality. Providing offices with this type of network can provide separate departments with company account codes. These codes can track projects and phone usage.

Providing companies with a turnkey fax solution can convert faxes to different files. Files such as .pdf or .tiff can be received regardless of location. Distributed faxing works for remote offices as well as corporate headquarters.

Internetwork Packet Exchange can save money. Routing incoming and outgoing line calls decreases telephone costs for many companies. Using cellular gateways can also decrease cost in the event of an emergency. If the PSTN service fails, this network is able to route critical communication.

Using this type of platform can allow advisors to manage portfolios for all clients. Spending less time on paperwork saves time and eliminates the need for in-person signage and scans.

A Communication Platform For The Future

An effective communications platform can help businesses connect with international clients. Personalized messages that send on-time are reliable and efficient. With an emphasis on customer engagement and client retention, network communication is more important than ever.

Modern data security solutions start with the right kind of network. Protecting digital information is a growing problem on an international scale. By using specific network protocols, data security can help companies understand how their data is being used.

Progressive industries that prioritize data privacy will need networks that can support this goal. Internetwork Packet Exchange has a successful history in network communication and is still making steps for the future.