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Why React.js is a perfect career-starter for new developers

This article is primarily intended for those who are at the very beginning of their career as professional programmers. The incredible number of languages, platforms, and even low-code and no-code solutions are literally dazzling. Each direction looks tempting and promising. Mastering any of them takes months, if not years, of hard work, which, of course, will be rewarded with a prestigious job with a high salary. But how viable will this or that direction turn out? You’ve probably heard a bunch of stories about people who spent time and money on training a popular profession, only to, having mastered it, find out that this work of their dreams is already being performed by a soulless script.

The question of how to become a full-fledged member of the app developers community without falling into the trap of dead-end directions turns out to be more than relevant. In a literal sense, it becomes an existential choice.

Based on the experience of leading development services, it would be wise to devote yourself to such a software solution, the approaches of which do not suggest putting all your eggs in one basket. In other words, the language, library, or platform you choose to seriously study doesn’t have to be a self-satisfying thing in itself.

This means that if one programming language suddenly goes out of fashion, you should not be faced with the need to immediately learn another one to not be left without work.

The best solution, in this case, would be an integrated approach. First of all, you need a fundamental knowledge of Java, HTML, CSS — that is, those languages ​​on which the vast majority of modern software solutions are based. In parallel with this, it makes sense to study a rich library, which assumes use in various operating systems and expands the capabilities of the above languages.

Based on the experience of world-famous development companies, such as QArea, the UI Library/framework React.js most fully meets this criterion. As it is clearly seen from the postfix in its name, this solution is based on JavaScript. It means that the approaches offered by this library, primarily in the field of creating any React web application for any OS or platform, are almost limitless.

Why exactly React.js?

React.js is a great library focused primarily on front-end development. In addition, the plugins that make this framework so popular allow a programmer to develop various software solutions, including applications with augmented and virtual reality. Suffice it to say that Facebook’s mobile apps are based on React.js. All this explains why the largest world-renowned firms are so eager to hire React developers and offer them salaries that are considered high even by the standards of the IT industry.

The obvious argument for learning React.js is that it has a giant professional community. It unites as many beginners who are taking their first steps in exploring the limitless possibilities of this framework as experienced experts who are ready to answer your questions based on their practical experience. You can get any recommendations here — from using specific libraries when creating web applications to tips to build an online store.

Another undoubted advantage of React.js is that it has all the necessary components for effective SEO. As you know, Google highly values ​​sites with a logical structure, high performance, and a user-friendly interface. All this is provided by using React.js elements. The versatility and reliability of solutions based on this library explain why the React outsourcing market is literally bursting with generous offers for specialists in this field.

All the above explains why, according to statistics, React.js beats Angular, its closest competitor, for several years in a row. If the gap between these two leaders is so wide, you can imagine how far behind React.js everyone else is.

Is it really that simple?

Of course not. If mastering React.js was not difficult and did not require deep knowledge, the specialists who own it would not be so highly valued. No pain, no gain.

However, the advantage of learning React.js is that you can use its elements almost as soon as you dive into it. As your knowledge deepens, you will simply expand your arsenal.

Summing Up

At the end of this article, it makes sense to re-list the main advantages of React.js, which make it the ideal choice for a programmer thinking about a successful career.

Today, it’s almost impossible to find a tech-savvy company – from Microsoft to Tesla – that doesn’t use React.js in its products. This means that a programmer who has chosen this solution as the main direction of his specialization is guaranteed a fast and successful career.

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