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Why Schools Consider Using Temporary School Buildings


Schools need space for a number of different purposes including classrooms and laboratory space, boarding facilities for housing students, sports facilities, dining areas, storage areas, and office space for teachers and support staff. Sometimes, learning institutions may have an urgent need for space when there are special events or to accommodate greater numbers of students due to increased enrolment.

Because constructing permanent buildings takes longer, temporary school buildings are a great option. They offer space that can be put to various uses both in a short time and affordably. Therefore, schools that need buildings quickly should consider using temporary structures, which are often just as good as permanent buildings.

Reasons for considering temporary school buildings:

Below are some of the key reasons for considering temporary school buildings:

They are faster to construct

If a school has enrolled more students than it can currently accommodate, it will urgently need extra space to house the extra pupils. Since learning programs are often on tight schedules and any lost time will adversely impact the students, schools often need to find quick solutions for the space needs.

Fortunately, temporary school buildings are quick to install, It often takes only 50% of the time needed to construct temporary buildings than it would take to build permanent structures. This is because they come prefabricated from the factory and only need assembling at the site. The speed of erecting these structures is a significant advantage that makes them an excellent solution for schools and other users.

Temporary school buildings are cost-effective

It is cheaper by far to construct temporary school buildings. These non-permanent structures are designed and made in sections at the factory and then transported to the site for assembly. Only a few labourers are needed to assemble them at the location where they are erected. Thus, schools can save on labour and materials because there are no wastages.

Moreover, temporary structures do not need an elaborate foundation which further saves costs. Also, they can almost be built on any space, further reducing land costs by utilizing any available land. In addition, the beauty of getting temporary buildings from experts like Smart-Space is that they are available on various options — hire, purchase after hire, or even outright purchase. These options allow users to save on the cost if they do not need the buildings for an extended period. Furthermore, buying after hiring allows testing if the structure can meet the users’ needs.

They are easy to relocate or move

One of the most significant advantages of temporary school buildings over permanent ones is that the former can be easily relocated without damaging the materials used to construct them. Schools can find temporary structures more advantageous because they can move them and set them up in any compound area without any losses or problems. Also, the portability allows the users to erect the buildings when needed and take them down once they no longer need them.

They are customisable and flexible

Temporary school buildings can be used for so many things thanks to their flexibility and versatility. They can serve as classrooms, dormitories, sports facilities, dining halls, and other purposes. In addition, the structures can be customised to fit the users’ specifications and meet their every need. If there is a need for internet, electricity, water, internet sockets and so on, they can be added. Users can also specify the ventilation, insulation, and lighting they need in their temporary buildings to suit their uses and save on power.


Temporary school buildings are a great solution to learning institutions’ space needs and have many benefits. Some of their benefits include cost-effectiveness, quick installation, portability, versatility, and easy customisation.



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