Why Swarmify is The Best Choice for Unlimited Video Hosting For Business

Are you a small business owner starting out in the industry? Or are you a business owner looking to expand your customer base? Or are you simply a freelancer looking to widen your network? Here is the one-stop solution for every business-related query and problem!

Swarmify is the platform that allows you to publish your online video content without any hitches or buffering! Do not lose any more customers to the slow loading videos with the best platform to advertise your website.

What is Swarmify?

Swarmify is the platform to provide you the fastest videos for your site with the help of the installation of SmartVideo. A clean and distraction-free player, with Swarmify you do not need to worry about cluttering your online presence with links and ads. This Vimeo alternate will make sure that you have clean customizable and leak-free videos for your customers.

With an instant start technology, buffering and unwanted obstructions are now a thing of the past. Swarmify is the perfect Vimeo alternative that can optimize your experience on every device in the country along with being compatible with any browser of your choice.

But that is not all! With automatic YouTube conversions, the SmartVideo technology will automatically fetch all your videos from the YouTube platform and work to encode and store them in the new memory space. A perfect YouTube Alternative, your videos will now be hosted on our global delivery network which is served via our accelerated playback technology working 12 times faster than any other network!

Why Choose Swarmify?

A company launched in 2013 we understand the needs of the present-day industry and thus provide you unparalleled video hosting for your business.

This unbranded and lightning-fast browsing promises an instant start and buffer-free playback that is designed to help you increase your sales, reduce the bounce rates, and improve your conversion rate with one wise decision.

SmartVideo simplifies and automates the difficult parts of video hosting by encoding, storing, CDN, and player all in one seamless workflow for easy publishing.

Still, confused if Swarmify is the platform for you? Here are the things that help us step out of the competition:

What does Swarmify do for you?

Now that you understand what Swarmify is, let us explain how it can be beneficial for your business. An unbranded and lighting fast platform, Swarmify’s SmartVideo ensures a beautiful playback experience that is unhindered by disturbances to help your customers concentrate on your brand and nothing else!

How does it do that?

With our SmartVideo WordPress plugin, you get a powerful interface for granular management of your settings. Video-hosting for WordPress LMS now comes with widgets that make the insertion of videos just a matter of clicking a few buttons. So whether you are a new user or a classic WordPress Editor, we have you covered!

Do not use WordPress? Do not worry for we offer a configuration wizard that walks you through configuring a JavaScript snippet in a few short steps you can place on your site, similar to installing Google Analytics.

We understand that starting over with a new video platform can be a tedious task, so we have just the setting to help you! With an auto-migration option, you can simply use the existing videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo without having to worry about the encoding and storing procedures. Whether you are planning Video hosting for marketing videos or online courses, our global delivery network is meant to save your time!

Working with a customer-friendly approach we as a company believe that our customers should have complete control of their original source files, providing support to various platforms such as the WordPress Media Library, S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even PCloud for your original file location.

With an unparalleled range of speed, we have video acceleration baked right in the heart of SmartVideo. Working with proprietary EdgeAI technology, this player which intelligently adapts to and overcomes the main causes of frustratingly slow video Startup times or stall-outs during playback.

To give you an idea of comparison in the market right now, the Industry-wide, stall-outs occur on 25% of all playback experiences (25 out of 100). But SmartVideo reduces this rate to under 3% (3 out of 100) resulting in an 8X improvement! This not only makes our company stand out but also provides you the best video CDN in the market.

So forget the worries of all the other video players bloated with heavy user tracking mechanisms, ad codes, and other distractions with a lightweight and nimble player loading in just 64 milliseconds!

Use Cases

Experiences are the best judge of quality and we at Swarmify understand that! Businesses publishing a video on their site will use SmartVideo to break free of cluttered, slow-loading embeds that look unprofessional, steal visitors, and slow websites down.

To improve your page traffic and witness higher conversion rates with our global delivery network to save up time to concentrate on your business.


Setting up your online business has never been easy! But we are here to make sure that you have the best tools at hand to make your mark in the market. Choose Ease, Choose Swamify!

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