Why Your Business Needs Digital Transformation Of Employee Training & Engagement

In today’s day and age where every minute gets billed, employees need more effective learning solutions that do not hamper their work routine and productivity. Employee L&D programs should be structured to empower employees by providing flexibility.

In these unprecedented times where the world is reeling from the after-effects of the novel Coronavirus, businesses have had to shift to remote work culture which has somehow hindered employee learning and engagement.

The solution to all these issues is the digital transformation of employee L&D programs to enhance the impact of the training and increase employee engagement. One of the best ways to achieve this is by investing in a LMS that delivers learning digitally. It also serves as an intermediate between instructors and employees, and between peers who learn together virtually.

Not all companies, however, understand the importance of digital transformation of employee learning. With this article, we aim to educate you about the ways digital transformation can progress and empower employee L&D initiates.

1. Makes learning fun:

Learning from printed material is never fun. Digital learning solutions with 3D graphics, interactive videos, games make learning appealing. The visuals that digital transformation can provide to an otherwise boring training are very powerful in engaging employees.

It allows employees to learn about new concepts and develop a new skill set by making heavy information interesting and easy to consume. 

2. Helps emphasize continuous learning approach:

The market is so competitive today that you need to ensure your employees are up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. This makes it crucial to make learning an ongoing process rather than just an onboarding activity.

Digital transformation helps build a culture of continuous learning and transforms the employee learning approach completely. Bit by bit, this new company culture builds a reputation for the company and is monumental in attracting new talent.

3. Builds a culture of flexible learning:

Just a year ago, there were several businesses who had never thought of giving employees the flexibility to work from home. But the pandemic enforced it.

It also led to the realisation that businesses must adapt digital learning solutions to ensure their employees keep upskilling. Training employees digitally helps in building a workforce that is ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

4. Makes it possible to identify and nurture HiPos:

The mediums used to deliver digital learning solutions come with various assessment tools to help employers understand how employees are interacting with a training program.

Their performance helps in highlighting top talent or high-potential (HiPo) employees who can be nurtured to advance ahead and become leaders.

5. Encourages innovation:

Digital transformation of employee training programs provides employees unique and engaging content to learn new skills. At the same time, it leaves room for innovation to help employees diversify their thinking.

This helps in bringing creativity in their performance and leads to better work results. It also enhances their decision-making skills.

6. Customized learning approach:

As opposed to traditional learning methods or instructor-led classroom training, digital learning allows customization of training programs for employees with different work profiles.

With customized learning approaches, employees get the autonomy to decide when and how much they want to engage with the learning content. It also empowers them as they have full control over the pace of learning.

Conclusion :

Digital transformation is the key element that helps businesses move forward. When implemented correctly, it can revolutionize the company culture which will help in building a powerful workforce. At the same time, L&D professionals must ensure employees are equipped with the right tech tools to be able to make the most of the digital transformation

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