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Top 15 Best CMS 1500 Software Alternatives In 2022

cms 1500 software

The claim management software offered by Med claim software is called CMS 1500 Software, and it provides thorough forms for the submission of dentistry and other medical claims. The forms can also be modified in accordance with your healthcare standards and requirements. You can include logos, the names of healthcare facilities, colours, and other detail columns. These documents can also be used to file insurance claims.

You can add data to the screen to create a variety of forms with this user-friendly, straightforward software. Additionally, you may import the file in excel format with ease. You can download the document and email or print it using this feature. Therefore, CMS-1500 Software is the greatest software because it minimised the workload associated with paperwork or paper-based processes and allowed you to construct as many forms as you needed.

Top 15 Best CMS 1500 Software Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about cms 1500 software here are the details below;

1. InstaMed

With the help of the healthcare payment software InstaMed, your customers may pay their bills quickly and stay away from the busy front desk. You can use this software to handle all of your financial transactions and properly manage cash flow. You can effortlessly keep track of all customer bills and payments, and your healthcare facility will be paperless. Your customers can access this software through mobile apps, and it allows you to set up numerous payment plans.

You can get the real-time information from any location thanks to the cloud-based nature of the software. Additionally, it enables your customer to manage all of their medical-related spending through a single dashboard. The software can be integrated with a variety of payment apps, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others. You can enhance the cash flow cycle and promote client engagement. The healthcare center’s financial operations are handled by InstaMed, an intuitive piece of software.

2. Axxess Home Health

Axxess Home Health is the software programme that offers you all the capabilities you need to properly run your home health business. With its simple software, you can easily schedule and keep track of all your appointments. It is simple to schedule new appointments and record missed ones. You can get entire, automatically updated documents and reports from it. The health plans can be made and sent to your clients and team members. Also check heatmap software tools

It enables you to obtain customer signatures and attests to a successful visit. Additionally, you can keep an eye on everything that happens and readily spot fraud and frauds. The calendar tool offered by this software allows you to color-code all of your appointments. It lessens the hassle of documentation and enables you to enhance the reimbursement process. The greatest software in its area, Axxess Home Health also has many additional capabilities including quality control, claim administration, financial reporting, support, and resources.

3. RXNT Practice Management

A cloud-based software programme called RXNT Practice Management is utilised to manage all administrative operations like scheduling, billing, and reporting. It enables single sign-on access to the software and lets your team manage billing tasks across numerous locations. The finest aspect of this software is how it calls, texts, or emails you to let you know when a patient has an appointment. You may make all of your appointments in advance and ensure that you never miss a single one.

It enables you to establish a solid rapport with your patients and gives you access to invoicing capabilities that can spot billing errors. In the event of a billing error, you can immediately repay the payment. Additionally, you can obtain the thorough reports and evaluate the efficiency of your healthcare facility and staff. The best software is RXNT Practice Management since it efficiently handles all of the administrative responsibilities of the medical facility.

4. ChartLogic Practice Management

You may undertake the numerous activities and administrative tasks for the entire healthcare facility using the capabilities and tools provided by the cloud-based software called ChartLogic Practice Management. Your team will receive a notification alert prior to the appointment date, allowing you to plan patient appointments. On the profile page, you may quickly register your patient’s profile and keep track of their medical history.

After receiving the necessary approvals, the software creates the bills and sends them straight to the patient. It assists you in building positive relationships with patients by automatically detecting problems in the bills. Due to its integration with several payment platforms, it enables you to collect payments online. You have real-time access to complete reports and statistical data that you can use to evaluate performance. Because it provides you with the best components that are simple to use, ChartLogic Practice Management is the top choice in its category.

5. Practice Management Bridge

Practice Administration Bridge is a piece of healthcare management software offered by Rectangle Health. It is used to manage claims, charge for services, handle finances, and schedule appointments for patients, among other administrative tasks. It is a simple-to-use piece of software that can manage the operations of any size healthcare facility. You can give your clients a range of payment choices, and they can pay their invoices conveniently using instalments. It has a database where you may store patient data and retrieve it from any place.

This software’s user interface is thorough, and it also enables you to automate all of your activities. Its straightforward implementation enables you to communicate with patients in an efficient manner. Because it enables you to automate the processes, Practice Management Bridge is the ideal software for managing all healthcare-related tasks.

6. EDIinsight

The MAR Solution’s software product, EDIinsight, is utilised to boost the cash flow cycle while also enhancing the office productivity of the healthcare centre. From the initial instalment and advance payments through the final instalments, it enables you to manage and keep track of the entire payment cycle. This software helps you to manage the record of all claims and is simple to use. On its dashboard, it gives you access to a number of options, including status, providers, batch, patient, payer, subscribers, and amount. Each patient’s profile can be made entirely and thoroughly. Also check  Geographic Information System

It increases your productivity and enables you to monitor the status of claims with only one click. All of the claims can be readily sorted into many categories, such as payer, subscribers, physician, etc. It has a letter-generation option that you can use to submit claims on time, challenge them, and find out their status. EDIinsight is the finest choice if you’re seeking for healthcare software that handles all claim-related duties.

7. The Electronic Biller

The Cortex EDI billing software solution known as “Electronic Biller” gives you full control over all aspects of healthcare billing and payment management. It enables simple addition of the patient fees and insurance costs. You can easily oversee and keep track of all of your center’s receivables. With the aid of the software, you can effortlessly enter patient claims and manage all of the claims.

It makes it simple for you to return payments in the event of an error and promotes lasting relationships with your customers. You can use it to send reminders and bills directly to patients after a predetermined time period. Claim filing, eligibility, electronic medical records, inventory, and scheduling are just a few of the remarkable features of the user-friendly, intelligent Electronic Biller software.

8. ScoreLogix

Currance, a new version of ScoreLogix, is a financial and revenue cycle software that enables you to close the gap between earned income and cash collection. By tracking every dollar, you can increase your yield by 2 to 6 percent. This software can automate the entire procedure and cut costs by 10% to 20%. By enabling your team to address the problem in the shortest amount of time possible, this software also helps you increase your efficiency.

It offers in-depth analytics and statistics that you can use to monitor the effectiveness of your healthcare in real-time. Additionally, the software enables you to improve process efficiency and team member collaboration. Because it can manage healthcare operations of any scale, it is the greatest software in its field.

9. NowMD Medical Billing

A piece of software called NowMD Medical Billing is utilised to streamline the billing procedure at any healthcare facility. It offers you the option of a timetable, which you can use to keep track of the patients’ appointments. To ensure that no patient is ever missed by your team, you can even receive the appointment notification before the scheduled time. You can properly manage the claims and keep track of all the payments. This software’s dashboard is very complete and gives you access to all the features and functions.

You can instantly send the patient a payment after entering the patient’s bill expenses and insurance charges in the patient profile. Additionally, it assists you in building trusting relationships with your patients and automatically finds billing and payment mistakes. Through this software, you may effortlessly reimburse and refund the payment. It enables you to receive thorough reports and timely statistical knowledge. As a result, NowMD Medical Billing is a straightforward piece of software that handles every part of billing for any kind of healthcare facility.

10. Medical Billing Assistant

Software for managing medical practises called Medical Billing Assistant is supported by SQL server technology and works with Microsoft Windows. It offers you a wide range of functions and alternatives to handle the many operations of the healthcare facility, including appointment scheduling, billing, accounting, and finance, among many others. Its implementation is really straightforward, and you may save information in its database, which is accessible from any place inside the building.

It enables you to interact and convey with patients more effectively and to provide them with a range of billing alternatives and services. Additionally, you can keep track of every patient’s appointment, and it alerts you by sending a notification prior to the appointment date. As it covers practically all aspects of healthcare practise administration activities, Medical Billing Assistant is a comprehensive software alternative.

11. CabMD

A cutting-edge online medical and OHIP billing web application solution called CabMD is only accessible in Ontario. CabMD’s mobility, which enables you to disconnect from desktop computers and provide you the ability to effectively complete your OHIP billing at the point of care, is one of its standout features. Whether you’re a specialist who moves throughout the hospital or a family doctor who hops between exam rooms, CabMD untethers you from restrictions. The patient’s official OHIP card automatically populates the patient demographic information, saving a tonne of time compared to manual data entry. Your position and the master number fields are determined by GPS data, which is used for population.

Maintaining the patient roster, or prioritising the turn of the patient who arrives first, is another noteworthy characteristic. Additionally, CabMD enables hassle-free patient scheduling, billing, and an automatic integration of your billing into clinical workflow. Overall, CabMD is a fantastic productivity tool that streamlines key clinical procedures.

12. OHIP Billing

Physicians, medical clinics, and billing teams may operate their billing processes quickly, securely, and easily with the help of OHIP Billing software. You can save a tonne of time each month by not having to manually enter the health card numbers and version codes thanks to AI technology. It enables scanning and bulk uploading of up to 200 billing sheet images from a computer or smartphone. With MOH, it’s simple to input claims and verify a patient’s health card. Additionally, users of its premium Android and iOS mobile apps can view the data.

It offers direct invoicing for your OHIP Billing account and includes patient scheduling and online appointment reminders. You may quickly and easily create and send invoices with the help of the robust and powerful invoicing shortcuts. With bank-level encryption, which guarantees that records are only accessible by you, the data is kept secure. In conclusion, OHIP Billing is a fantastic tool for increasing clinical productivity and automating billing procedures.

13. Healcon Medical Billing Software

An integrated billing module for appointments and patient treatment plans is offered by Healcon Medical Billing Software. It assists in keeping track of any appointment for which treatment was finished and invoicing was afterwards processed. In a single interface, you may create a new bill and select the patient’s treatments or services, which automatically calculates the cost and, in turn, an indicative amount that will be charged to the patient. In order to generate several receipts for each payment, it also offers a mechanism to collect partial payments against a single bill. Also check claims management software

Additionally, you can include bespoke invoices and receipts with your logo on them. It is simple to take care of the clinic’s logo and other aspects. You can keep track of your clinical expenses, earnings, and profits on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis using the expense management system. To keep track of a patient’s treatments, make treatment plans and reserve upcoming appointments in advance. You may edit prescription fields, brand them with your clinic’s logo, and send patients copies of their prescriptions by email, print, or SMS.

14. Dr. Bill

The inconvenience of manual data input, paper, index charts, and the use of cumbersome software for your clinical operations are all eliminated with Dr. Bill, billing software. It enables you to quickly log your claims and rapidly capture patient data by taking a picture of the patient label. Smart billing automation provides you with real-time notifications and suggestions to help you maximise the pace of your billing. It removes the trouble of having to remember frequently used codes and stores them in the list for easy access.

You may access all of your data from the user-friendly app at any time and anywhere. With a patient entering time as low as three seconds and a billing clam time of roughly 30 seconds, Dr. Bill greatly reduces your waiting time and increases productivity. You can obtain comprehensive information on your ongoing claims and view your earnings to date, amount of outstanding payments, and number of rejections.


MDBilling is a safe, online medical billing software that helps you improve your output, avoid rejections, and increase efficiency. You can access your data with the MDBilling app from any location at any time, whether you’re on the go, working across several hospitals, or attending a meeting. The rigid requirements established by the ministry of health and long-term care are met by the MDBilling software. The data is encrypted using 256-bit bank-grade SSL on dedicated servers. It is now far more secure thanks to two-factor authentication. The data backup that occurs every hour is another security feature.

Reduce the amount of time you spend manually creating the patient list and ongoing bills. The patient list is synchronised between the MDBilling application and the desktop software as a whole. You can keep track of your OHIP Billings with the help of effective reports. It offers crucial financial information so you can identify what’s working and what isn’t in your finances. Overall, OHIP Billing is a fantastic tool for boosting productivity in clinic and hospital duties.