10 different kinds of computer keyboards explained

Often it happens that we accept the keyboards attached to our systems without even giving it a second thought and continue to use them without even wondering if there is a keyboard that can suit your needs better. We often don’t even spend time looking for this important accessory without sparing a second thought to how it could improve our functionality with the computer.

From easy rolled away keyboards to the avid gaming designed keyboards, the market is filled up with options for a different specification for every genre of use. So, whether you are an avid gamer or simply a graphic designer, there is something for everyone.

Let us take you to a virtual tour of the best keyboards in the game.

Different Types Of Keyboards

1. Ergonomic Keyboard

A keyboard made for the writers in the list, Ergonomic keyboards are designed to lower the strain your wrist can experience while typing and furthermore the other problems that stem from that.

You can be sure that even with long hours with this keyboard you don’t have to worry about carpal tunnel or RSI.

Designed in a different way, this keyboard works in an angle that is more natural to your hand to touch. Some Ergonomic keyboards go to the lengths of accommodating needs for different typists, right from the split keyboards to the hand-held keyboards.

2. Wireless keyboard

Just as the name suggests this is a keyboard that works without a wire. Using Bluetooth or sometimes, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, these keyboards in a lot of the terms is a dream come true.

With the ability to connect to various devices, the wireless keyboard allows you to lounge on your bed or sofa while controlling your computer of Tv. This takes lounging at work to a whole different level.

Another important aspect of the wireless keyboard is that it really cost beneficial and can be used for every professional worker be it work from home or in office work. These easily available keyboards are one of the most important additions to your accessory base.

 3. Flexible Keyboard

Just like the name suggests, flexible keyboards are made up of silicon which is basically meant for people who are on the move. With proper dust and water-resistant technology, the flexible keyboard range doesn’t require the constant care and cleaning, and can simply be used in as they are condition.

The best product for the people who like spending a lot of time outdoors, these keyboards can be simply picked up and stuffed up in a bad and can be used in case of work on travel situations as they are very resilient from the outdoor situations.

4. Internet/Multimedia keyboard

With just a few extra additions, the Internet or Multimedia keyboards on the base level are like the common keyboards we get along with the system. Made for the multimedia designers, like web developers these keyboards come with additional features of keyboard volume control and buttons made for media application launch.

Along with this, you would find a smartly grouped shortcut keys for frequently used programs to avoid wasting time to go to the mouse.

This is the keyboard for the zealous internet users who understand the need to be quick with their hands. Along with e-mail and browser, launch keys to make launching apps easier, these keyboards make sure that not even one second of your precious time is wasted.

5. Gaming Keyboard

Perhaps one of the most famous in the list, Gaming Keyboards, have been some of the longest-used keyboards. Adopting up ergonomic designs for comfort, along with backlit keyboards, Gaming keyboards are one of the best options to use for nights and blackouts.

Complete with a dust-resistant structure and guards (additional charges) against accidents, this keyboard is one of the most sturdy models in the list.

Often built with programmable keys, these keyboards can be adapted to your gaming needs. One of the most common adaptations of the keyboard is the extra thick layer of paint on the major gaming keys including W, A, S, and D along with the spacebar.

6. Mechanical Keyboard

As the name suggests these are sturdy and relativity price-effective keyboards that are considered somewhat old fashioned when considering the present market. However, these old-school keyboards will give you the authentic functioning of real typing and can be considered to be a lot louder than the alternatives.

These keyboards have a huge fan base especially in the gaming community, people who refuse to let their hands be accustomed to any new keypad. They stand by the statement that because the keys are mechanical, they provide more precise control and are better in the response time while playing games.

7. Membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards can be considered somewhere close to the opposite of what a mechanical keyboard stands for. The membrane keyboard is basically a single sheet with no space between the individual keys. The keys in a membrane keyboard are sensitive to touch and are barely divided with an outline.

The surface of the keyboard is basically a flexible sheet with alphabets numbers, symbols and letters. These are not very sturdy and need to be kept delicately.

8. Laptop Keyboard

Filled with a smaller key selection, which is often referred to as the chiclet-style of keys, the laptop keyboards are a smaller selection model to fit in with the thinner design of laptops.

These laptops with a modern design can be used for a wider variety of purposed than just simply typing. Some of the major features in the list include volume control, screen brightness, play pause and forward buttons and of course, the on and off switch right there on the keyboard.

9. Virtual keyboard

Not any physical piece of hardware, virtual keyboards are basically just software that allows you to type without any need for hardware attached to your device. Most famous in touch screen devices, the virtual keyboards are famous in mobile phones and tablets.

10. Projection Keyboards

One of the coolest keyboard in the selection, this is another virtual keyboard which connects to your device through Bluetooth. This can connect with your smartphone, mini PC, or even a tablet. This is basically an interactive hologram of the keyboard that allows you to use any plain surface as your keyboard. This is one of the most modern devices in the list.

Now that you understand the different products available in the market, understand the need of your profession, understand your need of the keyboard or simply read our list above to decide which of the keyboards define your needs.

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