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5 Reasons Why You Need to Have an Antivirus Installed


Cyber-threats are one of the critical problems that many businesses and individuals are facing at the moment. Even after increased in-built security tools in modern computer systems, they are always prone to cyber-attacks. As a result, businesses and individuals incur heavy losses.

And even after knowing all of it, most businesses and individuals avoid using antivirus solutions and fail to protect their sensitive and confidential information. They believe that the in-built security tools are more than enough to offer them protection against viruses and malware. However, the reality is a bit different.

The following are some of the reasons why you need to have reliable antivirus protection installed on your computer system.

1. Confidential Data Protection

Safeguarding your confidential and sensitive data such as bank account passwords, credit card details, and other information is of paramount importance. If any hacker gets access to this information, you can suffer substantial financial losses. Hackers make use of spyware to steal sensitive data from your computer system.

Spyware is a kind of sophisticated malware, which is specifically designed to steal your information from your system. And these types of malware can be really hard to detect and remove. Thus, using a reliable antivirus solution becomes essential to identify and eliminate spyware from your system.

2. Ransomware Protection

Another advanced form of malware is ransomware, which is also difficult to detect and remove. Ransomware attacks block access to specific important files and folders on your system, stored onto the hard drive.

Hackers ask individuals and business owners to pay a hefty sum of amount to offer access to block content. If not paid, they can even alter the content or keep the access blocked forever. The only other solution is formatting the drive completely, but in that case, the files and folders will be lost forever.

Thus, to avoid such type of situations, it is always advisable to make use of a reliable antivirus solution that offers ransomware protection. One such reliable antivirus that provides protection against ransomware is Total AV. In our TotalAV review, you will get to know the kind of protection it has to offer.

3. Phishing Protection

Many different fake websites are created by hackers to steal access to your social account passwords and other personal details. Email is the most common source of phishing attacks, where hackers send you a link of malicious website, aimed to steal your data and information.

However, when you make use of a good antivirus solution, your access to malicious websites and URL is blocked automatically. Hence, it becomes crucial to use an antivirus solution that offers protection against phishing.

4. VPN

Another useful feature of having an antivirus solution installed on your computer system is the access to VPN service. It is a valuable feature to have for users who stream their favorite movies and shows online on websites such as Netflix.

However, content on Netflix can be blocked if you are trying to access content from a different geographic location. Thus, having a VPN service available with your antivirus solution means that you do not have to pay for it separately.

5. System Optimizer

Antivirus solution also helps in freeing up space on your system, by eliminating unnecessary files and folders and duplicate pictures. It ensures that more memory is available for use and optimizes the system for better results. In addition to this, antivirus also clears cache memory and ensures safe browsing over the internet.

Final Thoughts

An antivirus solution can come handy in several different ways. However, if you want to ensure your privacy and data security over the internet, using an antivirus program is a must. There is no substitute for it.

An antivirus solution keeps your system protected from several online threats, including viruses and malware. Getting a reliable antivirus like TotalAV installed on your system can protect you from cyber-threats.



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