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Cost of Custom Software Development: What Does It Depend On?


Do you have some business ideas you’d like to realize? Today, it is as easy as ABC if you hire a professional software developer. There are hundreds of web developers and designers offering their services online. How to choose the best company? Of course, there are many criteria you should pay attention to. But the critical one is still the cost of the services. When choosing GNS-IT software development services, you get good business solutions at a fair cost.

It’s a custom software development company that has created over 450 projects. Don’t you have any ideas on how to deal with business challenges? A team of competent specialists will turn the challenge your firm faced into an effective solution for your company.

Custom Software Development Company:  Great Products at a Fair Price

The mission of the GNS-IT agency is to provide comprehensive assistance to companies working in various industries. They are engaged in the creation and development of IT systems that contribute to business success. You’ll get a full range of services in the field of professional custom software development, application integration, strategic and technological IT consulting, testing, maintenance, and software support at a competitive price.

Cooperating with GNS-IT, you can be 100% sure that your project will be done on the top level. They hire only professionals with a systematic thinking and creative approach. Paying an affordable price, you’re going to get custom software developed on the basis of a wide range of technologies, well-established and time-tested project management methodologies, experience in successfully completed projects, thorough quality control and flexible cooperation models.

What factors may influence the cost of professional custom software development services? First of all, the cost depends on the functional requirements, the technology used, the amount of work, and the timing of development. How is the cost of a programmer’s work estimated?

As in any other industry, the cost of developing a website/application/ program or any other software of various kinds is obtained by multiplying the cost of a standard hour by the number of hours needed for development. The cost of a norm-hour, as a rule, is determined by the qualifications of specialists, and as a whole correlates with the average monthly salary of a software engineer.

Since the knowledge and skills used can reduce development time, despite the higher cost of a standard hour, development by experienced programmers can be even cheaper, and in any case, better than for beginners in the programming field.

  • Preliminary cost estimate. At the first assessment of the project, the cost is indicative and can be reduced or increased depending on the rejection of some functionality or vice versa from its addition. After preliminary approval of the cost of the product, an agreement is concluded which specifies and regulates the payment procedure, the procedure for changes in value and other all kinds of risks associated with the pricing policy. Then detailed terms of reference are compiled, the development of which is carried out by the project manager.

  • Design. Well-designed design is the key to the success of the project. A sensible designer is the face of the personification of the project, and you shouldn’t save on design services. The more specific the task will be formulated to the designer – the cheaper the app/site design work will cost.

  • Development. The development cost is affected not only by the qualifications of specialists but by the number of developers employed on the project. The fewer developers involved in a project, the better. If this is not possible, then the interaction of developers leads to additional costs.

So, the cost of the services is calculated individually depending on the type of project you need. Whether you need high-quality software for E-commerce, Travel, Finance, Healthcare, Aviation, and other industries, experts from GNS-IT will create it for you at a competitive cost.



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