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Create Stunning PowerPoint Presentations Like a Pro with FPPT

From playful to professional, from abstract design to high-definition photo, from classroom presentations to boardroom pitches–you can have any PowerPoint presentation template you need for free–thanks to Free PowerPoint Templates.

Get Professionally Designed Slideshow Templates – For Free!

Free PowerPoint Templates is a portal that offers free, professional, and beautifully designed PowerPoint slideshow backgrounds and slide templates. FPPT has one of the world’s largest, if not THE largest, collection of free PowerPoint templates for presentations. It has over 10,000 templates, and the collection continuously grows with more and more designs.

While this figure might overwhelm you, you’ll find out that it’s easy to navigate the portal to find the template that you need. You can browse through hundreds of neatly organized categories, check out the tags or keywords, search for templates according to color, or simply type in the keyword you want in the search box. The portal’s homepage also shows the most used tags or keywords to give you an easy option with the keywords or tags that you may also already need.

Easily Customize Your Slideshow Templates in PowerPoint

Whatever route you choose, you can be sure that you can find dozens of PowerPoint templates under the search results. You will not run out of options and you have plenty of template designs and slideshow sets to choose from.

You may also easily customize the slides and presentation templates. Since they are all specially made for PowerPoint (but also compatible with Google Slides and OpenOffice), you can capitalize on the program’s many formatting and design features to truly make any template yours. This is important if you’re a business or organization and want your slides to be brand-oriented or with business presentation backgrounds. This also allows you to let out your creativity to come up with uniquely creative decks.

You may check out the Newest Templates in the portal to see the latest designs (under Themes section). You may also check out the menu for slideshow templates arranged according to categories and keyword tags. There’s also a section specially dedicated for PowerPoint backgrounds, to give you a theme based on your topic and preferences. This will also allow you to be more in control of how you want to lay out your slides. There are also PowerPoint Themes, which show a range of distinct themes that you may use for your presentations, whether they’re for school, office, or personal use.

Source: Awesome background with splash colors by FPPT 

Whatever template you choose, you can be sure that these templates are for free. There’s no need to register or sign up for anything. You won’t be getting any spam either. You also don’t have to enter your credit card details or fear encountering hidden charges later on. There are absolutely no obligations and you can download as many presentations as you want through the portal.

FPPT is Every Presenter’s Go-To Free PowerPoint Templates Resource

Aside from the slideshow templates, there are also specialized slides that come with either highly customized SmartArt graphs and diagrams created for specific purposes, such as pro-forma graphs, SWOT Analysis slides, Gantt Charts, and more. There are also standalone slides with built-in animations that would have taken you a long time were you to create it from scratch.

In other words, using FPPT greatly helps in letting you create stunning slideshows without taking up a lot of your time and energy, which is what would have happened were you to create your slideshows from scratch yourself.

Source: Under construction PowerPoint template by FPPT

Furthermore, FPPT is every presenter’s go-to resource portal because aside from free templates, you can also get highly useful tips, updates, and other Know How from the FPPT blog. Here, you can also read up of template reviews and get tips and tricks on how to improve your craft in creating presentations as well as in speaking and presenting in front of an audience.

Check out FPPT to find out how vast their collection is and select your favorite slideshow templates yourself.