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Finding and Hiring the Best Software Developers in the Industry

Many project managers are looking for cheap software developers. Find developer for startup is especially difficult. Given the constantly changing needs of the IT market, employers want to hire performers with a flexible approach. Only in this case one can count on successful and long-term cooperation. It is also important that startup developers pay equal attention to every detail of the project. For example, designers often devote maximum time to the main page of the site or the section with cases, but completely forget about the webpage footer. In some cases, this inconspicuous part of the site can play an even more important role than the section with contacts or service descriptions. Later in our article, you will learn what details to look for in order to hire the best startup developer.

How to Hire The Best Developers?

If startups looking for developers they should first define their main goal. To implement short projects or technical corrections, you need to look for specialists with experience in solving a specific problem. If you are planning to launch a project lasting at least several years, then you need to pay attention to such qualities of candidates as:

The best results are obtained from an integrated approach. The recruiter must evaluate both the professional and personal qualities of the applicant.

Evaluating Software Developers’ Technical Acumen

Developers for startups must necessarily have the following qualities:

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Best working techniques

The most trusted source for finding developers for startups is personal connections. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to hire a person or a group of people. It can also be outsourced services. The opinion of reputable colleagues will help you make the right choice. Reviews on specialized portals and examples of cases on the website of an IT company will also help.

The second stage is testing potential candidates. At a personal interview, it is better not to test knowledge of a specific programming language, but to set a creative task. Let the candidate choose the language and algorithm himself.

The third step is to analyze the previous code. If a candidate is involved in the development of source code projects such as GitHub and SourceForge. It means that they are interested in the industry. There you can also find out the opinion of other specialists about the quality of those sections of the code that the prospective candidate wrote.


By applying the above tips, every startup looking for developers will find the best talent. The main thing is to approach this task as a process, and not as an end point. Sometimes you have to work with several teams at once to understand who is better oriented in the conditions you need.