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How Anti-virus Protect Your Laptop And PC


Millions of Windows & macOS system administrators have purchased premium security solutions. We have been using the Windows machine for a decade now and the growth of online attacks has been recorded by many individual institutions and companies. The virtual world is next-gen technology and everything in this will rely on the internet, and that’s why it has become a source of new income for hackers, invaders, attackers, and more.

Why do you need Anti-virus Protection?

Microsoft’s biggest invention of the millennium is the Windows operating system and it is the most popular computer software in the world. The software company’s majority of the revenue comes from Windows license key sales. The popularity comes with a price and millions of third-party developers are working to create threats to penetrate the system and steal user’s personal information.

Your PC may contain a virus that constantly keeps an eye on your browsing history, activity, data, and other things. You can take Ransomware for example that has shaken many corporates employee lives. The advanced virus took over the Windows machine to lock it down and then demanded a price to pay within 24 hours or else, the data will be wiped clean.

Many corporate companies ended up paying the ransom, which cost them millions of dollars. Your data might end up in the hands of hackers and you may lose money from the bank account overnight. It is a common problem that is happening around the world and loses thousands of dollars in a few moments.

Allow us to elaborate on what antivirus software is and how the system works do and protect your machine from all threats.

  1. Real-time Protection

All antivirus security system comes with real-time protection and it is an important function that every solution should have in the Windows PC. There are many features bundled in the antivirus solutions that will put you at an advantage and the real-time protection will keep the threats from entering. 99% of the threats that enters in your PC will be detected and destroyed on the way, and that’s why it is the most important function in an antivirus solution.

  1. Types of Threats

Over the years, there have been new inventions of threats and the world was focusing on viruses only. Don’t be surprised but there are Viruses, Malware, Adware, Spyware, Malvertising, Phishing, and more. The invaders have developed multiple ways to enter your computer, and steal information or damage the software.

Fortunately, Antivirus companies started to share information on new threat discoveries and update the virus definitions for ultimate protection. Many professionals research the internet for knowledge and it leads to many threats & our PC was attacked by a minimum of 10 times a week. The Antivirus system protects users from the latest threats.

  1. Firewall & Network Protection

Windows is allowing third-party companies to take over the firewall and there is a major reason for it. Microsoft added the firewall and controlled it over the years, but the security companies cannot maintain the layers. The Redmond-based company is now allowing the antivirus system to take over the firewall and provide the utmost control in security layers.

You have to keep in mind that these corporate companies have access to your computer as well. Always purchase the solution from reputed companies and avoid sketchy solutions. System administrators can switch to Windows Firewall if you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Regular Virus Definitions

Take any antivirus company in existence and you will notice that it gets regular virus definition updates. The security companies learn new things about the modern-day threats, and they update the information to prevent the threat to enter in the PC. Let us assume that your current version doesn’t have information about Ransomware, and then it cannot protect you. Every threat has a way to enter the PC and manipulate your innocence behind the scenes. It is important to update the virus definitions and the program is set to update automatically.

  1. Add-ons & Browser Extensions

Many add-ons are packed in the bundle like browser Extensions, Browsers (Avast Safe Browser), VPN (Virtual Private Network), and more. You can subscribe to the VPN service and leave no footprints on the web. However, we are against a few add-ons that you should avoid to prevent privacy invasion.

We don’t support add-ons and browser extensions of the antivirus system because they invade privacy. These corporate companies know what you are trying, what you are searching for, and how you are behaving to the sites.

Bottom Line

We did not cover the in-depth part of the Antivirus because it is a complicated process, but we have covered the important parts that pretty much tell the story. You can go in-depth on the subject but it has more of a coding & programming thing. Let us know which antivirus system are you using in the comment section below.



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