Is Software Testing Worth Your Money?

The release of a software is a big deal for all companies. They put a significant amount of investment for developers to come up and create software that will improve their business status and boost customer satisfaction. If a pre-release software schedule is set, the company will assume that the software is ready. It means that they expect no negligence over the software quality.

Some companies, unfortunately, do not see the need for software testing. They erroneously think that putting the additional expense on a testing service is unnecessary. These companies bank on the idea that the developers should automatically know the errors and ward off the bug because they created the software, right?

The answer is a big NO. Putting a budget solely for software creation and development, without testing is a mistake. Your testing team, aided with the right software test case management tools, should be able to work hand-in-hand with developers to assess, analyze, and pre-run the software before its release. It is a cheaper approach than releasing the software without testing and paying again to troubleshoot it because of multiple errors. Not only will it lower your company’s reliability rate, but it will also incur more financial damages.

So, Is Software Testing Worth It?

Of course, yes! Software testing is beneficial. Its benefits weigh more than the cost that you need to add to your software development budget. For you to understand why it is worth investing in, here are four reasons that you need to know.

1.    A damaged reputation will incur a significant amount of financial loss than investing a relatively smaller amount for software testing.

Think about this scenario: You released the software for your business operation and customer use. Then, boom! There are multiple reports about errors and bugs. Now, your company absorbs the consequences – a damaged reputation. Typically, negative user feedback causes lower product review ratings. What’s worse is that these reviews result in a significant loss in product revenue. See? All this chaos that comes from one faulty software because it did not undergo testing.

Unhappy customers write bad reviews that ward off new leads. These customers will be the same people who will contact customer service and might even request a money-back of whatever service they did not get because of the software error. In the end, you are not only looking at a possible loss, but you actually can shell out money to improve customer satisfaction.

2.    The cost of doing post-launch troubleshooting is higher than testing costs.

Besides having a damaged reputation, you also have to face the financial consequences of having to pay an additional cost to fix your software. Before the launch, software testing should have been able to thoroughly run the software in various scenarios, which can detect the errors and bugs in the software. With early detection, proper intervention can be done to prevent it from happening in the future.

Keep in mind that when your software or app shows the errors post-launch, you start to lose revenue and lower your status in the market. Moreover, you need to cover unplanned repair and troubleshooting fees to the software development team or company to address the concern. Essentially, if only you opted to invest in software testing, then you would not have a problem like such.

3.    Low-quality testing can do more damage.

Congratulations! You are in for a testing service but, do you know that your software testing company should be the best? The service should not be the most expensive. However, it should provide a complete and high-quality testing process for your software.

If you choose a company that offers the lowest price, be careful. Their service might not provide all the necessary points to ensure high-quality software or ask for additional payments in the long run. To prevent this scenario, make sure that your testing company provides a complete package. Research and ask recommendations from your friends, business partners, or colleagues for the company that can give such at a reasonable price.

Alternatively, you can find a company that allows customization on the testing service. After all, software testing is not a one-size-fits-all project.

4.    Your investment for software testing will be the key to your peace of mind.

The investment you make to hire an expert company to do high-quality testing for your software before its release will be one of the best you will ever put your money into. Software testing will ensure that you are releasing software that is unique and of high-quality. Going for an expert testing company will make you feel secure that the testers know what they are doing based on their skill and years of experience. Moreover, these companies often use the best software testing tools to keep data codes safe and secure.

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It is understandable that you check every investment that you do for your company. Having a software release project may be one of the best decisions you will make for your company as everyone moves towards automation and being online. However, it is not enough that you focus on software development. The prior testing release should also be one of your priorities.

Choosing the best software testing specialist will give you years of experience. These testing specialists work differently than developers. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all involved must work hand-in-hand to accomplish their goals.

Lastly, software testing does not need to be expensive. It needs to be reasonable enough to provide all the vital processes to test your software. Research and choose a testing package that can provide all the services you need and is high-quality.

Remember, software testing can make or break the success of your business. So, since you are on to approving the testing, you might as well choose the best testing company that has the best testing tools. When deciding what software testing should you have, think about it as mitigating a possible problem through hiring the services of the professionals.

Our day-to-day world is already packed with uncertainty and risks. Why not do your business a favor and ensure that the software you will release is the best.

Author’s Bio

Patrick is an advertising and retail expert who has years of experience with software development and testing. He writes articles about how to choose the best software solutions that help the business sector to understand the need for software testing.

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