6 Ways on How to Remove Objects and Backgrounds in Video

It may have happened to you many times that you found some unwanted objects or people in your videos and you wish they aren’t there. It is completely normal especially when you are shooting a video in a public place. Fortunately, there are ways you can remove them from your video. The following are 6 ways on how to remove unwanted objects and backgrounds in your video.


Zoom In on the Video

The first method is to zoom in the video to enlarge on the subject so that the unwanted details on the edge will not be seen. It works on videos with a speaker that is talking from far away from the camera. People like to see the face of the host clearly so zooming in the video will improve the viewer experience. You can read this tutorial on how to zoom in on a video: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/11/22/how-to-zoom-youtube-videos/


Crop off Unwanted Edges in a Video

If you don’t want to zoom in, you can use a crop tool to crop away the unwanted objects in the video. Cropping a video is the same as cropping a picture. You must adjust the crop frame so that it only covers the part of the video you want to retain. In Movavi Video Editor, the crop frame can be adjusted by dragging the corner with your mouse. When you crop a video, its resolution and file size will be reduced. Get more details at https://videoeditor.com/how-to/how-to-crop-a-video.


Trim Away Unwanted Parts in a Video

You can also use a trimming tool to remove the unwanted sections in the video. For example, you can trim out a funny part in the video to share with your friends. Usually, there is a marker which you can drag along the video player to mark the part of the video that you want to retain. You can add transitions to smoothen the playback in between the cut clips.


Use a Content Aware Fill Tool

You can use the content aware fill tool to remove an object from your video footage. With the content-aware fill tool, you can remove unwanted objects without having to spend time to edit every video frame. The built-in algorithm will estimate the scene in the movie and use the nearest color value. The area will be filled up with the pixels of the surrounding color.


If your video is a slideshow made up of pictures, you can use an object removal tool in a photo editor to first remove the unwanted objects in the pictures. The object removal tool lets you select the unwanted objects and press a single erase button to remove all of them. It will replace the erased objects with the nearest pixels. Here is a good article about how to remove unwanted objects in a video: https://gizmodo.com/adobes-after-effects-can-now-automatically-erase-object-1833747613.



Applying Masking to the Unwanted Subject

Masking is the best technique if your subject doesn’t move a lot and the video is not shot on a chroma key background. If the subject moves a lot, you can use the rotoscoping method to remove it. In rotoscoping, the movement of the subject is traced with a pen tool and a mask is created afterwards to remove it. Rotoscoping is a more complicated technique that requires you to spend more time adjusting it. You can use the overlay method to remove an object filmed with a white background in the video.


Use a Chroma Key Tool

Many people use the chroma key feature in a video editor to remove the unwanted background. The chroma key feature can only remove a video background that has a single solid color like green or blue. In the chroma key setting, you can use the eyedropper tool to select the color of your video background. In this way, the software will know that this is the color background that you want to remove in the video.


To make it easy for you in the editing process, you should make sure that the background is evenly coated with the same color. The smoother background will allow the software to detect the unwanted background and remove it. In addition, the subject must have a contrasting color, for example, if the background is green, the subject should not have any green color on it. If the subject wears green color clothes, the software may make a mistake in identifying it as an unwanted background and remove it. When removing a background, it is best not to resize the video as doing so can cause the neighboring colors to become mixed up.

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