Free of Charge Utility USB Flash Drive Information Extractor

The information on your USB flash drive (such as its model, manufacturer or version of firmware) helps to better understand the device and its features. Which in its turn allows you to repair or fix the operation of a device.

A small utility USB Flash Drive Information Extractor perfectly copes with these tasks. It reads all the data from a flash drive and provides users with detailed summaries on their drives: the model of their controllers or type of microcircuits and RAM.

The most distinctive feature of this program is the fact that it works with a flash drive directly and provides all the necessary information. There is no need to find out the VID/PID of your device and then search for the data on its model on your own. All service information is available immediately after the device is connected via a USB port.

Flash Drive Information Extractor utility is often used for repairing flash drives and here is why:

The Kind of Information on a USB Flash Drive you can get

Flash Drive Information Extractor retrieves service information which will be useful for further repairs of this flash drive and/or data recovery:

How to use USB Flash Drive Information Extractor program

It’s incredibly easy to use this software. In order to gain information on your USB flash drive:

  1. Connect it to a PC via any available USB connector.
  2. Open Flash Drive Information Extractor app (at the path \usbflashinfo\GetFlashInfo.exe).
  3. Choose the “Get information on the USB drive” command.
  4. After your media storage device is read, information on it will be displayed in the program window.

The features of the app operation

  1. The Flash Drive Information Extractor utility works only with flash memory. Which means that an audio player or phone connected via a USB won’t be detected by the program. If you connect an incompatible device, the program simply won’t detect its model or chip.
  2. If you want the software to correctly recognize a flash drive, you have to wait for about half a minute (or more, if your storage device has read errors or it’s damaged) until it’s fully recognized by the operating system. Otherwise, Flash Drive Information Extractor won’t detect your flash drive and show it in the list of devices as well as the software won’t be able to show the information on it.
  3. Before running the utility, disable every unused app and program using low-level access to a flash drive or other devices. Otherwise, FD Information Extractor may conflict with other low-level utilities.
  4. If Flash Drive Information Extractor hangs up while determining the parameters, extract the flash drive from the USB-connector without closing the program. There is a chance that the flash drive service data will be displayed correctly in the program window.

Download Flash Drive Information Extractor

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