10 Best Courier Management Software In 2022

Courier Management Software

This post will explain Courier Management Software. For tracking and measuring the delivery’s departure and return times, a courier management software is required. All of these businesses are always on the lookout for courier software that can track all of their actions in real time, allowing them to see how and where their drivers are travelling and whether or not they are on their pre-determined routes. In the following post, we’ve outlined the best courier management software, along with all of the pertinent details for each. Take a look at it — it’s rather interesting.

1. Orderhive

Orderhive is a simple and user-friendly courier management software. It will be much easier to trace your courier with the help of this software. So that any business owner may concentrate on building their company rather than worrying about their couriers’ status. Also check Hiver alternatives.

Details: Country – India Demonstration – Yes Deployment – Web, Android

Capterra has 198 customer reviews.

GoodFirms has a total of 33 reviews.

G2 – 20 Customer Reviews

Important features include: • Customized views of courier orders

Pros – • Eliminates the pain of manual bottlenecks • Lowers fulfilment expenses • Always keeps you up to date • Improves team productivity

2. Logistia

This software will assist your courier company in managing all of its resources and dispatching drivers along the most cost-effective and efficient route feasible. You may save energy, fuel, time, and avoid making poor judgments by resolving last-mile delivery issues. You can create your own business rules and produce routes in a matter of seconds with this software. Even if your driver is travelling with the courier, you and your customer will be aware of the predictability and transparency.

Romania is the name of the country.

Yes, there is a free demo available. Deployment options include Android and iOS.

Capterra Review – 5 Stars

Customer database • Dispatch management • Job assignment management • Order entry • Scheduling • Routing are all important features.

Pros – • Simple way to create fantastic routes • Helpful staff for issue fixes • Simple integration with Shopify • Saves a lot of time

Cons – • It takes more time to understand the software • It’s a little pricey • It’s a little buggy app

3. GSMtasks

GSMtasks, a courier management software, makes planning for dispatchers’ daily routine duties and best routes simple and safe. With the help of GSMtask’s easy employee application, couriers can handle and analyse their deliveries without any problems. It includes a real-time web dashboard for dispatchers, client personnel tracking, and automatic SMS notification.


Estonia is a country in Europe.

Yes, there is a free demo available.

Web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iPhone / iPad, Android

Capterra has 15 customer reviews.

0 reviews for GoodFirms

G2 – 2 Testimonials

Feature highlights include: • Barcode support • Dispatch management • Routing • Customer database • Job assignment management • Order entry • Scheduling

Pros – • Easy to use and navigate • Connected pick-up and drop-off locations

Cons – • App freezes on occasion • Technical issues • Software is a little tough to locate


For teams and individual users wishing to save time on the road, RoadWarriors RoadWarrior Flex is the best multi-stop route planning and dispatching software. The RoadWarrior Flex web software is used by dispatchers to build, optimise, and dispatch routes to drivers. Dispatchers can then monitor progress and update Routes as needed throughout the day. To get their days done quickly–without heavy hardware–drivers may download the RoadWarrior app for free on Android and iOS smartphones and log in with their Flex credentials.

Details: Country: United States; Deployment: Web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, Android

Capterra – 43 Customer Reviews

Pros – • Simple to learn and use software • Ability to create routes for each day of the week

Cons – • A higher price • Limited customization • Customer assistance is only available via email

5. Courier Software

Do you want to conduct your entire business online using cloud-based logistics and courier software? The main advantage of this software is that it allows for complete branding and customisation of your company. Your offline processes become automated digital processes using courier software. The software creates a distinct online brand for your company. Also check Trello alternatives

India is the name of the country.

Yes, there is a free demo. Deployment – web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iPhone / iPad, Android

Capterra has 24 reviews while G2 has one.

Pros – • Best courier software • Simple and effective web application • Excellent user experience • Amazing website and logistics software

Cons – • Finding things might be difficult • Processing actions can be delayed at times

6. Journease

Journease software is made to help and streamline transportation companies of all sizes and types. You are your driver, whether you are running a massive warehousing company or same-day courier services.

United Kingdom is the country’s name.

Yes, there is a free demo. Deployment – web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iPhone / iPad, Android

Capterra – 15 Customer Reviews

Dispatch Management • Job Assignment Management • Label Printing • Order Entry • Routing • Scheduling • Barcode Support • Billing & Invoicing • Customer Database • Dispatch Management • Job Assignment Management • Label Printing • Order Entry • Routing • Scheduling • Barcode Support

Pros – • Fantastic software package • Extremely powerful tool • Efficient and simple to connect to the freight industry

7. Express-Pak

Express-Pak is a computer system that includes programmes for order entry, rating, invoicing, settlements, dispatching, and accounting.

Country – United States of America

Deployment options include Windows, Web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, and Android.

Capterra – 12 Customer Reviews

Pros – • It comes with all of the accounting packages you’ll need to run your firm.

Cons – The operating programmes have a few minor alterations.


This software provides a comprehensive software suite to help firms’ transportation, logistics, and supply chain activities become more digitally accessible and controllable in order to engage and connect with their consumers more successfully. Its offerings include logistics and transportation management software, Last Mile Delivery Management, and 3PL aggregator, all of which have received high praise.

India is the name of the country.

Yes, there is a free demo available. Deployment options include web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, and Android.

Capterra – 10 Customer Reviews

Tracking and Shipping Management • Order Management • Dispatch Management • Client Management • Fleet Management • Barcode Support • Scheduling • Customer Database

Pros – • Robust software • Low-cost software • Complete solution • Best platform for working and hiring

Cons – There aren’t a lot of personalization choices.


All firms dealing with pickup and delivery, field force, and appointment management can benefit from it. Deliforce will also provide accurate real-time tracking and update notifications for each job status, bridging the gap between the Owner, Customers, and Delivery employees. Manufacturing, restaurants, ecommerce, banks, food delivery, home services, and grocery delivery, as well as other companies dealing with delivery appointments and field personnel, can all benefit from this software.

India is the name of the country.

Yes, there is a free demo. Deployment – web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iPhone / iPad, Android

Capterra has a total of 9 reviews.

Important features include: task filtering, smart routing, real-time agent tracking, list and map views, and automatic dispatching.

Pros – • Best platform for organising all daily tasks • All information is available in a single window • Software is simple to use

Provides real-time delivery tracking.

Cons – To make a better decision, you’ll need to add a report.


For local delivery enterprises, Zippykind software facilitates delivery. This delivery software is popular with drivers, consumers, and delivery store owners. Drivers have the ability to download the Android and Apple apps, as well as send delivery updates to clients and the dispatch operator. Dispatchers can also track the driver’s whereabouts and monitor every step of the delivery procedure. The software has a lot of functions. Also check mobile app development software

Country – United States of America

Yes, there is a free demo. Deployment – web-based, cloud-based, SaaS, iPhone / iPad, Android

Capterra has 8 reviews, whereas G2 just has one.

Pros – • Simple to use • Delivers complete control • Intuitive software design • Fully customizable software


The best courier management software will address all of your problems with managing your couriers, drivers, orders, and other similar issues. By selecting the appropriate software for your business, you can eliminate all of these headaches and streamline all of your procedures. I hope this essay will assist you in making the best decision possible!

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