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Solved Discord Javascript Error

discord javascript error

Are you experiencing pesky roadblocks when you are trying to install Discord Javascript Error? A vexatious discord javascript error? Well, do not worry; you are not the first person to experience these types of problems. This said that it is an issue that seems to be cropping up more frequently thanks to the famous Discord holding no bounds. Also review

We have selected to create this easy to understand, step by step guideline on how to fix the errors that stop you from installing and using Discord.

Solved Discord Javascript Error

In this article, you can find the best solution of discord javascript error here are the details below;

Let’s waste no further time on dive direct into the solution!

Delete Discord Files 

Like many other programs, Discord continuously saves temporary data on your personal computer to help it run as efficiently as feasible. But, some times, those temporary files can become corrupt and interfere with the program runs. Discord a clear run when booting with your system, we need to delete these files.

Below are the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Closing Discord through (CTRL+ALT+DEL) Task Manager
  2. Next, right-click on the Window’s start menu icon below the left-hand corner
  3. In the popup menu, you have an option to “RUN,”and select it
  4. A small window will show, in the open field, type in the following “%appdata%” and click run.  See picture

  1. A window will appear with different folders inside the, select the Discord folder, right-click and delete

  1. After deleted, return to the start menu and load “Run” again from the settings
  2. This time type “%Localappdata%” and click run command
  3. Again, find Discord folders and delete as you perform above by right click and selecting delete
  4. Now you can restart Discord setup file and follow the steps provided to reinstall the software

This solution has worked with many and is one of the most common discord javascript error messages. Hope, this time will work for you; if not, we have a few more solution to try next.

Make Sure Your Antivirus Is not issuing You Problems 

It has been a well-document that specific Antivirus applications have been known to target specific Discord installation files and correctly stop them during the installation process. This means for Discord because this software may no longer access the files to complete the process. It is at this stage you will be specified with the danger discord javascript error message. The most common issue and file, which be the cause, are the Discord voice recovery files.

There is an easy way to resolve this issue, and it required a simple Antivirus cleanup. This time, you need to enter your quarantine safe within the antivirus software you are using. For example, we will download and install Avast antivirus to show you how it is done on a free app.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Opening Avast. You can do this by double clicking the icon or right clicking the Avast tab in Windows’s application section.
  2. In Avast, find and select the “Protection” option.
  3. You will see tpes of sub-options, situate the infection breast (often called quarantine location in other antivirus software), and open up the tab.
  4. In the virus upper body, you will undoubtedly see all data which the antivirus software application has deemed harmful. Avast, in this instance, has quarantined those data. This is where we need to go in and also recover them.
  5. Situate any documents which are connected with Disharmony. All Disharmony related documents will have the Discord in the name.
  6. One located, click the 3 dots that appear when hovering your computer mouse over the file. Select “Recover as well as include exemption” from the checklist that shows up
  7. Do this for all files associated with Dissonance. When total. Reactivate the installation procedure.

An additional action in making sure that this error, the antiviruses one, doesn’t occur again, is by adding a folder in Avast which tells the software application the Dissonance installation files are unsafe to the system.

You can do this by these easy actions:

Open Avast user interface, the same way as above

Click the “Food selection” symbol among the alternatives offered in the top right and also choose “Setups” from the drop-down.

As soon as in setups, click the “General” tab on the left-hand side

Once inside General, select the “exceptions” tab

  1. Inside here, you can add exception folders. This tells the antivirus to permit the system to gain access to as well as use these data.
  2. Select the “Add exception” switch as well as find the Dissonance folder as well as the installment files. Click “Include Exception” and relaunch Discord

Reinstall Discord | Discord Javascript Error

Even if you handle to set up Dissonance successfully, you can still experience the discord javascript error. If this does take place, the easiest means to deal with the concern is to reinstall the program. Uninstalling a program is fairly basic, as I’m sure you realize. Nevertheless, we will require to fully get rid of all files to permit a clean install second time round.

Here’s exactly how we do it:

  1. Beginning by right-clicking the Windows start food selection symbol and picking the “Browse” tab from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the search field, type “Control board” and dual click the search location.

  1. As soon as in the control board, you will see a series of alternatives. Find the program tab. Below the heading, you will see uninstall a program. Click the shortcut.

  1. You will certainly require to see the listing of program that you are currently installed in your system. Find Discord select it and click the uninstall. This should not take too long. Simply follow the steps wizard prompts to complete the process.
  2. Once un-installed, right click on the start the menu and open “Run.”.
  3. Type in the field “% appdata%” and click run command.
  4. Find the Discord folder and delete the Discord folder.
  5. Re-open and start “Run” once more and type the “% Localappdata%” and again and delete the Discord folder.
  6. You will now need to again download the installer from the Discord website.
  7. Once downloaded, simply reinstall the program. Discord should install fine without any discord javascript errors.

There You Have It

Those are the most common ways of fixing that annoying discord javascript error you sometimes get when using or trying to install Discord. It’s not just javascript error that these methods will fix, either. If you have any Discord related issues, follow these steps, and nine times out of ten, the problem will be solved.

Let us know how you got on using our tried and tested methods. Did they work for you? Or are you still struggling to get things up and running? Here you can also check How to Solve Discord Overlay Not Working

Let us know by leaving us a comment in the section below. If you are struggling, we will answer any questions as soon as we can!

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