Top 10 Donation Software That Help Nonprofits

Donation Software

This post will explain donation software. Is your nonprofit utilising a variety of fundraising channels? Are you taking advantage of the various types of fundraising opportunities? Donations can be increased by using mobile giving, online donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising, or crowdfunding.

Top 10 Donation Software That Help Nonprofits

In this article, you can know about donation software here are the details below;

If you don’t have time for this, we can assist you! We’ve compiled a list of the finest donation software for organisations. Our ranking takes into account features, support, pricing, reputation, and ease of use.

How Can Donation Tools Benefit Your Nonprofit Organization?

Donation software can assist with:

Some of the advantages of using donation software depend on the type you select:

How to Choose the Best Fundraising Software for Your Nonprofit

Some of the characteristics to look for in fundraising software are as follows:

1. Donorbox

Donorbox is a sophisticated online donation platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to assist NGOs in increasing donations. Their software is easy to install and may be integrated into your nonprofit’s website. They help nonprofits promote fundraising efforts and obtain regular donations from supporters.

We like the following features:


Donorbox has no initial fees.

Donorbox charges a 1.5 percent platform fee for that month’s donations. This is less than competitors.

It also features low transaction fees:

Our verdict:

Donorbox is a simple and effective approach to increase your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, especially if you accept recurring payments or different currencies. Also check referral marketing software

Donors may be encouraged to set up recurring donations if the checkout procedure is user-friendly.

Many small and medium-sized NGOs will be able to get started with Donorbox for free. Donorbox charges a 1.5 percent platform fee for the entire month’s donations. Donorbox also has a wide selection of integration partners and makes donor management straightforward.

2. Qgiv

Qgiv might be an excellent all-around choice for obtaining donations. Nonprofits can leverage mobile giving and peer-to-peer fundraising to construct customised donation pages.

We like the following features:


The platform’s Start version includes no contracts or monthly fees but only a few features. Nonprofits pay a 3.95 percent and $0.30 transaction charge on all donations collected through the platform.

Unless you select a package option, there is no upfront cost.

If NGOs require more functionality, there are monthly or quarterly billing options available. These range from $10 per month to $399 per month for advanced features.

Nonprofits can add more products for a cost. This allows NGOs to scale up if their organisation grows and requires additional assistance.

Our verdict:

Qgiv is a wonderful option for developing NGOs that need flexibility. If you want to do peer-to-peer fundraising in the future, the Qgiv platform is a viable option. This platform’s processing fee is higher than that of many of its competitors.

3. NeonCRM

This is another Donation Software. NeonCRM provides cloud-based CRM software for charitable organisations of all sizes. It can be a useful platform for developing NGOs that want to engage donors, manage memberships, and plan events.

We like the following features:


There are package options for organisations of various sizes.

Pricing begins at $50 per month for small NGOs that just want basic functionality. For larger NGOs with a broader range of requirements, this jumps to $200 each month.

All monies raised through the software are subject to a 2.9 percent payment processing fee. There is also a $0.30 transaction fee.

Our verdict:

NeonCRM software can provide a comprehensive CRM platform for charities. It can handle many of the main functions that businesses may require as they grow.

4. Fundly

Fundly is an alternative if you want to use crowdfunding technologies. There are no campaign deadlines, and NGOs can solicit cash for as long as they need to.

We like the following features:


Nonprofits do not have to pay anything up front to use Fundly. All donations made through the site are subject to a 4.9 percent fee. In addition, there is a 2.9 percent credit card processing fee plus $0.30 each transaction.

Our verdict:

Fundly is a wonderful option for groups that want to use crowdsourcing. The platform is simple to use, with no upfront expenses and no time limit for raising donations. The incorporation of social media makes it simple to reach out to more potential donors. Fundly’s platform charge is higher than that of many of its competitors.

5. Funraise

This is another Donation Software. Nonprofit experts created Funraise. It is intended for developing NGOs that require versatile fundraising software.

We like the following features:


Funraise, unlike most donation programmes, does not provide packages. Instead, they offer customised rates based on the individual needs of organisations. Also check software companies in washington dc.

Our verdict:

Nonprofits can use Funraise to manage fundraising, donor management, and analysis. Nonprofits can benefit from this by streamlining their fundraising efforts.

6. OneCause

This is another Donation Software. OneCause provides fundraising options in four categories. Mobile bidding and auctions, online giving, Text2GiveR, and peer-to-peer giving are examples.

We like the following features:


The Text2GiveR plan is $495 per year.

Other options are tier-based, depending on the scope of your requirements. Peer-to-peer fundraising plans, for example, are classified as Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise. Pricing can be confirmed with a consultation request.

Our verdict:

OneCause is a unique option for raising funds through mobile bidding and auctions. Gamification techniques can aid in donor engagement. One possible disadvantage is the lack of price. This can make it difficult for NGOs to determine whether OneCause is within their budget.

7. CauseVox

This is another Donation Software. Nonprofits can benefit from internet fundraising through CauseVox. Peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding are examples of this. It also contains a CRM system, which can aid in the organisation of fundraising operations and the development of strong relationships with donors.

We like the following features:


There are three pricing options to accommodate a variety of nonprofits:

The Basic plan is appropriate for companies with low resources and needs. This plan does not have a monthly charge. A 5% fee is collected from donations made through the platform.

Mid-sized organisations prefer the Standard plan. It contains capabilities for onboarding and single-tier event registration. It costs $139 a month for nonprofits that can budget for an annual payment. It works out to $185 per month for NGOs who wish to pay on a monthly basis. A platform fee of 2-4.25 percent is also levied on donations received through the site.

The most expensive plans are the Plus and Premium Growth. They provide more flexibility in event registrations, integrations, and tracking. These plans cost $245 per month (paid annually) or $285 per month (paid monthly) (paid monthly). A platform fee of up to 3% is also levied on donations collected through the site.

Our verdict:

Causevox can be a successful peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding platform. The straightforward navigation method may persuade more donors to complete the donation process. The Basic and Standard plans have greater processing fees than many of its competitors.

8. Double the Donation

Match gifting allows nonprofits to raise more funds. Double the Donation can be a terrific option for organisations that want to participate. This is another Donation Software.

We like the following features:


There are two pricing options for Double the Donation. The Premium plan, which costs $499 a year, is the most affordable choice. This plan has integration advantages.

There is the possibility to test it for 14 days risk-free to determine if it will help your nonprofit.

The 360MatchPro package begins at $3,000 per year for NGOs with a greater budget.

Our verdict:

Double the Donation might be an excellent strategy for increasing donations.

9. Snowball Fundraising

This is another Donation Software. Snowball Fundraising is a wonderful option for NGOs with a limited budget. Nonprofits can create online donation pages, as well as text and peer-to-peer donations.

We like the following features:


The Essential plan is the most affordable and has no up-front costs. Donations are subject to a 2.9 percent fee and $0.30 per transaction.

Text giving, event and ticketing tools, and fundraising thermometers are all included in the Premium plan. The annual fee is $549. Donations are subject to a 2.2 percent fee and $0.30 per transaction.

The Enterprise package is the most expensive and includes a unique price structure. This strategy is intended for larger organisations with considerable fundraising requirements.

Our verdict:

The simple platform may attract more potential donors to donate. It provides a variety of options for increasing donations and streamlining fundraising activities. This is appropriate for small to medium-sized NGOs looking to expand their fundraising efforts.

10. Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage is a low-cost leader in online donation software for small and medium-sized NGOs. Its donation capabilities and donor interaction apps make it an ideal ready-to-use solution for firms that utilise Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM. This is another Donation Software. Also check file sharing software

We like the following features:

Custom design, user integration, and peer-to-peer fundraising are available as add-ons.


Nonprofits are charged monthly based on the number of apps used.

Soapbox Engagement is available to nonprofits for $49 per month. This applies to one app per month.

For one app, the Standard plan starts at $99 a month.

The first $10,000 in monthly purchases is free. If they exceed this amount, nonprofits are only charged per transaction. Transaction fees will not apply to many small to medium-sized businesses.

Our verdict:

The Soapbox Engagement apps can assist NGOs in increasing fundraising efforts and engaging donors. The monthly flat cost and the absence of transaction fees below $10,000 per month can help with budgeting.

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Over to you

Donation software might help you increase your fundraising efforts. It can also make it easier to manage donor connections. This is critical in order to retain more donors. With so many alternatives available, nonprofits may struggle to choose which ones will work best for them.

Donorbox understands how difficult it is to locate low-cost online donation solutions that meet your goals. That’s why we created a low-cost, effective solution to manage your online donations and attract more regular donors. More than 35,000 NGOs are benefiting from our donation software.

Inspect out the help on our nonprofit blog for more ideas on how to get the most out of your fundraising.

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