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Top 15 Best Duality Alternatives In 2022


Duality is a C#-based, open-source, and feature-rich 2D gaming engine. It may be expanded and powered by OpenGL and includes its own visual editor. One of its key features is the Plugin Architecture, which uses plugins to implement game logic. While the Base Infrastructure expertly manages user input, rendering, physics, and audio, the Component-Based Design enables your code to operate without error.

Each and every resource in the game is available for you to control and use whenever you choose. Numerous capabilities have been added to the built-in editor to improve the user experience. The editor allows for immediate preview and testing, and it automatically reloads any edited assets. Everyone may customise the editor to their needs and develop and test code without having to restart. Drag files into the editor and drop the assets into the game to quickly import the asses. Anyone can add pieces of their own code to game items.

Top 15 Best Duality Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about duality alternatives here are the details below;

1. Rogue Engine

With the powerful environment of Rogue Engine, you may create stunning apps and games right away. You may take advantage of the fantastic three.js community, which is full with materials gathered throughout time. The audience can make advantage of NPM’s capabilities in a typical Node.js environment. Also check atom software

Everyone can edit their code in the editor of their choice, reducing friction. The variety of capabilities makes it simple to generate manageable and reliable code.

The portability that web browsers provide is useful for bringing software to all devices. The offered editor provides a comfortable and simple-to-use environment to help you manage the Assets.

For programmers who use Web and Unity3D, it is a dream come true. Create fresh, reusable parts, layer them over the models, and give them new life. For the development of Three.js projects, the web environment is useful. You can make use of the appropriate libraries and keep complete control. This is another Duality alternative.

Access the In-Editor Marketplace to buy, sell, and trade components, extensions, and other items with the community.


A feature-rich and practical framework called LVR makes it possible to create 3D experiences for the audience. With multiplayer, immediate stereo rendering, SDF typefaces, VR controllers, spatial audio, hand tracking, PBR materials, and haptics, it is designed for virtual reality.

The entire Engine is compact and only needs 1MB of space to run. It is built using LuaJIT, one of the best JIT compilers and a favourite of developers all over the world.

Projects are made up of folders that include assets and scripts, and you can arrange the contents however you choose. Placing a folder onto an exe will allow you to add three code lines and produce a functional scene in Lua.

Because it is so simple to learn, the Lua language has gained a lot of popularity. The solution works with a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, Android, and Windows.

Also compatible with Keyboard/Mouse, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, Valve Index, Windows R, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Windows MR, among other gadgets.

3. FlatRedBall

A platform called FlatRedBall offers you cutting-edge 2D game development tools to help you make spectacular and accurate environments for the user base. The game creation platform was created in C#, a language that is mostly used by independent and large studio developers.

It has proven itself on a number of game projects, is cross-platform, and is focused on 2D game creation. The best instrument for big teams or little independents is the solution. The elements enable time savings for you.

By producing boilerplate, it accomplishes this while providing teams the time to focus on the game’s logic.

Through a variety of plugins, you can load well-known formats like Gum UI, Tiles, and Spriter.

Xamarin’s code reuse technology enables native performance.

To get the greatest mobile performance, it is simple to pinpoint issues like memory allocation and render breaks thanks to the built-in performance modules.

4. Solar 2D

An open-source Lua game engine called Solar 2D places a strong emphasis on usability and iteration. It is a fork of the well-known and popular Corona SDK game engine, which is no longer supported commercially.

Vlad Scherban, a newly minted Corona Lab Engineer, is a member of the development team. This is another Duality alternative.

Using a single code base for HTML5, iOS, Linux, Android TV, macOS, Windows, and tvOS, you can utilise the Engine to create games across a variety of platforms, including connected TV devices, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

This is another Duality alternative. There are several plugins available that add additional core modules for things like media, in-app advertising, analytics, and more. Through Solar2D Plugins, Solar2D Free Directory, and Solar2D Marketplace, you can obtain a wide variety of plugins.

Using the Solar2D Native, you can call any API or native library. In the event that the requested module is not offered, this option is useful.

5. Upbge

With the help of the Upbge platform, you can build games from start to finish without leaving Blender. For creating textures, materials, games, and scripts, it serves as a one-stop shop. The 3D game engine is deployed with Blender and is a fork of the previous Blender game engine.

The main selling point is that you can design a game from scratch without shutting off Blender. The internal integration is carried out in such a way that it displays the viewport exactly as it does in the game.

Because Blender supports UV mapping, 3D modelling, and sculpting, there is no need for an import-export pipeline. Instant iteration, which lets you to start the game from an active viewpoint simply tapping on the “P” key on the keyboard, is another fantastic feature.

Implicit updates are used to add all of Blender’s most recent features.

By keeping certain panels, workspaces, panels, nodes, and editors on the same page, it provides a cohesive workflow.

Numerous cutting-edge capabilities are available in the built-in graphics rendering, including enhanced colour management, principled BSDF, volume rendering and subsurface scattering, indirect light using light probes, environment lighting, and HDRIs.

Other noteworthy features include the audio system, physics, multiplatform editor, openXr, and multiplatform deployment.

6. TIC-80

The TIC-80 is an open-source, powerful, and fantastical computer designed from the bottom up to support the creation, sharing, and enjoyment of tiny games. Because it is distributed under the MIT licence, everyone can access the code contributions. The solution provides you with a variety of development tools, including the command line, maps, sound editors, sprites, and code. Also check BillQuick Online

These are all more than enough modules to programme a simple retro game for the audience. Each and every game is contained in a cartridge file that can be easily distributed. The project runs without a hitch across a number of platforms, enabling the cartridge to be played on all gadgets.

There are a few technical limitations throughout the entire execution and construction process, including four-channel sound, a 240×136 pixel display, and 256 88 colour sprites. This is to aid in the development of the game with a retro aesthetic. This is another Duality alternative.

A moderated community and a number of programming languages, such as Squirrel, Lua, Fennel, Moonscript, Wren, JS, and Ruby, are additional features. A maximum of four controllers can be used per game, and the keyboard and mouse can also be used.

7. GLBasic

Multiplatform development in BASIC is offered via GLBasic. For those seeking a straightforward answer that works well for writing and is a flexible programming language, this is the solution. Its regular updates, which are intended to remove bugs, are another reason to choose it above the rest of the competitors. Additionally, new features are introduced daily. This is another Duality alternative.

The developer community is passionate and works arduously to satisfy your needs. GLBasic is still active, and the user base is expanding daily.

You can post questions and receive immediate responses. The project includes numerous commands that were carefully chosen and have high-level syntax that is logical and consistent throughout.

The software just needs to be entered once before it can be built for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. For non-commercial projects running on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, or Linux, the solution has no expenses.

8. HaxeFlixel

With the help of the open-source, cross-platform game engine HaxeFlixel, you may create stunning landscapes that will completely engross your audience. The developer community may cross-compile their games so that they run natively on MS Windows, HTML5, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Flash thanks to this very popular technology.

There are 80 demos available on the platform, which you can quickly browse and learn from.

Breakout, BlendModes, BlendModeShaders, BSPMapGen, Cursor, Colors, CollisionAndGrouping, Calculator, FileBrowse, Filters, DynamicShadows, and EZPlatformer are some of the examples that are included.

To learn how to use file browsing on Native and Flash, use the FileBrowse Demo. This is another Duality alternative.

The systools library on haxelibs is used by the Native target, while FileReference.browse is required by the Flash target (). FlxSpine is another useful example that demonstrates how to incorporate the Spine bone-based animation system into HaxelFlixel.

9. Blacksmith 2D

Blacksmith 2D is a cross-platform, feature-rich game engine that runs on all supported browsers and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and HTML.

The size depends on the features being used, and it is extremely lightweight. Dead code has been removed, and the remaining code is perfect for Facebook Instant Games and Playable Ads. The solution provides an advanced message passing feature that enables you to use event bubbling and listen to any message from anywhere.

The gaming engine incorporates everything, from outdated phones to sophisticated hardware. A versatile particle system can be used to produce attractive effects. This module has the following features: scalability, flexibility with regard to custom modifiers, easings, and curves. The developer community may quickly reuse code for both custom systems and components.

By using Interpolation, Chains, and Looping, you can move from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

10. Godot Engine

A 2D and 3D cross-platform compatible game engine known as Godot Engine was made available as an open-source solution under the MIT licence. It can create video games for PCs, the web, and mobile devices and operates on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Haiku. It seeks to provide an integrated, full-service game development solution. This is another Duality alternative.

It allows game producers to start from scratch and construct a game that only requires content generation. Its design is based on the idea of a tree of nested scenes.

All resources used in video games, including scripts and graphics, are saved as part of the computer’s file system.

This is another Duality alternative. The goal of this storage solution is to make it easier for all game development teams to use version control to cooperate on script coding.

This game engine enables specification of texture compression and resolution setting for each solution and supports deployment to numerous platforms. It also works well for novices and provides a thorough tutorial that makes it easy.

The primary features of Godot Engine include an animation system, a level of detail system, a particle system, multithreading, render targets, texture import, audio playback, etc.

11. Adventure Game Studio

Open-source programming software called Adventure Game Studio was created specifically for making graphic adventure games. The target audience for this solution is intermediate-level video game makers.

It combines an integrated development environment for configuring the majority of the game’s features with a scripting language built on the C programming language to handle the logic of the game. Also check ehs management software

Designing your own Graphic Video Game is a straightforward process that doesn’t call for any special expertise.

From importing pictures to creating the game script to testing your video game on a single platform, it includes everything you need. This is another Duality alternative.

It was created from the ground up, has thousands of users, and creates many games.

It has essential capabilities including the ability to import sprites, create an animation view, complete the script with audio, build walkable sections in the drawing room, and much more. This is the ideal tool if you want to easily construct a graphic adventure game.

12. Unity

In 2005, Unity Technologies released the most popular cross-platform gaming engine in the world. For its multiple platforms, the engine may be used to make games and simulations in both 3D and 2D. It enables users to create games in a variety of settings.

It features basic drag-and-drop capability in addition to a major C# scripting API for both the Unity editor’s plugins and the game itself. Any working mode can be tailored to the interface.

Without learning any programming languages, you may create animations with its tools because to their ease of use. This allows you to simply import and export your own 3D models and generate your own texture materials, allowing you to start from scratch and construct an entire world.

It is more powerful than all the other similar game engines and enables you to add music to each object separately as well as build a full UI.

It also has a selection of essential features and resources that combine to make it a complete solution. If you’re searching for a strong game engine, give it a shot. This is another Duality alternative.

13. GDevelop

GDevelop is a cross-platform, open-source game development tool that doesn’t require any programming knowledge to use. You can unleash your imagination and make any type of game, such as a shoot-em-up or a strategy game, using this solution. This is another Duality alternative.

You can use all of its functions without any restrictions thanks to its straightforward and understandable editor.

You may do this to publish your games on the web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms. Games developed with this technology may be exported with only one click and run anywhere.

Unlike all other engines of a comparable nature, GDevelop provides limitless opportunities for creative expression. You have no restrictions on how quickly you may prototype new features for your games.

14. Unreal Engine

In 1998, Epic Games developed the game engine known as Unreal Engine. It is an all-inclusive set of design tools built to match ambitious aesthetic visions while being adaptable enough to guarantee success for teams of all sizes. The solution offers a strong, dependable performance because it is powered by an established, leading industry engine. This is another Duality alternative.

Whether your team consists of five developers or more than 500, the engine offers a vast array of special tools and procedures that put you in charge. You are empowered to fulfil the particular needs of each project thanks to its pre-built, modular systems, advanced level, customizable plugins, and source control integration.

Without the need for additional plugins or purchases, the Unreal Engine is an all-in-one game engine that includes a complete product suite and is ready for production right out of the box. Although the solution functions similarly to other engines, its cutting-edge tools and features make it superior to others.


The first all-in-one game development tool, CryENGINE, features realistic physics, multi-award winning graphics, truly scalable compute, and simple visual scripting.

A German company called Crytek created the gaming engine in 2006. Its editor has all the necessary tools and capabilities to provide a thorough and all-encompassing experience. The learning curve is lowered with CryENGINE’s entire source code. It is improved by clear tutorials, thorough documentation, and a vibrant development community.

You can find a wide variety of assets in the market that are prepared for use in your items. It serves as an alternative to Unreal Engine but has several new features that set it apart from the competition.

Sandbox editor, road and river tools, integrated vegetation, placement tools, cover, high-quality 3D water, AI editing system, rope physics, and many more features are among the primary elements of the CryENGINE software. This is another Duality alternative.

You’ll undoubtedly appreciate CryENGINE if you’re seeking for a true game engine with all the necessary tools.