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10 Store Built With Magento For eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce website development

eCommerce website development using Magento. One of the most widely used e-commerce media for online product sales is Magento. All types and sizes of businesses can use this platform. No issue how big or little your company is, investing in Magento eCommerce development is a smart move.

A fantastic platform for beginning your e-commerce business is Magento development. “Designed for expansion, designed for flexibility,” reads the platform’s motto. Magento offers retailers a fantastic opportunity to launch their business with basic e-commerce features and afterwards upgrade to a more advanced version of Magento.

Top 10 Store Built With Magento For eCommerce Website Development

In this article, you can know about eCommerce website development here are the details below;

You have all the options and resources available with Magento to create a successful eCommerce store. The platform includes all the capabilities you require, such as tools for analytics, marketing, conversion monitoring and optimization, a shopping cart system, a website builder, and the management of product catalogues.

Based on their sales in the USA, we compiled a list of the top 10 Magento eCommerce stores. Let’s see how the Magento platform sped up business growth in several sectors:

1. Store for Cisco

The top B2B technology brands include Cisco Systems. The business is regarded as one of the most prosperous and well-known software and technology companies in the sector. It provides a selection of excellent B2B items.

This is the other example of eCommerce website development store. The company’s CMS platform is powered by Magento for its online store. Because there were so many extensions available for B2B customers, Cisco decided to employ the Magento development. Also check Lawn Care Software

Let’s now let the numbers speak for themselves. With a staggering $24+ million in sales income, the Cisco store comes in first place on our list. The website has 65,5 million monthly visitors and is rated 866 globally.

There are several practical and convenient eCommerce options on the Cisco store. Product pages are easy to use, contain all the required details, have excellent photography, and highlight hot items. Shopping carts, reviews on social media, advanced search with filters, and other features are all powered by Magento.

2. My Nintendo Shop

Fusajiro Yamauchi, a master of the Nintendo Karuta, founded the corporation Nintendo in 1889. Nintendo is a Kyoto-based, multinational Japanese video game corporation that creates video games and game systems.

Nintendo’s online store is run by Magento. A convenient and enjoyable user experience is offered by the Nintendo store website to its visitors. Visitors to the website can add games to their wish list or shopping cart and shop for games based on the characters. The website gives consumers a wide range of benefits, discounts, and promotions.

So, this is what the statistics have to say about this Magento-built eCommerce website. With sales of $3.7+ million in the US, the My Nintendo store ranks second on our list. The website has 40.3 million monthly visitors and is rated 1346 globally. This is the other example of eCommerce website development store.

3. Car and Driver

American auto enthusiast publication Car and Driver was first published in 1955 as Sports Cars Illustrated. The publication became well-known for being among the first to openly criticise American automakers.

The Car and Driver sells magazine subscriptions through their online store, which is powered by the Magento platform. The website itself is uncomplicated and clear. Customers can view several membership packages and in-depth descriptions of what they will receive. A review option, which is necessary for every eCommerce website, is also present in the Car and Driver store.

Let’s now look at the vital stats of this Magento-built eCommerce website. With $2.6+ million in sales income in the US, the Car and Driver store comes in third on our list. Every month, 41K people visit the website.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

American apparel firm Tommy Hilfiger B.V. was established in 1985. It makes footwear, perfumes, accessories, and clothes. Tommy Hilfiger has developed a reputation for producing high-quality goods throughout the years.

Tommy Hilfiger, a well-known designer brand, has selected Magento to increase its online presence in Australia and New Zealand. Its website effectively utilises Magento’s marketing capabilities. Additionally, Tommy Hilfiger makes use of Magento’s gift card feature to enable customers to buy virtual gift cards that can be used on the website for online purchasing.

With sales of $1.9+ million, Tommy Hilfiger’s eCommerce website comes in fourth on our list. With 10.8 million visitors each month, the website is ranked 4597 globally.

5.Kate Spade

This is the other example of eCommerce website development store. As a high-end design firm, Kate and Andy Spade established Kate Spade in America in 1993. Initially focusing on selling handbags, the business has since grown to also sell organisers, shoes, cosmetic goods, and other items. Today, Kate Spade offers a whole line of apparel for ladies. The company’s goods can be sent anywhere in the world and are sold in American retail outlets. Also check software companies in washington dc

The website for Kate Spade is loaded with practical and helpful Magento features, including enhanced search, product recommendations, simple navigation, and more.

So let’s catch what the statistics have to say concerning this Magento-built eCommerce website. With sales of $1.6+ million in the US, the Kate Spade store ranks sixth on our list. With 6.6 million visitors per month, the website has an 8281 global rank.

6. Carter’s

An American company called Carter’s Inc. creates and sells children’s clothes. William Carter established it in 1865. At Carter’s own retail locations, on the Carter website, and at other places, you can buy Carter products.

The following features are available to users of this Magento website:

Wish list, shopping cart, special discounts, product categories, and search

With sales of more than $1.2 million, Carter’s eCommerce website comes in sixth on our list. With 8 million visitors each month, the website is ranked 1208 globally.

7. Bed Bath & Beyond

One of the biggest multi-channel retailers for furniture and home goods is Bed Bath & Beyond. In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the corporation operates more than 1,460 locations. This is the other example of eCommerce website development store.

Algonomy FIND was launched by Bed Bath & Beyond to bring a tailored algorithmic product search on its eCommerce website. To study real-time customer activity and tailor search results, it incorporated Adobe Magento’s eCommerce platform.

So let’s notice what the statistics have to say about this Magento-built eCommerce website. With sales of $1.1+ million, the Bed Bath & Beyond location comes in eighth on our ranking of US retail sales revenue. With 34.5 million monthly visitors, the website has a 1529 global rank.

8. The great courses

College-level audio and video courses and documentaries can be found on the eCommerce website The Great Courses. The Teaching Company, a US business with headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia, develops and disseminates content. The business has produced more than 700 courses and sold more than 14 million copies since it began.

This is the other example of eCommerce website development store. You can build your own digital library on this Magento website, browse courses by category, and utilise advanced search to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s now look at the vital stats of this Magento-built eCommerce website. With $860K in sales income in the US, the fantastic courses store comes in at number eight on our list. The website receives 824,5K visitors each month and is ranked 63.694 globally.

9. True Value

True Value is a supplier of hardware and household goods in America. Visitors can browse a map of the locations of the company’s stores, conduct product searches based on categories, access YouTube videos, and more on the website.

So let’s notice what the statistics have to say about this Magento-built eCommerce website. With $801K in sales revenue, the True Value store ranks ninth overall in the US. With 2 million visitors each month, the website has a global rank of 26.344.

10. Bob’s Red Mill

Bob and Charlie Moore established the American whole grain company Bob’s Red Mill in 1978. From pulverised grains, Bob’s Red Mill creates goods that are natural, gluten-free, and certified organic. Its goods are sold in a number of nations, including the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. This is the other example of eCommerce website development store.

The following elements on this Magento website attract customers’ love:

Reviews from customers, convenient retail locations, and an advanced search

Here is what the statistics have to communicate about this Magento-built eCommerce website. With $694K in sales income, the Bob’s Red Mill location came in last on our list. The website has 784K monthly users and is rated 76.745 on the internet.

Using Magento for eCommerce website development has its advantages

The success of the largest eCommerce stores in the USA can be attributed in large part to Magento development, as we can see from the list above. Let’s explore Magento eCommerce development in more detail and see what advantages it offers to retailers.


Businesses have the benefit of using Magento’s adaptable platform, which enables them to add various functionalities with little additional development. The framework of the website can be appropriately modified to meet your business objectives. With little setup, the platform enables you to easily add the necessary functionality and employ leading approaches on your website. Also check marketing agencies atlanta

Modern Analytics

You have access to cutting-edge statistics and analytics with Magento. You can easily retarget a customer using the provided user and order statistics. You may obtain comprehensive information about the preferences and requirements of your consumers thanks to Magento’s integration with Website Optimizer and Google Analytics. Using the built-in reporting system, the administrator can monitor trends and make plans for action. In addition, Magento’s reporting tool provides you with information on a variety of metrics, like total sales, the most popular products that people see and buy, orders that were received, etc.

Streamlined payment methods

Numerous payment channels, including PayPal, Amazon, Google, and others, can be seamlessly linked with Magento.

You can optimise business conversions and your checkout process with the Magento platform. For both internal and external orders, Magento offers SSL security. Visitors to the website can store things to carts, send and receive gift messages, and view delivery timetables using this eCommerce development platform.

SEO Oriented

It’s no secret that all websites—especially eCommerce websites—need to be optimised for search engines. You should select an e-commerce website development platform that supports functions that will boost your site’s search engine rankings. You may choose from a tonne of meta tags, descriptions, keywords, URLs, and other SEO-related options with Magento’s built-in SEO tools.

Features of Magento geared toward SEO

Customizable URLs, picture Alt attributes, HTML and XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and Google Adwords for voice search are just a few examples.

Social Networks Purchasing

Social network buying has become the new norm in recent years. As a result, including social media into your eCommerce website is crucial to expanding your audience and boosting revenue. You may create buttons for all of your brand’s social media accounts using Magento and place them on your website. Your customers can access your website and make purchases by clicking these buttons.

For instance, Magento now enables your consumers to share product links on social media with their friends. Magento integrates Beetailer for social networking functionalities.

Top-level security

In order to safeguard your e-commerce website and reduce security threats, Magento is renowned for its security features. Please be aware that it’s critical to utilise Magento’s most recent version because it contains a two-factor authentication plugin that enables only reliable users to access the back end using four distinct login procedures. Additionally, developers have the option of creating a special admin panel path.

The SHA-256 hashing technique and sophisticated password management mechanisms are both used by Magento. You can establish password requirements for eCommerce websites using these tools. Magento has the option to automatically configure file system rights and limit user access to crucial files.

4 Tips eCommerce website development using the top 10 eCommerce websites

Based on their sales revenue statistics, we examined the top Magento eCommerce websites in this post. Let’s now review the specific factors that contributed to the success of these internet shops.

We can offer five key recommendations for a successful Magento website development based on what we’ve seen so far.

  1. Always go for responsive design. Consistently choose responsive design. Customers are accessing your website from a variety of devices, so you need to ensure that your website appears well on each one. Conversion rates and search engine rankings for websites can both improve with responsive website design.
  2. Make sure that your site has an intuitive navigation structure. Ensure that the navigation on your website is clear. It’s crucial to keep in mind that customers just require two or three clicks to purchase the item they want. Customers will just switch to your competition if your website is too difficult to access.
  3. Use high-quality images. Make use of excellent photos. Observe how each website we visited today featured excellent pictures. Purchasing high-quality photos is one of the best things you can do for your website. Your goods will appear professional if you do this.
  4. Don’t forget about personalization. Keep in mind customization. Personalization is intimately tied to the calibre of your customers’ experiences because it is essential to your eCommerce website’s overall performance. You may tailor search results and evaluate real-time shopper behaviour using Magento’s eCommerce platform.

Final thoughts

You now know which of the top 10 online stores utilise Magento as their backend. In light of this information, you may decide whether to use Magento for your eCommerce website.

In conclusion, Magento is a wonderful alternative for modernising an existing eCommerce website in addition to new businesses. Everything you require to support your eCommerce business is available on the Magento platform.

You can create your own customised e-commerce website with the aid of a skilled Magento development company. If you have any inquiries about Magento eCommerce development, get in touch with us.

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