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10 Reasons why New Zealand is the ideal destination for studying


When they plan to study abroad in the southern hemisphere, many students may choose Australia. There is, however, another equally attractive study destination: New Zealand. And guess what? It’s a country just as welcoming, unforgettable, beautiful and perfect for Instagram as its imposing neighbor. Here are some reasons why New Zealand is one of the best study destinations in the world.

  1. Two islands, two worlds

New Zealand is made up of two islands with completely different personalities. The North Island offers students a cosmopolitan and friendly lifestyle, especially in the charming cities of Auckland and Wellington, but also in many places to soak up indigenous Maori culture, such as the Rotorua region, dotted with geysers. The warmer northern climate is an added bonus, as it offers the enticing swimming and diving opportunities. On the other hand, the South Island is a dream destination for outdoor lovers, offering admirable landscapes, superb hikes, in addition to sheltering the capital of skiing and adventure, Queenstown.

  1. Say goodbye to extreme climates

Those who have planned to stay on the North Island can leave their fifteen woolens at home: although wetter than its neighbor to the south, its climate is generally mild with temperatures between 20℃ and 30℃ in summer and 14 and 22℃ in winter.

The South Island can be a little more intense, but not as ruthless as the Northern Island. Expect temperatures between 1 and 12℃ in winter and 16 and 22℃ in summer.

  1. English Kiwi is awesome

This is how we call New Zealand English which we love. During your study in New Zealand take advantage of their interchangeable vowels and their familiar and original expressions such as “chilly bin” (cooler), “cuz / bro” (friend), “she’ll be right” (it’s going to be fine) , “Choice” (terrible, great, thank you), “chur bro” (thank you, dude), “flat tack” (at top speed), “hard case” (a difficult person) and “beached as” (being stuck some go).

  1. A small, relaxed country

New Zealand is roughly the same size as Great Britain, but has a population of just over four million. It’s no surprise that New Zealanders are so relaxed: they don’t have to run millions of miles an hour or push each other to make their way. Kiwis have a slower pace of life and better health, having thus found the perfect balance between private and professional life.

  1. The attitude of the Kiwis

In addition to being relaxed, Kiwis are humble, prone to self-deprecation, hilarious, down to earth, loyal, helpful, generous, pacifist and have a collective spirit of the proactive type which you will certainly adopt when you return home. you (if the locals aren’t the best reason to try your luck in New Zealand, we don’t know what it is!)

  1. Auckland

This New Zealand city is one of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life – and it’s easy to see why. Auckland is laid back, welcoming, safe, and small enough to quickly walk around. It offers many cultural festivals throughout the year, as well as excellent food, wine, coffee and an increasingly lively nightlife. Expats fond of the outdoors love to explore the surrounding islands, ports, beaches and the city’s 48 “maunga” (or volcanic cones).

  1. Beaches

With 15,000 kilometers of coastline, Kiwis are lucky to never live more than 128 kilometers from the beach (and for many, much closer). Visitors to the northern hemisphere who love a little winter seaside adventure won’t have to go far to find their beaches. In addition to the superb surf spots, New Zealand’s beaches have something for everyone: imagine rock outcrops, gigantic sand dunes, lagoons, black and white sands and hot springs.

Visit Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, in the North Island, or let yourself glide along the sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach (which, although not really 90 kilometers long, remains breathtaking ). Then, explore the many remarkable beaches of Abel Tasman National Park such as Medlands Beach, Torrent Bay, Awaroa Inlet and Sandfly Bay.

  1. The favorite destination for foodies

Although a newcomer to the international food tour, New Zealand is making its way there. Fill your plate with Maori hāngī, pavlova, lamb, mussels, crayfish, sea urchins, kumara sweet potatoes and manuka honey.

  1. Adventure sports and outdoor activities

New Zealand is the paradise of adventurers, ideal place to practice bungee jumping, kayaking, speleology, parachuting, ziplining, parasailing, off-piste driving, paragliding, hang gliding, snowboarding, and many other exciting activities.

Those who prefer to experience adventure with both feet on solid ground will appreciate its innumerable hiking trails including Ball Park Crossing, Abel Tasman Coast Track, Whanganui Journey, Milford Track and Routeurn Track, two of the “big steps” in the country, are just some examples.

  1. Mini breaks and bike rides

Cyclists are thrilled with 2,500 kilometers of New Zealand’s national network of bike paths, including sections such as the 160-kilometer South Island Otago rail route, connecting Clyde to Dunedin. In addition to cycling, this pea-sized country lends itself to all kinds of weekend getaways.

Try whale watching in Kaikoura, explore the Bay of Islands, go hiking or kayaking on the Catlins Coast, pamper yourself on Waiheke Island and treat yourself to a dinner washed down with fine wine in Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay and Wellington.



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