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2020 Best Online Education Resources for Students


Online education resources are designed for “You” by keeping in mind the needs of both the students and teachers and the best thing is many are free of cost or let you explore the material before you go for a purchase. In this article, we are going to explore

  • Online education basics
  • MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • What benefits are there for you
  • Superb resources available online for students

What you need to do gain the best out of online learning platforms. The digital revolution began in the early 2000s and gained massive momentum in the 2010s with the invention of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and touch screen tech which can be equipped with high-speed internet. The wireless worldwide internet connectivity shaped an era and will be developing the aeons. The impacts of more connected digitalized online world impacted education tremendously, and education giants were right to remove the borders for avid learners, the world of online training was born where students had all the freedom to choose whatever they wanted to learn from best in the business.

Online Education Basics

Online education is a non-traditional way of learning where students and learners are not bound to the physical limitations of a classroom; instead, they are the master of their own time. Online educational platforms design their course material musing over the needs of the learner, so, they allow you to take the class (in the form of video lectures) when you want, assignments with flexible deadlines, automatically graded quizzes, and sometimes interact with the instructor.


Massive open online courses; massive because they can accommodate a considerable number of students, open because no discrimination is on display for who can enroll, online because they are offered in online virtual classrooms, and term course recognizes that the material is focused on a particular narrower subject or topic. There are millions of MOOCs on the offer online by the finest in the field that we will be discussing next. Ideally, MOOC’s are on offer for free or sometimes for minimal charges.

What benefits are there for You?

If you are students just out of college and want to refresh a specific part of the course and you want to revise a particular portion of the course, where would you go? Back to college? Obviously not! You would want to learn it at your own pace in your free time.

  • Liberty to choose what you want to learn
  • No restrictions on degree background or field
  • Independence of time
  • Humungous opportunity to sharpen your skill
  • Decide the pace for yourself
  • Gain expertise
  • Cost-effective

Best online educational resources available for Students

Several varsities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford and a score of other leading universities are making online resources to be benefited from in the form of online video lectures or MOOCs in almost every field that one wants to learn. These leading universities are otherwise not in reach of a lot of students as a handful of students are accepted in these prestigious institutions and being able to learn from the teachers of such esteemed organizations is a tremendous opportunity to quench the knowledge thirst in a luminous manner. Custom Essay Meister provides students with professionally written essays, research papers, term papers, reviews, theses, dissertations and more. Once you use Custom Essay Meister for your paper writing needs, you won’t need to try any other services!. The following resources are a fantastic prospect for students to leverage benefits.

  • MIT OpenCourseWare: MIT caters to the best brains of the planet and always working on cutting-edge ideas. MIT is the torchbearer in online educational resources as well and has made its curriculum available openly for everyone and students and teachers can benefit equally in their domains. MIT OCW lets you choose from a wide range of courses that are just a search away. Choose a course and start the course, no hassle of logging in whatsoever.
  • EdX: EdX is a tremendous platform catering to an enormous number of MOOCs from leading universities and professors and often many of them are free. EdX also has a collaboration with MIT.
  • Coursera: This Brilliant learning platform originated from Stanford and it offers you Massive open online courses, allows you to specialize in particular fields (a wonderful opportunity for those working in a field and looking to specialize while continuing their job). Coursera even offers a hefty no of degrees as well. Courses on Coursera are paid; however, scholarships are available for deserving students.
  • Future Learn: a digital learning platform based in the UK with several international partnerships providing quality MOOC’s
  • Udacity: Another online education platform that offers MOOC’s and is leading the way ith its quality content
  • Udemy: Udemy is one of the very active online education podia where multiple experts from various fields offer paid courses on self-paced bases ranging from engineering to arts and from Medical to social sciences with certifications.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy was initiated as YouTube Channel to help young students and since then has gained tremendous popularity and appreciation for helping out the students at school and high school level. The content on the Khan Academy is taught in the form of video lectures interactive quizzes and assignments. Since its inception, Khan Academy has provided free of cost video lectures and now is offering courses from novice level to expert. So, if you are looking to start learning basics or even higher levels, you might like to visit the Khan Academy.
  • Z Library: this is an excellent aid to the students to access the pdf versions of the books that are not always easy to purchase. This online library caters to a vast number of books and offers them to the students for free.
  • Platforms like https://www.researchprospect.com/ offer services to the students in aiding them in their Research Prospect.

What you need to do to gain the best out of online learning platforms

Students must be passionate to learn online and willing to invest efforts and their free time in productive activity and indulge entirely in the course. Useful tips for getting the best out of online education resources are

  • Persistence
  • Focus
  • Effective time management skills
  • Good reading, writing and typing skills
  • Passion for learning

Learning is a process and requires industrious work rate, time, patience and commitment. Be smart about what you are looking for online, for example, writing help is available at Research Prospect and dazzling certifications are available even for free. Be Smart and Happy learning to you.



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