8 Online Apps & Platforms to Make Online Education Easier

The benefits of education are indisputable. It gives significant opportunities and opens almost any door. The value of educational background cannot be underestimated. Knowledge is power, and there are no hesitations about it.

There is another proverb saying that knowledge is the light in the dark of ignorance.

The Origin of Online Education

Online education has become extremely popular over the last decades. However, let’s get back to history. The idea of online learning for students isn’t new at all.

One may state that the principle of an online education goes back to the time when teachers in Great Britain sent their students tasks to accomplish at home. The answers were sent back by mail. Nowadays, technologies give students the possibility to interact with each other in real-time and get similar to the real studying process.

Many world-known universities with centuries-long traditions such as Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford have also implemented lots of online courses to their studying process. Certainly, this is proof of the real power and perspective of this sphere.

For example, Harvard gives the option of getting acquainted with various fields and topics. Some of the courses (e.g., Literature) are free, and some are for pay and may cost you up to $3,000 (e.g., Genetics) and even more.

If you’re in search of perfect online platforms for your needs, rely on our list.

8 Most Commonly Used Apps and Platforms for Your Online Education


It’s one of the most popular platforms among college students. It has many convenient features and implemented tools. One of its main advantages is open-sourcing, user-friendliness, the

possibility to interact in groups, create chats and forums, structure courses on a personal dashboard, and many more. However, many representatives of the teacher community say that it is a bit out of date. Surely, the best way to know it is to use it by yourself.


Edmodo is one of the leading platforms in the field of global online education. It helps to involve as many people as possible into the educational process, even parents included.

It helps to cooperate, share links and additional files, discuss topics. Along with that, it has a high level of security.

However, many of constant users compare it to social media more than to an educational platform. For some reason, it may be considered as a disadvantage; for some, it is only a benefit.


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In case you are combining online studying with attending lectures, need coursework, thesis or presentation – now you know where to seek assistance!


Sakai is an open-source platform that helps in structuring the studying process both for students and teachers.

This resource enables easy attaching and exchanging of files, as well as file management in general. ‘Sakai’s’ range of interests includes institutions of higher education worldwide.

The platform is in the constant development process and continues to grow.


Showbie is a very convenient platform that can replace the traditional classroom with one unified app. The main advantage of it is a focus on both teaching and studying processes, but not on the technologies.

The platform is pretty easy to get acquainted with and helps to cooperate between teachers and students. It has many convenient features such as adding voice to the tasks, involving parents to the studying process, creating grade books, and making notes.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a perfect solution for those who are looking for synchronization with different Google applications as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendars. This makes the studying process really comfortable.

Moreover, it helps in adding order and structuring the studying process. It’s pretty easy to create classes, share tasks, assignments, set deadlines, and communicate.


This one is a safe and convenient online e-learning platform that is widely used by higher educational institutions, academies, and corporations alike. It gives a wide variety of options to manage the class, attach assignments, and cooperate with your “virtual classmates.”


Canvas is pretty easy to use, convenient and comprehensible platform. It won’t take much time to get acquainted with its features and incorporate it together with other learning aspects. Share documents, communicate, attach tasks, and perform many more tasks with Canvas.

iTunes U

It is an app that might be compatible with mobile devices that make a portable classroom. Mainly, it is focused on colleges and universities.

It is a pretty extensive and informative library that makes the studying process really interesting and efficient.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our compilation will be useful for you and will give many alternatives to choose from. Choose wisely and boost your education at once!


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